Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Go to hell!

I know that the risk of using public transportation like mikrolet has risks like meeting with a jerk driver who probably never go to school. But then again, when it happened still feel so suck

So, here is the story. That day I went home using mikrolet and sat beside the driver. The seating has been arranged so it could be occupied by two passengers on the front.

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Seats, the episode

A friend of mine: Winda told me about how to try stealing a seat on the bus and as (ex) user of buses, if feel her. So, thanks to her I am writing this post :D

Selasa, 22 Maret 2011

Place to sit : the opening

Chair or bench or something for people to sit in is a primary need inside public transportation. Like people need water badly when stranded in the desert. This pressing primary need could leash a real personality of someone whether is good or bad (worse, will be the exact word)

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


When it was my first time used busway there are something that impressed me (even though I cramped in the middle of so many passengers inside). CLEAN.

Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Lesson chapter 2

Let us continue from previous post ;)

5. Be humble
I am so totally admire people who absent minded just wore those jeweleries... Lots of them... On the public transportation such as buses, metromini, mikrolet. With so many news about crime happening on the bus I wondered why those people does not seems to be bothered at all.
As for me who once get mugged on the bus, I think we should learn to be humble. So we have lots of jeweleries or new gadget...then what? If you really loaded with money then why in the heck you choose to use dangerous public transportation?

Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Driver's assistant

Since buses in Indonesia especially those in Jakarta does not have a coin box for passengers to put the money for paying for the fare. Therefore the driver obviously need an assistant, known here as "kenek"

Kenek functioned as someone who collect fares from passengers. Sometimes I wonders how in the heck he is able to remember which passengers who have paid and which who have not. This question finally answered with confirmation: NO, kenek do not remember anything at all. Probably he used the reflexes from passengers whenever he started to walk around with money in his hand and not to mention the noisy coins. Hearing the coins, all of us usually automatically reach our pocket or wallet to find small changes for the fare. One of my friends said I could try to test kenek by giving him blank expression when he asked for the fare. Or I could just said that I have paid earlier. The risk that I would get probably by being stared by other passengers who know that in reality I have not paid the fare. LOL. But relax, I am still have my sanity.

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Lesson chapter 1

Things that we could learn by using public transportation :

1. That life full with uncertainty
every day we have this fixed schedule that we are going to leave the house with motorcycle taxi. Then it will take 5 minutes before reaching the main road and wait for the bus to go to the office. Approximately will take us about 25 minutes. Said who?

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Engine problem...

What was the most thing that drive you mad whenever you were in a hurry and have-not-so-much money and need to use public transportation? 

For me was when the vehicle suddenly have engine problem and just stop totally…
Oh my God…