Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I have heard stories from a lot of people who went to Bangkok saying that the traffic was brutal. But that was then this is now. Bangkok now has Sky Train and MRT and seems able to reduce a bit of their nightmare traffic jam.

And how about Jakarta my beloved sin city? We did have plan to have monorail but nope... It just stay as a never-going-to-happen-plan. And ever since 2004 Busway started to serve the public...but doesn't seem to get any better. If usually we heard about robbery ending with rape or worst...murder on several not-so-popular taxis now it has expanded to another public transportation called Mikrolet. Sexual harassment, robbery, pickpocket, life-threatening situation... Phew... There are a lot problems for us passengers to deal with.

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

[Grumbling edition] Stay the same

Actually, to whom public transportation are there for?

Being called public transportation then surely they are dedicated to serve the public. So, anyone can use public transportation regardless their age, gender, jobs or whatever. Anyone can board the public transportation whether they paid the fare or otherwise (well, have you seen street singers paid the fare?)

Knowing that it will be used for many people, starting from home we have to prepare ourselves to meet all kind of people. With different attitude; inside all public transportation.

Even so, we still get shock or grumbling endlessly whenever we have misfortune to encounter those kind of people...that you find no word to explain them. And they are the least of our problem. It will be another disaster if we bumping into bad guys who not only willing to take our belonging. But they also ready to take our life as well. And not to mention those offender harassing other passsenger sexually.

Do we have to be scare all the time, every moment we step out from our home. Wishing that our journey will be smooth, by means having no traffic jam and meeting those bad people?

Perhaps the sharing straight from the heart of many passengers would only be in the small column and gone on the next day. Buried with another news that sadly have the same content and problem.

Whose fault is that? Not really know because it is too complicated already. I have no idea how to relax inside public transportation. Without feeling worry that I might bumping into another bad person. Trying to look like someone with no money and avoid wearing excessive accesories. Not using my gadget in random places especially inside empty public transportation. Confuse to decide whether I should go with this public transportation or not because there are not many people inside. But if I skip this one, will there be another to take me to my destination? Scratching my head thinking how should I dress up because the problem is not coming from my dress but from the mind of the offender. Can only try to stay calm when the public transportation broke down as this would mean late going to to the office. My Boss surely will kill me for that.

Dealing with passenger also gives that same frustrated and angry feeling. The positive side, I get the idea ...and be thankful to God... Please don't let me turn to this person. The person who aggresively try to find their way among other passengers, don't want to be told even he or she has broke the written rule, always avoiding queuing (pity not all busways heading your way..., so eat that!) , love pushing other passenger by placing their hands on someone's back... Pfff... SUPER ANNOYING!

*Hmmm, pretty much the same year after year,eh?*

Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Gathering of Mailing List Suara Trans Jakarta

After years joining mailing list Suara Trans Jakarta - they can be reached at - last Friday on 09 December 2011 I joined their gathering.

It turn out, this gathering is sort of reunion to most of them. As for me, this is the first time I get to know the faces behind the names that often appears on mailing list activity. There were also two persons from Blu Trans Jakarta. One of them; Pak Akbar gave an explanation about Trans Jakarta. And that was the moment I realized things were not so simple as we would like to think.

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


Busway management try to avoid sexual harassment cases by separate women passenger from men. All women passenger are being lead to sit and stand at the front area of the bus. While the men should be at the back area.

Is this an effective way? Well we shall see :)

When I was watching the news, almost all Trans Jakarta user responded positively regarding the separation between male and female passenger. But from what I have read on the mailing list of Trans Jakarta; this way is not effective. Male passengers get cramped on the back of the bus while the front area is still empty because there is only few female passengers.

Phewww, it is hard to set up things to avoid anymore sexual harrasment cases. And more over it's even harder to find solution that could please everybody...

Honestly do we need to have separate buses? You know like special bus for women and special bus for men? So, is that mean more bus stop need to be built? And more trees to be cut off to build new bus stops?

I can only imagine those officials in charge will be the first to get scold or angry remarks by the annoyed passengers regarding this new arrangement.

So how to handle this in the nicest way, Trans Jakarta management?

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Stop pushing!

In Indonesia the hardest thing to do is get everyone in order. Queuing to get their hands on free meals up to watch a music concert, most of them end up in catastrophe.

The recent event that just happened when people rushing to buy discounted (50%) new edition of Blackberry. Can't blame it all to the buyers as from what I heard the organizer also screwed things up. I read that only 1000 people could buy the new Blackberry as long as they using credit cards. And one Blackberry for one person. And that announcement drove so many people to line up even from the night before the event. Wow, just as anxious as those people who lining up to buy train tickets during holiday season. What I was wondering, if the organizer already set a limitation on how many buyers that could get the Blackberry then why they keep on receiving more and more people? Why they didn't announce that the quota has been reached and sorry, no more people could come. In reality, people who did not line up could get the blackberry easily instead of those who have been lining since the night before. No wonder people started to get anxious and that's when the chaos began. Those who standing in the back start push and push and things got out of hands.

