Minggu, 26 September 2010


Yesterday I was in a totally empty regular bus. There couldn't be more than a dozen of passengers... (If this situation happening at night, I would definitely not ever going to get on the bus... Scary)

Usually when the bus is crowded, the bus driver would feel reluctant to let this street singers to get on the bus and start their action... Especially during the peak hours... Even there is only one street singer on the bus...he or she would have taken more spaces... Who want to stand around near them while they are singing? If their voice is good, then is no problem. But if the other way around or those who bring the whole entire gang (more than 3 persons) including the music instruments... Sighed... It is hard for me to enjoy the music... There is only this loud sound and sultry.

But yesterday, after a street singer come up on the bus I noticed that the driver and his "assistant" (the one who help to collect the bus fare) start calling more street signers to get on the bus... That's unusual, I thought. These street singers think the same thing so they asked the driver, "That's so unusual you calling us to get in here..." And the driver just simply answered, "Yeah, so all of you can have a reunion here...while the bus is still empty..."
Obviously those street singer were like ,"Damn you... " The driver's ASSISTANT who merely smile finally jump in to the conversation, "Just to give this bus a crowded look... So, it does not look too empty ... Or we are going to be a laughing stock by other drivers..."

Hahahahah, this is the first time I saw street singers were needed to be accessories to make the bus look crowded. You know, store owner sometimes use their own employee pretending to be customer to attract other customers entering their store. We usually feel reluctant to enter store with no other customer... Automatically we think, the sales girl is bitchy, unprofessional, the items that were sold not have good quality and so on...
I just feel how funny that the driver and his assistant have an idea to use these street singers to get more crowds

Hey driver, we feel the opposite with the store... We feel happy to get on a-not-so-crowded bus so we can sit and thankfully have a rest comfortably and safely... free of pickpockets:)

(yeah right, paying cheap fare but wishing a comfort and safety... No promise can do...)

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  1. wkwkwk... g nyangkah... dream catcher is mb' Ria tooooo

  2. iyeee, kamu kok ID blogspotnya banyak bener


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