Kamis, 30 September 2010

Kicked out from the house, did you?

Today I am not going to share my experience on the bus... It is still about public transportation in Jakarta, they are Mikrolet and bemo (I have no idea whether the last one still exist or not). The topic actually could happen as well on the bus, that is when we encounter with another passenger who bring a lot of baggages.

I know that the fare for public transportation is cheap (otherwise, I would not never want to be in the middle of so many people for dozens of years using buses). BUT, I wish they would have enough sense when bringing all that baggages as if they just robbed a house or just kicked out from their home. Bringing so many baggages will take a lot of space and obviously drive other people irritated.

You do know that the door of Mikrolet is not big, right? Well, to all of you who have no idea what is mikrolet and bemo, well let me give me you a bit of explanation. Before that kindly refer to the first picture for MIKROLET and the rest of the other pictures are for Bemo. HOWEVER, those are not my own photos. I got them from browsing google.

Mikrolet usually using some kind of family mini van. In the front area, there should be two passengers sitting beside the driver. At the back, the passengers will seat facing each other. The formation well known : 6 - 4. Six passengers sit on the seated located behind the driver while the other near the door. That's why only four people can sit there. That condition applied if all passengers have ideal normal body weight. And there is this small bench to have additional two more passengers sitting near the door. While for Bemo, is a lot smaller than mikrolet. Amazingly, that tiny vehicle manage to contain and cramped six grudgingly passengers. Sitting facing to each other, unable to stretch their legs as there is space no more. Probably that's make the destination takes by Bemo never really too much far. Otherwise, once all the passengers get off from bemo they will all feel cramp on their ankle.

So, with such a small, tiny, little space we still have to tolerate other people who bring so many stuffs that probably should be kept inside their closet. What drove me mad if I was sitting inside Bemo and have to sit face to face with elderly ladies who just returned from market. They probably brought fishes, chicken, meat, whatever... I could smell them all already. What pissed me off they do not put all their smelly groceries on their lap but just put them down there. ABove their feet and obviously mine as well. PFFFF... That's why I used to avoid getting Bemo unless I can sit in the front area beside the driver. Or near the door so I do not have to be HUNCHBACK from NOTRE DAME as I have to bend myself 90 degree to be able to get off from Bemo.

The same thing with people who bring so many baggages inside mikrolet. So, we the other passengers have to understand and willingly let our feet get cramped with all their things.

Can't get angry. Those are public transportation. If the driver does not mind then get ready to get crazy all the way as our feet can't go anywhere or stretching to other direction thanks to all those baggages.


Selasa, 28 September 2010

Lesson part 1

From a book about people's body language, I read that public area or public transportation are the right places to slowly but sure in learning about situation and body language of people around.

When we frequently using the bus daily (as we have to due to limited options), rather than just wondering around we start to notice every common things on the bus...

If we use the bus quite often, then we surely know that A SEAT is obviously becoming the most wanted items on the bus... So, if there is an empty seat inside a crowded bus unwanted by any passengers, then we will be able to start making a list of presumption of the obvious events :

1. The passenger sitting beside the empty seat turn out have a smelly stinking odor
Ah, I am not insulting or anything... IT'S A TRUTH! Once I just get on the bus that fairly crowded... I said fairly as I was still able to get on the bus, right? As usual, I swept the entire space inside the bus in vain hope that I would catch a passenger before me about leaving the bus... Then my eyes stumble on an empty seat and my heart were like leaping away... But wait... Why there was nobody seems interested to sit there? And not so many people want to stand near that empty seat though they have shoved over by the driver's assistant. So, surely but sure I was starting to move near the seat... YUCK... No wonder nobody want to sit there. Later on, a girl get on the bus and whoosh she straightly put herself on that HOT SEAT. It did not take long before she start shifting her sitting position. If previously she sat staring up front, now she move her entire body to the other direction... Back to back with the person sitting beside her. I notice this with concern (and smiling *vicious*). That's not all. Her hands starting to move pinching her nose (but she pretend as if she want to hold her face to start sleeping)
That's why you need to have a quick look first, Miss... Why people do not want to sit there!