Rabu, 30 November 2011

It's my problem

In one of mailing list that I follow, one of the member threw a bait by sharing a story about using supposedly sterile busway lane in order to be home as soon as possible. The reason because this person want to see the whole family . That person also include a long list about mismanagement of public transportation.

And just like I thought before, many people took the bait...

That person realized that taking sterile busway lane was wrong. But it was something that need to be done in order to see the entire family sooner.

I read it and start to understand and realize that all passengers are always in a hurry.

"I am try to get to the hospital as quick as I can because..."

"I am tried and wish to be at home sooner to get some rest"

"I miss my family and wants to be with them soon"

Suddenly I remmbered one of dialogues on old television serial Ally Mc Beal ; between Ally and Georgia. Ally has been complaining about her problem and finally Georgia responded to her... (hopefully I quoted them correctly)

Georgia : Ally, what makes you think that your problem is more important than other people?"

Ally : becaue IT'S MY PROBLEM


So, I honestly don't care about other people who surely dying to go home sooner for various reasons. Have something to do, tired, sick, whatever. Because what matter is ME! I am tired, fed up, wants to go home sooner to get some rest and enjoying my time with my family at home.

THAT'S MY PROBLEM and I have no time to think about other people.

That is what we are now, we realize about that when we broke the rules. I am not excluded.

Jumat, 18 November 2011

Question and answer

"Excuse me, is this mikrolet going to pass PT DAMRI?"

A guy who just went inside the mikrolet asked that question. Since I did not hear any response from other passengers I look up to see to whom this person ask the question. And it turn out, his eyes was looking at all of us passengers one by one including me. So, being polite I asked the guy about his destination. As I felt a bit sorry for this person who already being polite by asking the question but receive no answer. Too bad I have no idea about his destination. But luckily for him, the driver listened to the whole conversation and told him that this is the correct public transportation.

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Priority seat

Seeing this picture, I often smiled. This picture is informing to all passengers that the area near the picture should be given to pregnant women, elderly ,disable person or people with toddler.

In reality...yeah, right... Especially during rush hours and passengers flocked at the bus stop for busway. Once the busway arrive, whoosh.... all people running try to rush in to get into the bus. They wish to find an empty seat.

Senin, 07 November 2011

Seat Belt

Was there any of us would (voluntary) wear seat belt while driving?

Regardless with people who already aware with their own safety...I am pretty sure that ages ago people were not to keen on using seat belt. And with public transportation, if you are guessing that the seat belt has been removed then you guessed correctly.

I am well aware that using seat belt is not the most comfortable thing on earth. As for me, for being short...the seat belt often sort of choke me on the neck... but then we should try to wear it anyway.

As the seat belt will protect us if we hit something really hard. Can you imagine, if your car crashed with another car. And because of that the body of driver or passengers thrown away from the car. No wonder that nowadays seat belt is available also for passengers along with baby passengers.

So, let us try to keep ourselves safe along with people around us. Get used to the seat belt! (reminder to myself!)

Selasa, 01 November 2011


A few days ago when I was on the bus (where else could I be?); I saw a guy use space for three people sitting there to lie down and sleep. He was probably just tired coming from out of town and wanted to use empty space for a quick nap.

I think is okay as long as the bus is still empty. And that guy stop sleeping when other passengers started to rush in to find empty seat.

Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Jogging away

  I once said that chasing and taking public transportation can help us to get some exercise. Remember I did post it here in this blog? But, honestly I would have never thought that there is a person who use busway lane for jogging! It's a pity I didn't get a chance to take a photo of that guy because he ran like crazy to the side of the road. There I saw a busway behind that guy. Wonder what would happen if that guy jogging with IPOD in his ears!

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Route 16

Ever since busway exist many regular buses suddenly just gone. So, I worried a bit when I was waiting for an Express AC Bus no 16. The bus left Pulo Gadung terminal headed to Lebak Bulus and passing Pondok Indah Mall; as my destination. I know there is busway passing Pondok Indah Mall and therefore I was worried that bus no 16 is no longer exist. But thanksfully, I was scared for nothing. Around 08.45 I saw the bus and happily went on for the ride.

You see, this bus passing main street in Jakarta that is: Sudirman street and you can stop at any malls that you want to visit. Wait, if you are able to visit the mall then why take the bus? Well, anyway... if you wish to see those malls from Patas AC (Express AC) no 16 then you will have it...

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Problems on the road

Apparently, taking public transportation in Jakarta created so many problems. Let me try to write them down one by one based on my knowledge

Robbery on the bus, mikrolet, kopaja, taxi
Pickpocket on the bus or all kind public transportation taken by so many people
Rape or sexual harrassement on public transportation

Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Tips part 1

There have been many crimes happened when people taking public transportation. Either that on the bus, train, mikrolet, busway, taxi up to personal cars that being used as illegal public transportation.

