Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Lesson chapter 2

Let us continue from previous post ;)

5. Be humble
I am so totally admire people who absent minded just wore those jeweleries... Lots of them... On the public transportation such as buses, metromini, mikrolet. With so many news about crime happening on the bus I wondered why those people does not seems to be bothered at all.
As for me who once get mugged on the bus, I think we should learn to be humble. So we have lots of jeweleries or new gadget...then what? If you really loaded with money then why in the heck you choose to use dangerous public transportation?

6. Learning to know knock-off goods
hahaha, this is just me personally... As sometimes when I was on the bus watching those people carrying branded bag known reaching the price of million for the original one...make me wondered. Why they are still choosing to go by bus if they are able to buy that kind of luxury?

7. Eavesdropping
Many people said that this is not a very polite thing to do. Well, unfortunately unless you have yourself an MP3 player or IPOD to block all those voices...then eavesdropping became unavoidable. Naturally, because this is not a polite thing to do then please do not join the conversation with other passengers.
Likewise, since you know that anyone can eavesdropping any conversation passing on the bus then perhaps you wisely avoid talking about your snob cousin or your boss. You will never know who is going to listen and story telling within minutes

8. Get you closer to God
The minute you get on to that public transportation especially those speeding buses, you will pray vehemently to heaven and earth to arrive safely at your destination ON EARTH...

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  1. no. 8 Great lesson, for every step we steps anywhere.. don't forget to Pray for arrive safely. Thanks for sharing Dream Catcher!

  2. when we are in danger we will pray harder I suppose... *beingcynical*

  3. Hi Ria,
    Be humble, Learning to know knock-off goods, Eavesdropping, Get you closer to God, I agree that those are the things we learned when we ride a bus.

  4. I put them because I have nothing to do on the bus :D except the last part about getting closer to God


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