2. If it is raining, those seats located at the back area of the AC bus will surely empty
Don't even try to sit there unless you already bring proper and complete tools. They are raincoat, plastic tablecloth or something like canvas.
As once the rain pouring hard outside the bus, then the AC bus will adjusted itself as per the weather out there by giving big flood to seats located in the back area.
If you happen to be on the bus BEFORE the rain, well just brace yourself...

3. There are left over of meals which have been processed inside the stomach
Obviously this one need no more further explanation right?

See, who said that people can't just study anywhere and any time? Hehehehe
See you on the next course ;)

Minggu, 26 September 2010


Yesterday I was in a totally empty regular bus. There couldn't be more than a dozen of passengers... (If this situation happening at night, I would definitely not ever going to get on the bus... Scary)

Usually when the bus is crowded, the bus driver would feel reluctant to let this street singers to get on the bus and start their action... Especially during the peak hours... Even there is only one street singer on the bus...he or she would have taken more spaces... Who want to stand around near them while they are singing? If their voice is good, then is no problem. But if the other way around or those who bring the whole entire gang (more than 3 persons) including the music instruments... Sighed... It is hard for me to enjoy the music... There is only this loud sound and sultry.

But yesterday, after a street singer come up on the bus I noticed that the driver and his "assistant" (the one who help to collect the bus fare) start calling more street signers to get on the bus... That's unusual, I thought. These street singers think the same thing so they asked the driver, "That's so unusual you calling us to get in here..." And the driver just simply answered, "Yeah, so all of you can have a reunion here...while the bus is still empty..."
Obviously those street singer were like ,"Damn you... " The driver's ASSISTANT who merely smile finally jump in to the conversation, "Just to give this bus a crowded look... So, it does not look too empty ... Or we are going to be a laughing stock by other drivers..."

Hahahahah, this is the first time I saw street singers were needed to be accessories to make the bus look crowded. You know, store owner sometimes use their own employee pretending to be customer to attract other customers entering their store. We usually feel reluctant to enter store with no other customer... Automatically we think, the sales girl is bitchy, unprofessional, the items that were sold not have good quality and so on...
I just feel how funny that the driver and his assistant have an idea to use these street singers to get more crowds

Hey driver, we feel the opposite with the store... We feel happy to get on a-not-so-crowded bus so we can sit and thankfully have a rest comfortably and safely... free of pickpockets:)

(yeah right, paying cheap fare but wishing a comfort and safety... No promise can do...)

Kamis, 23 September 2010

Manner, mind you

Like I said before... Using the bus will allowing us to meet with so many people with so many personalities

Previously, I went out using the bus and as usual I did not get an empty seat and have to stand. Waiting for someone else getting ready to their bus stop and leave me a seat... Finally, after half of the journey a guy sitting next to me stand up... He was about to leave... Happily I was preparing myself to sit when suddenly a woman coming out from nowhere slip behind me and just sat there!!!

Oh dear! We still have that no manner kind of people nowadays

Actually, when we said that today's generation lack of manner, ehm...have we ever wondered from whom they pick up the attitude? Obviously from the family, right? THat woman who stole the seat is about my age...oh wait..., now I am positive she is older...(no way I am about the same age as her)... If she was with her childern, she would have given them an outstandingly bad manner to them. They would think, oh my Mom could do this...so why couldn't we?

That's not all the bad examples that I have seen from parents... Another example is take things too easy... So, a few months ago women separated from men during queuing. Then there was a group of one family entered the bus stop. The daughter then said to her Mom that they should be queuing here and her Dad should be at the other one. Good girl... But the mother simply said to her daughter that the rule does not need to be followed... She could not pick another answer that was not give any indication to her daughter that is okay to break the rule.

Inside the busway I often saw teenagers just sitting around does not care that there was a pregnant lady in front of them. Not until there is an official told them to stand up and give their seat to the pregnant lady.

Even there is a sign indicating that no food and drinks allowed inside the busway, still I saw a mother given meal for her children... Oh, they are not infant... They are teens...probably around 10 - 13 years old... Why I even notice? Because one of them throw up and make a mess on the busway's floor. The official look at the mother sourly... While the other passenger give the killing looks... The smell..., ugh...

So, if youngster are without manner, ask...whose fault is that?