If you asked me how to avoid crime on public transportation, well to be honest I don't think I can give any special tips. Considering that I once were mugged also while on the bus, meeting a sleazy driver while taking mikrolet and annoying taxi driver.

What I can do to help is to remind all of us how to avoid the crime as all these have been heard so many times.

Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011


  After centuries using buses, I finally realized (wow, that was slow of me) why people prefer not to be discipline

If I try to be disciplined like staying on queue but then others people don't do that, then what's the point? Imagine if I keep on staying on the line and let others continue barging in front of me then I will never ever going to get what I need. If I let other people keep on doing that to me then why I should keep on being on the straight honest way? Before I let other people doing that to me then it will be better I am doing that myself so nobody can block my way... Therefore I will be able to survive...

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011

That long corridor

It turn out we have another addition in doing a bit sport on public transportation. That is healthy walking through transit bus stop for busway that has a very long, long, looooong way to go.

Yesterday I used transit bus stop Semanggi to use another bus stop that will lead me to Central Park.

All these time I thought transit bus stop for busway at Matraman and Dukuh Atas are the longest. But it turn out, the transit bus stop at Semanggi is truly the longest one that I have ever seen. If I walk under the sunny weather, or accompanied with calm wind or cool will be great. But I am not so sure to ever want to walk there late at night or under the rain.

Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

Tour de Busway

Last Saturday I accompanied two person from outside Jakarta with public transportation.

Well, my already has experience with busway when she was in Jakarta few months ago. She have tried with her friend taking busway from Setia Budi Sudirman and went all the way to the last bus stop for busway located in KOTA. So, after making sure she would be fine taking busway by herself along with her friend to Kota, we made a promise to meet there around 9 AM. She was lucky that the busway still empty as they left in the morning.

Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

My entire life on the bus

After reading so many articles about how so many damaged busway and it's bus stop keep on operating it made me start to pay attention when I was on the busway last Saturday.

All these times I hardly feel the cool air from the air conditioner on the busway when there were many passengers. And even there were fewer passengers we are not going to feel cool inside especially with the heat outside. So yo9u can imagine if these two combined to each other.

And at that time, I found something torn above that could slap passenger's head. Probably it will not take long before finally hit the passenger and fall on the floor. And when I was standing outside I notice for the first time how the previous good looking busway now just the same with old rotten regular buses.

Selasa, 20 September 2011

The waiting game

Don't you just hate to wait for something for ages? Moreover, you have no idea when the thing that you have waited for ages is going to come. Or probably not ever. Thanks to the heavy traffic jam that happens most of the time nowadays.

At few bus stops for Trans Jakarta have set up monitor to give information for passengers how long the next busway is going to arrive. I have seen those monitors for a few times and yeah, they are pretty accurate. Of course, please kindly note that at the time there was no traffic jam. I have never experience to see how accurate the information is during traffic jam.

Jumat, 16 September 2011

Danger in Mikrolet

Within two months we read terrible news about rape and murder on mikrolet.

That is one of the sad things of using public transportation here in Jakarta. We need to protect our self and can't count on other people for their help. For you who has no idea about mikrolet here are the pictures

Rabu, 14 September 2011

Taxi in Jakarta

  There are so many taxis companies here in Jakarta. There is taxi with very expensive fare, fairly expensive and economic class. Those taxis with very expensive fee supply all the luxurious comfort for the passengers. After all, money can buy almost about everything. Can't afford to pay the super expensive fee, then there are few criteria for people to choose which taxi they wish to take.

Usually we (especially women passengers) already have the list, which taxi have expensive fare and have good reputation. Also taxis with lesser fare but not giving any less service.

Senin, 12 September 2011

Traffic jam is back

And the traffic jam is here again! We are welcoming all the people from their home town and all kind of vehicles hitting the street.

To you who use busway / Trans Jakarta please kindly pay attention to your surrounding. Sometimes the official in charge don't inform the passengers about the destination. And most of busways nowadays don't inform the passenger as well through the recording tape. If you really have no idea about your destination then ask the official in charge.

In the mean time, enjoy the traffic again along with thousand of people on the crowded street... Take care all :)

Selasa, 06 September 2011

Back to Jakarta

Wants to remember Jakarta when less crowded like today? I enjoyed the quiet Jakarta during Idul Fitri holiday a week ago.

When the holiday fever started to hit Jakarta on 29 august 2011 (though officially the holiday started on 30 August 2011 and government announced that Idul Fitri is officially on 31 August 2011), emptiness is surrounding streets in Jakarta. There were only 1 - 2 vehicles on the street so you could inhale the fresh air. Probably you could also dancing on the street or just passing by in the middle of the road without worry you may get hit by a speeding car.

Jumat, 26 Agustus 2011

Home Coming

Slowly but sure people starting to get pack and ready to go home to their hometown away from Jakarta. People probably wondering why on earth same thing always happens during these getaway season. Traffic jam all over the place.

