Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Addicted to branded item

Like I said previously, that by using a public transportation will allow us to meet people with various behavior...

A few days ago when I go in an empty bus in broad daylight...I saw something interesting... There was this woman who sat on the front row. The chair beside her was empty and she used it to put her large bag. Is a big traveling bag and LV is the brand. Well, I have no idea what the real LV's bag look like... Or the look of first quality from the replica... But one thing I do know for sure that if someone capable to buy an expensive branded bag then what the heck they use a cheap public transportation?

Anyway, the woman prepare to get off from the bus... So, she stood up...but leave her bag resting comfortly on the chair. So, she was not willing to just put the bag on the floor... There was a lady asked her, "Is the bag very heavy?" Probably wondered why that woman willing to let her bag to stay on the chair while she already prepare to get off the bus

Hahahah, sometimes we can be too much when we adore something... Especially if is a branded stuff... Or the replica of the branded stuff... We care so much for the thing that we are willing to put ourself a bit hectic and exhausted for the sake of it... I suppose we could die standing if there is a scratch on that dear (replica) branded items...

We probably should not be doing that... Either way, all things are going to be broke or damaged anyway whether we using it (brutally) or not...

And last but not least, I get it why people loves buying replicas from famous branded things... What I do not get it, if by buying those thing make you feel beautiful or in the circle of those high end community, then why in the heck you are still using bus to go anywhere?

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