Selasa, 14 September 2010

Pay Attention!

Sometimes because we have been doing daily activities too often, it drive us to boredom and as the result we hardly ever pay attention to our surrounding...

During our activities in the busway terminal, we already have to notice where to stand to get to the right busway to go to our destination. There are so many doors... Okay, soon we are going to be able to memorize it... But what if the doors to get to the busway suddenly changed?

Plus, already being in the correct busway terminal, does not mean we can just fly away to whatever busway that passing the terminal... Listen carefully to the destination announced by someone in charge... Often, they took us to another direction... Just because those buses passing the same terminal they will go to the same destination.

If we go using bus for a long time, we start to remember the typical color of those buses. This color will lead us to here, that color will take us to there... Unfortunately, we can just depend on that color sign... It will be a total waste of time if we get to the wrong bus just because of those colors!

So, remember to pay attention ....!!!

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