How can't be traffic jam? I heard that there are about 6 million of people leaving Jakarta to their home town. If they are going home on the exact same day (for about 2 -3 days before Idul Fitri) then you can imagine how crowded the road must be. No wonder it has been said so many times that we have to know about holiday on other province or even in another country. For example, if we are in Bali on Seclusion Day then we will be so clueless about things to do. As on that day there are no activity in all over Bali. And they make sure of it. Or you go traveling here in Indonesia from one province to another near Idul Fitri celebration. Then I can assure you are going to be stuck for hours due to heavy traffic jam.

Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Another story to tell

 This time I would like to share a bit about this kind of public transportation that is airplane. Well, airplane is also public transportation though not all people able to use it being a bit pricey. I got this story from one of my acquaintances.

She was apprenticed to one of airways companies and told me about her experience in dealing with passengers.

Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011


 Like I always says for dozens of time, public transportation is a place where any kind of people get together inside. Some of them have pure intention to go somewhere with public transportation. Others using it as a place to earn money.

The problem is not all of them try to earn money in decent way. Lots of them selling something on public transportation. But others begs for the money (and sometimes a little bit persistent) or pickpocket on passengers or using so many other ways.

Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

For how long?

(picture taken from:

Ages ago, for the first time here in Jakarta we have air conditioned bus. The fare was a bit pricey but worth with the comfort that being provided. There was no driver's assistant who asked for the fare. Instead all we have to is to put money with the exact amount into the provided box located near the driver. At first the driver did not provide money for exchange for passenger who only have money in big amount. Later on, the started to provide small coins as they can't keep on refusing people to take the bus.

Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Knowing when...

After being trapped inside a bus stop for busway on Friday 29 July 2011, I have another episode on Saturday 30 July 2011.

Nope, this time not on the busway. But when I was taking a cab with my friends after having dinner at the mall. The traffic was even brutal if not to say worst than the day before. It was hard for us to find available taxi so we decided to use just one to drive the three of us to our destination. It was easier rather than walking down the street to find one for each of us. So, we happily get into the first available taxi that we saw. We did not mind that the taxi was not the usual taxi's companies. I mean, there were three of us anyway. The driver would not be able to stop suddenly on an empty street to pick up bad guys to rob us. We were okay.

Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Everything is not right...

Friday on 29 July 2011 I was about to go home from Senayan City area and Plaza Senayan. Approximately on 8 PM. I was about to take a cab when I saw the traffic jam around the area. Oh, dear. This would mean I have to take regular buses or busway. Again.

So I went to bus stop for busway and bought the ticket. On that time, I just realized that there were so many people standing on the line. They are still waiting for the busway.

Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Eat and drink

 Why we are being prohibited to eat and drink inside a public transportation?

1. There will be something drop from our meals to the floor.
Either we eat bread, snacks, noodles... They will splash something, crumbs from bread will be scattered all over the floor.

The train or bus will keep on shaking while on the road while we either stands or sits is definitely not on position to eat something (am I making any sense?)

Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Zebra Cross

Well, Zebra Cross is obviously not a mass transportation vehicles. But considering that it located in the public street so let us assume this is an immobile public transportation. Odd? Well, who cares... It's my writing :)

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Exercise :)

With load of works that we are having obviously we tends to be worried that we may not getting enough time to do some physical exercise? Worry not!

You always taking bus to go to work and go home, right? Well here are some points that will give you proof you have done your exercise :)

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Remembering when...

How many people do you think can snug in the taxi or bajaj?

I think there is a rule that there can be no more than 4 people inside taxi. As I remembered a taxi's driver once told me that if he have more than 4 people he could get heavy fine from the police. For Bajaj, well...I am sure there must be a maximum limit for Bajaj as well in terms of having passengers.

If you have seen Bajaj then you know that there is no way more than 3 people could be inside it. But since we need to save money and as long as the driver did not mind then let's have 6 people inside it :D

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Damaged bus

When I was having a chit chat with my friend who rarely using busway; I was a bit shock.

picture taken from:

Jumat, 24 Juni 2011

Kids learning from their parents

I know it is not fair to just simply blame the parents for the bad behavior of their children. However, I saw something when I was about to go home by train few days ago on Wednesday 22nd June 2011.

After hanging out with my friend in Bogor, I went home using economic train with AC back to Jakarta. The ticket fare is at IDR 5,500.00 , half price compare to Pakuan Express. I chose that because that was the available train on 15.42 while Pakuan Express would be available on 16.20. If the train able to be there on time.