Oh yes, if you meet with people without manner like them..., just ignore them... Not at the same level to make a scene with

Rabu, 22 September 2010


Long ago, when I was still idiot when it comes to use regular buses, I went from home a lot earlier just to go to the bus terminal... What for? For me to get an available seat... And for me to ensure that I do get a bus to go to campus. Rather than standing wondering to the wonderland on the street...better I just go to the terminal as the centre of all buses... That's how considerate it... As the street at that time (meaning long time ago) not as jam as current traffic.

However for busway, even if we wait at the terminal does not mean we will get the bus less than half an hour. My experience has been proofing that.

Busway terminal that has attraction (for my standard) so far in Blok M and Pusat GROSIR CIKINI (shorten as PGC). Nothing unusual at terminal Blok M actually. But since we have to pass the mall that is why so fun for me. It's just that I am not sure if I was there at night and nobody around me. Last time I was there around 08.00 PM and still many people around. I have never been there after 08.00 PM. While terminal

Back to the story about terminal, one day I decide to use terminal busway atKampung Melayu. The reason? Well, I thought that if I wait from the terminal surely there would be many buses to pick us the passangers. Just like regular buses crowded inside the terminal. It turn out...I am SO WRONG. From few passangers starting to escalate into many. Finally after half an hour I can stand no longer and decide to get out from the terminal and loose the money that I paid for the busway's fare. Rather than I spend my time up to an hour... Sighed... So sad

Ah, same thing happenned at PGC... But down there I was mesmerized with the terminal... Well, it is so close to the mall if not to say perhaps located inside the mall. Can you imagine if it was hot out there or even raining. We can relax waiting the busway inside the cozy terminal with air conditioner and there lots seats... But since the waited busway seems forget to pass at the terminal, most of the passangers started to line up near the sliding door... Yeap, doors at the terminal use sliding door...but mostly already broken while here at PGC's terminal the condition still good. But well, not as beautiful as I imagine...as again I have to loose my money for the bus fare as I walked out from the terminal. I was tired to wait more than half an hour. I prefer going home with another public transportation.

Pity actually... The terminal look nice, clean, comfy...but the frequencies of buses were not the same...

However, not all busway's terminal like that. Busway's terminal at Blok M and Kota so far for me have not been so bad with the availabilty of the busways. So I think, though there are special road for busways but not automatically free from traffic jam. And if the busway passing the traffic jam areas, then no wonder the frequency becoming less and less.

Senin, 20 September 2010

Tips on find a little bit of comfort on the bus

What's the difference between regular bus and busway?

The prominent difference is from the way we queue and pay the ticket. If we take the regular bus there is no need to buy ticekt... Though I heard that long time ago regular buses provide tickets for students... But I have never seen it by myself.

And now with busway, at least we have a choice in getting to our destination though the comfort is depends on working hours and holidays.

One day before Idul Fitri usually hard for us to find regular buses operating... So, rather than wasting time waiting on the street better just straight enter the bus stop for busway.

Yup, for those who still do not know, bus stop for busway located in the middle of the high way. The bus stop for busway serve for two opposite direction at once. To serve all passangers from every location in Jakarta, there is this transit bus stop. Passangers need to the transit bus stop to continue their journey to certain areas. If you take the busway before 7 AM (they operating since 5 AM) then it will cost you 2,000 Rupiah. After 7 AM then the ticket raised to 3,500 Rupiah.

One day before Idul Fitri and during Idul Fitri holidays and one day after Idul Fitri...are the most wonderful days. We will able to enjoy sitting on the busway and even regular buses without have to be pushed around by other passangers... Obviously cofor for us but becoming a disaster for buses owners as no passangers means no income... Yikes

Usually, the situation in the capital city of Indonesia that is Jakarta will be back like before with traffic jam and over loaded people after a week from Idul Fitri holiday.

So, go ahead enjoy Jakarta during Idul Fitri holiday or other holiday that close to weekend... Though can't promise you any comfort if you step your feet at transit bus stop for busway;)

Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Addicted to branded item

Like I said previously, that by using a public transportation will allow us to meet people with various behavior...

A few days ago when I go in an empty bus in broad daylight...I saw something interesting... There was this woman who sat on the front row. The chair beside her was empty and she used it to put her large bag. Is a big traveling bag and LV is the brand. Well, I have no idea what the real LV's bag look like... Or the look of first quality from the replica... But one thing I do know for sure that if someone capable to buy an expensive branded bag then what the heck they use a cheap public transportation?

