Rabu, 15 September 2010


Being on the bus meaning we are going to see many people with their own personality.

I totally hate to see people who keep on poking on their nose… Really poking to let out something yucky… Even yuckier when they cleaning it from their hand by rubbing it on the chair or everything else on the bus… And those spots where we use to place our hands to have a grip on something… It was a coincidence that I saw that man doing it and therefore I can avoid him and everything around hi,. But what if I did not see it? Yuck… No wonder our parents keep on nagging us to wash our hands if we are just went back from anywhere and about to eat something

Second, I admire those girls who wear short skirt and using the bus… First, look so difficult to get on the bus with that short skirt… Second reasons; let us be honest that bus is not a clean place. Just look at my first example above. That is not all. Often there are passengers who think that sitting on the bus is like sitting at the coffee stall or other small stall where we can be more relax… Usually they lift one leg and put the feet on the chair… And we all know that the feet is not so clean… And after that, we (with mini skirt) will be the next passenger who sit on it…

Gross? Oh well…is a bus… A public transportation… Just deal with it with our own way ;)

2 komentar:

  1. ~...I admire those girls who wear short skirt and using the bus…~

    cara tepat menyiasati keadaan... ambil baiknya buang buruknya...
    maksud q jgn pikir tentang keadaan bus nya..tp bayangkan tentang gadis2 ber rok mini itu... hhihihihi..... (mak lampir keluar..)

  2. idiiih, aku mana doyan ngeliat gadis2 ber rok mini... :D


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