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011


I am rarely taking train as public transportation in Jakarta... So, I decided to try to use it anyway... Before the train fare rising up like crazy on 2nd July 2011

Usually I only went to the Station Kota (central station for trains in Jakarta). But yesterday I decided to go to Station Kota then continue to Bogor. To go to Station Kota I bought AC Economic at price IDR 4,500.00 and decided to stand inside carriage for women only. It was fun to see only women inside the carriage and they busy chatting to each other

Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Busway and riots

All these times, I have encountered few times to riots in the middle of the street when I was on the bus

Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Ticket fare

A few days ago I read on this site that PT Kereta API Indonesia planning to raise the fare to IDR 8,000.00 as there will be only two kind of train service. One the economic class and the second the one with the pricey fare (at IDR 8,000.00).

Rabu, 15 Juni 2011

Additional facility

Yesterday, I read on this mailing list about Trans Jakarta. A member of
that mailing list complained that there was this passenger told her kid to
just take a pee while on the busway. She found out about it and asked the
mother not to do so. The father then whispering to the mother, blamed her
why she could get caught by another passenger. Yikes

Rabu, 08 Juni 2011


Ever wondering why people prefer to risk their safety by standing near the door instead inside the bus?

Minggu, 29 Mei 2011

Ask before fall asleep...

You know...hardly nobody could resist the drowsy feeling before finally give in and just fall asleep...

But for me, I hardly can sleep or let myself fall asleep if I have no idea whether I have taken the right bus or will this bus take me to the right place? As if my whole body went on alert mode... I am restless and worry all the time as I really hate to be stranded in strange place... Unless I just want to take a ride and don't care where the bus take me...

After not taking bus for a while, a few weeks ago I went to bus stop at Dukuh Atas using busway. Bus stop at Dukuh Atas also function as transit bus stop.

I sat beside this sleeping guy who obviously care nothing about his surrounding and where ever. I assumed that he must have known his exact destination. My assumption was incorrect when he woke up and asked a lady sitting beside him.

Man : Ma'am, have we arrived at bus stop in Matraman?

Lady: Sir, Matraman was far away from here... You should stop there before you let yourself dragged here to Dukuh Atas

For your information, Matraman located far away from Dukuh Atas. That man gave this blank look. A combination of a person who still not fully awake and in denial. No way... we are not here in Dukuh Atas yet... Well, something like that...

So dear friends, unless you really know where you are going...then sleeping in overdose mode should be avoided... Otherwise, you have passed your destination without realizing it...and it will waste your time... You will have to go back again and there is no guarantee you will get the transportation any sooner...

Sabtu, 16 April 2011


Hi all,
this buzzer is going to take holiday so I won't be here up to 3 May 2011...

So, until that time...have lovely moments and bye for now:)

Senin, 11 April 2011

One answer for all

Driver and their assistant always have one solid good answer that could shut all the complains, anger shouting and protests from all passengers.

Jumat, 08 April 2011

Obey the rule...or not...

A few days ago I went out with regular bus ; you know the one that only need us to pay IDR 2,000. Then as usual, since the bus only being occupied by few passengers the driver starting to drive the bus like crazy. ENough to drive our heart to beat faster and then the driver suddenly slow the bus sooooo much that it can ignite our blood pressure to the max.

Senin, 04 April 2011

Weird people

You know, public transportation is one of many ways that lead us to meet with so many people with their unique behavior.

So, no need to be surprised if once in a while during our journey using the public transportation we will eventually bumping into people who slightly know. The worst part is, these people does not give any sign that they are a bit...whack.

Jumat, 01 April 2011

Being fat, another seats episode

I created this post not because I dislike or hate size plus people. I am myself is a size plus. And there was a time I reached a size which could make others shaking their head feeling sad for me

Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Go to hell!

I know that the risk of using public transportation like mikrolet has risks like meeting with a jerk driver who probably never go to school. But then again, when it happened still feel so suck

So, here is the story. That day I went home using mikrolet and sat beside the driver. The seating has been arranged so it could be occupied by two passengers on the front.

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Seats, the episode

A friend of mine: Winda told me about how to try stealing a seat on the bus and as (ex) user of buses, if feel her. So, thanks to her I am writing this post :D

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Place to sit : the opening

Chair or bench or something for people to sit in is a primary need inside public transportation. Like people need water badly when stranded in the desert. This pressing primary need could leash a real personality of someone whether is good or bad (worse, will be the exact word)

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


When it was my first time used busway there are something that impressed me (even though I cramped in the middle of so many passengers inside). CLEAN.

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Lesson chapter 2

Let us continue from previous post ;)

5. Be humble
I am so totally admire people who absent minded just wore those jeweleries... Lots of them... On the public transportation such as buses, metromini, mikrolet. With so many news about crime happening on the bus I wondered why those people does not seems to be bothered at all.
As for me who once get mugged on the bus, I think we should learn to be humble. So we have lots of jeweleries or new gadget...then what? If you really loaded with money then why in the heck you choose to use dangerous public transportation?