Anyway, the woman prepare to get off from the bus... So, she stood up...but leave her bag resting comfortly on the chair. So, she was not willing to just put the bag on the floor... There was a lady asked her, "Is the bag very heavy?" Probably wondered why that woman willing to let her bag to stay on the chair while she already prepare to get off the bus

Hahahah, sometimes we can be too much when we adore something... Especially if is a branded stuff... Or the replica of the branded stuff... We care so much for the thing that we are willing to put ourself a bit hectic and exhausted for the sake of it... I suppose we could die standing if there is a scratch on that dear (replica) branded items...

We probably should not be doing that... Either way, all things are going to be broke or damaged anyway whether we using it (brutally) or not...

And last but not least, I get it why people loves buying replicas from famous branded things... What I do not get it, if by buying those thing make you feel beautiful or in the circle of those high end community, then why in the heck you are still using bus to go anywhere?

Rabu, 15 September 2010


Being on the bus meaning we are going to see many people with their own personality.

I totally hate to see people who keep on poking on their nose… Really poking to let out something yucky… Even yuckier when they cleaning it from their hand by rubbing it on the chair or everything else on the bus… And those spots where we use to place our hands to have a grip on something… It was a coincidence that I saw that man doing it and therefore I can avoid him and everything around hi,. But what if I did not see it? Yuck… No wonder our parents keep on nagging us to wash our hands if we are just went back from anywhere and about to eat something

Second, I admire those girls who wear short skirt and using the bus… First, look so difficult to get on the bus with that short skirt… Second reasons; let us be honest that bus is not a clean place. Just look at my first example above. That is not all. Often there are passengers who think that sitting on the bus is like sitting at the coffee stall or other small stall where we can be more relax… Usually they lift one leg and put the feet on the chair… And we all know that the feet is not so clean… And after that, we (with mini skirt) will be the next passenger who sit on it…

Gross? Oh well…is a bus… A public transportation… Just deal with it with our own way ;)

Selasa, 14 September 2010

Rain and bus... NOPE

Not a good combination... Bus will be hot inside as the passangers would rather close the windows to avoid dripping of water from the rain. Not to mention those wet passangers after standing under the rain... There is no point whether they use umbrella or otherwise... Being wet is contagious, that is for sure...
Rain also cause traffic jam and it means the passangers will spend longer time inside the hot and crowded bus...

Using the busway is sad as well... First we have to take a line inside the bus stop for busway... And since the bus stop is not indoor...then you may welcome the gush of wind and rain as well... Guaranteed you will get wet eventually... After that, we will enter inside the good cold air con-busway...

Yes, the conclusion is rain and bus is not a match :(

Pay Attention!

Sometimes because we have been doing daily activities too often, it drive us to boredom and as the result we hardly ever pay attention to our surrounding...

During our activities in the busway terminal, we already have to notice where to stand to get to the right busway to go to our destination. There are so many doors... Okay, soon we are going to be able to memorize it... But what if the doors to get to the busway suddenly changed?

Plus, already being in the correct busway terminal, does not mean we can just fly away to whatever busway that passing the terminal... Listen carefully to the destination announced by someone in charge... Often, they took us to another direction... Just because those buses passing the same terminal they will go to the same destination.

If we go using bus for a long time, we start to remember the typical color of those buses. This color will lead us to here, that color will take us to there... Unfortunately, we can just depend on that color sign... It will be a total waste of time if we get to the wrong bus just because of those colors!

So, remember to pay attention ....!!!

Minggu, 12 September 2010

My life on the bus - the beginning

I created this diary because I want to write about my experience for years using the public transportation in Indonesia or in Jakarta to be exact...

This is the holiday moment for the Moslem people all around the world... We can enjoy the relaxing experience using bus or busway in Jakarta... However, please kindly avoid going to public recreation places such as Ragunan's zoo or Ancol (near the sea around north of Jakarta)  Additionally, the transit terminal for busway located in Harmony is never empty with people... So, the best of luck...

Will write more about my experience using the bus in Jakarta:)

See you soon and HAPPY IDUL FITRI