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Driver's assistant

Since buses in Indonesia especially those in Jakarta does not have a coin box for passengers to put the money for paying for the fare. Therefore the driver obviously need an assistant, known here as "kenek"

Kenek functioned as someone who collect fares from passengers. Sometimes I wonders how in the heck he is able to remember which passengers who have paid and which who have not. This question finally answered with confirmation: NO, kenek do not remember anything at all. Probably he used the reflexes from passengers whenever he started to walk around with money in his hand and not to mention the noisy coins. Hearing the coins, all of us usually automatically reach our pocket or wallet to find small changes for the fare. One of my friends said I could try to test kenek by giving him blank expression when he asked for the fare. Or I could just said that I have paid earlier. The risk that I would get probably by being stared by other passengers who know that in reality I have not paid the fare. LOL. But relax, I am still have my sanity.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Lesson chapter 1

Things that we could learn by using public transportation :

1. That life full with uncertainty
every day we have this fixed schedule that we are going to leave the house with motorcycle taxi. Then it will take 5 minutes before reaching the main road and wait for the bus to go to the office. Approximately will take us about 25 minutes. Said who?

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Engine problem...

What was the most thing that drive you mad whenever you were in a hurry and have-not-so-much money and need to use public transportation? 

For me was when the vehicle suddenly have engine problem and just stop totally…
Oh my God…

Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

And the route is...

Well, my destination is not far from the spot where I found the cab and there is only one route that we should take so yeah obviously I did wonder why he has the need to ask about it. With bewilderment I told him that we should just take this road straight. Then I asked why in the heck he should ask about it unless he has no idea where we were going. No surprise when he said yes and admitted he was a new driver for a couple of days.

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


 Come to think of it, perhaps I was born in the wrong age of time... Hehehehe

Ages ago when I was still in the university and in the beginning my first year to go to work, I think I always have to go through a bridge construction or toll construction or fly over construction. What about the street around the construction? Oh well, better not ask or imagine about how heavy the traffic jam was around that area. There was a time I got stuck at the same spot for more than an hour. I was inside the car for the whole time, not going anywhere.

And I just read that we are going to have MRT in the future.

Hmmm, the so-called MRT will use train, okay I am confuse now. Will they be using the old rail tracks or going to build another new one? And what about the station for MRT? Surely they are going to build that one

By the way, though I am wondering about the future traffic while the on going construction for this new kind of transportation I also think about something. Will there really be any MRT at all? Suddenly it remind me those stakes built for monorail. But until now those stakes are just standing there. Unfinished. Useless. As they were just standing there not as accessories on the street. But another thing to make the traffic jam worst.

So, if there will MRT for real good. I suppose. Though have no idea when that will be. But I do sincerely hope, and I am sure this is also a hope from others that the plan for having MRT is not going to stop on constructions. Well, half of the constructions. And those constructions are not going to be a symbol of a ruin plan and creator of another traffic jam.

Senin, 21 Februari 2011

How long can we wait?

How much time that we willing to spend for waiting regular buses or busway? 15 minutes? Half an hour? An hour? Or 2 hours? Or perhaps forever?

Waiting is the most annoying thing to do ever. Especially when we are in a hurry to go to our destination but have no extra money to take a cab. That and added to unfriendly weather but then again, what’s the point of getting a cab during rainy day around peak hour? It will be only wasting money because you are going to get stuck on the road anyway. So, yeah…public transportation is the only way.

But, they can take forever during peak hours and it is really testing your patience to wait for the public transportations. The problem is for how long? And how much can we stand to wait? We really have to depend on our feet for a long time. It is even worst when the rain pouring down hard. Even inside the bus stop there will be no picnic either.

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Tricky things to be passenger...

I have no idea whatsoever how drivers of many public transportation in Jakarta earn their income.

 I suppose they have to get a certain amount of money after taking passengers for a period of time during a day. Then they will have to give that money to the owner of those vehicles. If the money deposited to their boss enough with the quota then the rest will be for the driver. Surely if he has an assistant or more then he should share it with them. No wonder recently I noticed that most regular buses only have 1 assistant to collect bus fare from passengers.

It is an ironic that during peak hour we the passenger have to wait for a long time to get on the bus. Let alone to get an empty one. So, naturally there should be lots of vehicles to ensure all of us passengers able to get to our destination on time…and thankfully in comfort.
However, during not so peak hour those public transportations become very empty. Then it is not a surprise one or two or worse…more of the exact same public transportation will bump into each other. And naturally they will try to think of something how to avoid one another. And their ways are not so nice to the passenger.

First, they will be speeding like crazy… try to leave their competitors… We tends to take the first public transportation that we see rather than wait for uncertain time on the next public transportation. This is the exact moment when you feel that you are truly going to be arrived in your final destination.

Second , if the other vehicle manage to go ahead leaving its competitors then the loosers will drive their vehicles very slowly. It is so slowly it will increase blood pressure of all people who in a hurry to get to their destination.

Third, aside from slowing their vehicles others will wait for passengers before starting to move again. Obviously they were hoping that they are going to get more passengers by waiting for them.

Fourth, they will make a turn to go back on the previous route. Yeah, I have been there myself. One time I was inside this usual regular bus and I was soo happy thinking that the driver took a short cut to get to the destination. Then my dream finally vanished when the driver went back to the previous route. Not only he took a turn back but he also stop the bus and wait for more passengers.

Fifth, after all the torments given to us the passengers and they are still not satisfied then the last thing to do is to move us all to another public transportation aka their competitors. I have no idea about the arrangement but once both drivers decided then there is no way passenger will be able to say no. So, if in the previous bus we did have a good seat then there is no guarantee we will get the same thing when we have to move to another public transportation. Why passengers would not object this idea? Simply because we do not need to pay again so it is supposed to be a win – win situation or perhaps loose – loose situation.

What a tiring thing to be passenger

Rabu, 16 Februari 2011


Few days ago there was this news about busway's driver hit a kid who was crossing the road.
Without means to blame on anybody, this is probably the thing that made me scare to learn how to drive. I would rather go through hell using bus to my destination or if I have more money then I will use taxi.

When we were coming home from the hospital, our taxi almost hit a motorcycle who came out of nowhere. Luckily for us he managed to hit the brake in time and avoid that motorcycle. Fortunately too that there were no cars that near us at the time. Otherwise we could get into a terrible accident.
After feeling so relieved after avoiding send that motorcycle rider to hell, we have a little chit chat with the tense driver. He said that what he afraid the most beside motorcycles are people crossing the street so sudden.
"Those people, they just went on crossing the street without check the road first... Sometimes we can't see their body because a building or something block the sight... Then suddenly...whoosh they were there on the street... If we were too close there would be no way we could avoid them..."
Same goes with motorcycle riders, said the taxi driver. Often they just coming out from the hidden alley without stop to see whether there are people walking the street. Or they could be end up being hit by passing cars.

On the other way around, if we are inside regular buses or busways or any other public transportation. Sometimes in our bad luck, we meet with reckless driver. Speeding while have a chit chat on the phone. True that by speeding we could get to our destination faster. But which destination? And by being reckless how in the earth those drivers could watch the road?

Nobody wish to have an accident or becoming the source of an accident. Even if we remind ourselves everyday to be careful there will be no guarantee accident would not happen. And when we are not careful, then the accident finally happen.

It is on my mind what if I become the family of the hit and run victim. It is on my mind if we are the driver who accidentally hit someone else, either on purpose or otherwise. I can imagine how those passengers inside that doom public transportation will feel scare, panic, shock but reality force them to realize they are going to be late to their destination. If we are inside the bus stop for busway then we will wait and wait for the never coming busway because of the accident. However we have no idea about it and keep on standing there.

My condolence to every single life that have been taken... My condolence to all the accidents that should have never happen

Senin, 14 Februari 2011


When this event executed for the first time in September 2007 (information from Wikipedia), main streets were closed for cars. Only regular buses and busways passing through. When it was executed at the first time, took the whole day. In the beginning to those who does not own a car were happy to welcome this event. it was a chance for us to enjoy walking around the main street without being bothered by cars. People biking around us. We also got the chance to take our photos near the fountain located not far from Hotel Indonesia.

Car Free Day was meant to reduce the pollution by not having too many cars for several hours. But come to think of it, since the main street being closed and all while people keep on passing that the end the pollution is still there. Not to mention that people get irritated for not knowing when this Car Free Day being held exactly.

So, what's the point of having CAR FREE DAY? Well, i suppose it depends on each party. Some people love it because they could enjoy walking around on the main street. The others probably get annoyed because their can't continue their journey. Especially because they have no idea about the event.
Perhaps the event need to be published more to the public?

Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Dangerous situation

A few days ago I read about student thrown from the speeding train by a bunch of muggers.

Reading that news made me sad and wondering whether robbing someone else was not enough that those muggers feel the need to throw that kid from the train. Obviously they were not intending just to hurt that kid but to ensure that he would not be able to report that to the police.

After reading that I was starting to hesitate to try to use train as my transportation. The problem is the robbery happened during the train was empty. As you probably know I always love being inside not so crowded public transportation. I could talking on the phone (looking for troubles, honestly), taking photos (truly deeply madly inviting to be robbed) or probably less harmless activities like reading a book. But, try to stand with your two feet already a problem in a crowded public transportation. So, yeah I do love having a moment in an empty public transportation. But I suppose with that kind of situation I probably should just take off from the bus when I have a bad feeling about something. Of course since I have not even try to take train to go somewhere wondering if I could just move away when it was empty or not?

Though it is our right to have that comfort moment inside every public transportation …probably we should not get carry away… We should always keep our eyes open to any potential dangerous situation. Does not mean we should be paranoid about everything. But better do that rather than being sorry later.

Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Television in the taxi

When the first time I used taxi with television on it, I was excited. Or being CORNY to be exact. I felt so cool to be able to watch television programs that usually need us to subscribe with cable tv. For a while, I wish I have longer journey to be able to keep on watch the television. But then it struck me that the longer I was in that taxi the bigger fare that I need to pay…

But then was a long time ago. Recently I do not feel the mood to watch television while using the taxi. First of all, most of them have broken remote control. So, when there was only one channel that available and there was nothing we could do with the too loud volume or too low volume of voices from the television. Thanks goodness if the remote control still able to be used to turn off the television. It was no use to try to find buttons to be pushed on the television. And when I did not like the television program and the voice was totally annoying, the television just bothering me and I would rather the taxi have no television at all.

And since the television is no use at all, it will only blocking our view to see outside the taxi (and blocking my view to see how much fare I need to pay…LOL). It is really a pity that the television is just becoming an accessory… And to think that we could pass the time watching what was on television when we have to go through heavy traffic jam.

Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Watch out with that leg...

What's the first thing you need to remember when you are about to hop in to the bus?

Pay attention on your feet. If you are about to hop in to the bus do not forget to put your right leg first. Then if you are about to get off from the bus, don't forget to use your left leg.

How did I learn about this? Oh, I learnt it from the hard way during my moment as first timer on using buses. That time, I was about to go home from the university at night. I thought the bus has stopped completely when the driver's assistant yelled about the destination. Well, silly me of course. So, absent mindedly I started to move my leg to get off from the bus. Using my right leg. Then when that right foot just touch the ground, the bus suddenly start to move again. If I was a cartoon character, probably I would be flying in the air for a few second before finally hit the ground. Hard. Did it hard? Oh, don't even bother to ask. But lucky me that there was no car behind me that could run me over. Second, there were not so many people standing on the street so I was safe from humiliation.

So be aware when you are about to get on the bus and get off from the bus. You would not want to be fallen from the bus as trust me, it is not a very nice experience especially when the street full with pack of vehicles.

Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Damri Bus

Nowadays traffic jam seems a daily menu and considering I do not have much money I decided to take Damri if I need to go to the airport. The fare is only IDR 20,000.00

The bus is fully air conditioned, the seat is good, there is movie entertainment on tv (though sometimes the movie using alien language which I have no idea whatsoever). So, all I can do is to sit nicely and sleep all the way. But since it is a public transportation so there is always a problem

Damri, the bus to go to the airport have a space to put your inside the bus. The space located near the front door. Since I only bring one suitcase I put it inside the bus and sit next to it.

Though there are only clothes inside the suitcase, I treated the suitcase as if I was carrying a pocket full of gold bars. Thankfully my seat located near the suitcase so I could keep on watching it.

The journey does not take long as there was no traffic jam on the highway. The bus entered the airport and took its passengers to various terminals. Starting with the newest terminal : Terminal 3 then went to Terminal 2 and finally to Terminal 1. And this was the incident started. A passenger started to lift up my suitcase. At first I still sat silently as I thought he just want to move my suitcase to get his. But when he just walked away carrying my suitcase in that instance I stood up and yell at that person. Protesting him why in the heck he was carrying my suitcase? I could not go on a holiday without bring any clothes and there is no way I have to buy new clothes. That passengers keep on apologizing but of course I did not believe that my bag is similar with his. Of course since that time, I keep on watching my suitcase closely and not move my sight from it.

You do know how long to claim your missing suitcase?

But don't worry... I will not hesitate to use Bus Damri to go to the airport next time... Of course, I will sit closely near with my suitcase...

Jumat, 21 Januari 2011

My very selfish moment

Well, I am after all just another human being... LOL... Self defense before starting to confess...

I am most obviously know that I should be able to give my seats for pregnant women, parents with so many kids around them, elderly or anyone who needs to sit more than myself.

BUT, there were moments when I absolutely unable or unwilling to give my seats for other passengers....

1. If I was not feeling well
Headache, stomache cramp, tired feet over standing too long... Once I have myself a seat then certainly I would not want to bother about other people's misery. Rather than try to be nice and just give my seat away and then collaps in public place...

2. While I am sleeping
Well, how in the heck I could care less about the other when I was already flying to dreamland?

3. If I was in the mood to read
You can't read book while standing... Hopefully to get seat near the window so I could be more ignorant to other people and finish my book

4. If I was so damn tired
There were times when my body not ready to be pushed around and my hands unable to grip on something so I would not fall. I felt exhausted and could only wish to enjoy my time while sitting at least to refresh myself.

5. When I have too many stuffs
I totally hate it to keep on standing while bring so many plastic babs full of groceries. I could not feel my fingers as they already numb for holding the plastic bags too long. So, when I do get a seat I will not going to give it easily to somebody else

Yeah, I know that when we think about it...other people probably more tired than I am. But there are moments when I just give up and thinking to take care of myself first rather than other's.

(So, I should not be ranting or grumbling when people do not want to give me seat on the bus ... LOL! THEORETICALLY)