Senin, 29 November 2010

Taxi and updating status...

There are so many taxi's companies here in Jakarta... Many of them are really good but many of them ar not so good. That include the driver often robbed the passengers and left that trauma feeling. Mostly happen to women passengers who just finished their work from the office late at night. But several cases happen in the broad day light.

I think we have to rely on our instinct whenever we call a cab. If we are with a bunch of friends then we may not care about the creepy situation inside the taxi. When I said creepy that includes automatic door-lock, no handling to open the window or the window also shut automatically from the driver's seat. If there are only one or two passengers the driver could drive to an empty spot then picked up his gang to rob the passengers. I would say that if we get that paranoid feeling when we were about to enter a taxi then do not hesitate to cancel using that taxi.

There are three kind of taxis in Jakarta. Those with expensive fare, standard fare and the other with lower fare (as they still use the old fare). Being cheaper does not mean they give bad service. Again, it depends on the driver it self. I once took a well known taxi and getting off before I even reached my destination. As the driver simply annoying and do not want to listen to our direction. The driver often asked which way we as the passenger would prefer them to take. But this one, not only he did not ask me which way that I prefer. Instead, he keep on bragging that he know the street better in the most annoying way.

So, I would not stated down here which taxis that are good for passengers and which one is not. Usually, office, airport, hotel and mall working together with well known taxis to provide service for its visitors. So, you can be sure that they can be trusted.

Sometimes there are chatty drivers whose conversation are fun and enjoyable. Others merely annoying and you would end up just saying yes, no, uh-hu, order to finish the conversation. You may be surprise but new drivers often have no idea where they should go. It's a good thing if they are willing to confess in the first place. But there are a few who would not admit that they are clueless. And of course they could take a wrong turn and drive us mad.

Watch out those drivers who love talking on their cellphone as they would not concentrate on the road. Be careful with sleepy driver so you have to keep talking to him.

Additionally, I think we should start to use our addiction on Social Networking to update our status when we are using a taxi. Like for example, you use this taxi : BB. Once you got in, then write it down on all your social networking status that you are using that taxi with ID number that printed on the door. If you think is necessary then you may also include the driver's identity such as his name and his driver's ID. This usually located near at the dashboard. Why I suggested this? So, in case you forget something in that taxi you could at least give detail information to the taxi's company that you use this taxi. Naturally, if the driver found the left stuff first they might keep it in case the passenger claim it back. Unfortunatelly if the other passenger found it then they obviously could not return your stuff.

So, don't just use your social networking to update status that you are upset, or at the mall, or on the street. Use it for this as well :) Who knows, it might be usefull someday ^__^

Jumat, 26 November 2010

Keep on trying :)

*Just want to say that all the pictures below does not describe the below story. Just to give an illustration about busway*

What’s the difference between using the bus, mikrolet, metromini and kopaja?

Theoretically, the public transportation should stop near the available bus stop.
In reality? Obviously is a no no…

Whose fault is that? In my humble opinion, both the driver and the passenger are equally having their part in it.

The passengers want nothing but have a bit of comfort. If the passengers see a bus coming from a far and they just wave at the bus and just want to get on the bus. Do not even bother where the heck actually the bus stop. Why should they bothered to find where the bus stop when the bus already near them? If they have to walk to the bus stop and loose the chance to get on the bus…then it would be disaster! If they have lost a chance to get on the bus, then they have to wait for another chance…wouldn’t that be tiring?

Same thing if we want to get off from the bus. Whenever and wherever we want to get off from the bus, we expect the driver to follow our request. Who would want to walk another mile from our real destination just because being dropped to the bus stop.

As for the driver, surely he would not want to reject the prospect of income from the waving passengers. If he ignored those passengers they could get on to another buses and it means he would lose the money. And if he ignored the request of passengers who want to get off the bus…he could hear swearing and scolds from the angry passengers.

So far only drivers of busways who manage to be discipline in taking in and dropping off those passengers. Well, that is so obvious as the bus stop located in the middle of the road. Not to mention that the doors on busway for passengers located a bit high from the ground. If you try to get off just like that, for certain you will hurt your knee. But with all of those reasons does it stop the passengers to not get off at random places? Absolutely not! Don’t you know that we need to try to get something before finally quit because we finally realize it will not happen?

Early this morning I went somewhere using the busway. I was standing near the driver. Right beside the driver there were passengers sitting on the floor and one near the left door. The driver excuse himself when the busway stop due to the red light. It seems he need to check on something. Instead using the door near him, he chose the other door located on his right. After a while, he went back in and immediately sit again. The next few second a young female passengers calling him and here was the conversation between them :

Passengers : Driver, driver…

Supir (seductively) : Yes, sweet heart?

Passenger : Hmmm, may I get off here ?

Sopir (less seductive) : Sorry sweet heart, no can do…

Penumpang (smiling so brightly) : I could use this door (she then pointing to the door that previously being used by the driver)

Sopir (definitely seductively no more) : Apology miss, the rule said we are not allowed to drop off the passengers at random places…

Penumpang (mumbling) : Darn, it is so much closer from here…

Ignoring her, the driver start the engine and keep on driving when the green light was on.

Huahahahaha, gotcha! Keep on trying 

Rabu, 24 November 2010

List of public transportation in Jakarta

Someone asked me what is the difference between bemo and bajaj. And she also asked me the same thing between Oplet and Mikrolet

So, I started to browse around and now I would like to post the following pictures with a bit of information.

Here is the list of public transportation that once existed and still exist in Jakarta

1. Becak
In Jakarta, becak has wider body and the driver sitting in the back pedalling the becak away. I was surprised to hear my dad told me that he once using becak to go from Matraman to Pasar Baru. To those who have no idea about those places, all I can tell is very far to be reached with car let alone with vehicle using manual labor. But probably the air was a lot fresher and not too much vehicles on the street. So both parties were just fine with it. Nowadays becak only operated around spot for tourists.

picture taken from

2. Helicak
Sort of like becak with the driver sitting behind the passengers. However helicak operated by machine and do not have an open space for passengers. This public transportation no longer existed in Jakarta.

picture of  helicak taken from

3. Oplet
My Dad said this is originally American branded vehicle..., the name is Austin, if I was not wrong. If mikrolet has a sideway door then oplet has a back door to take and drop the passengers. This vehicle is no longer operating in Jakarta

picture of opelet taken from

4. Bemo
So tiny little bitsy kind of vehicle that force all its passengers to cramp together in the back. Still operating in certain are but not much to be seen. Probably going to be put in the museum in the near future.

5. Bajaj
I have told about it, like there is old and new versions of bajaj in this posting

6. Mikrolet
Replacing oplet as one of public transportation in Jakarta. Still operating and one of traffic contributers.

7. Bus and busway
Regular buses, air conditioned buses and busway that being operated in the middle of the road

8. Metromini / Kopaja
More or less the same with buses. The important point is with Mikrolet or Kopaja could make the short destination become longer like a labyrinth. Perfect for people who like to explore the road.


picture of kopaja taken from

9. Others such as taxi, ojek up to omprengan

Hopefully I have covered them all...

Senin, 22 November 2010

Rain oh rain

 What is the connection between rain and public vehicle? Obviously there are a few…

Though I am so happy if rains pouring down the earth as it were supposed to help creating cooler atmosphere but when I was still on the street or inside the bus…then the cool atmosphere is a no-no. Neither inside the regular bus, Air Conditioned bus up to bajaj and mikrolet… There is only a thin line of differences.

The obvious facts are the humid air, sultry condition and the decreasing stock of air. That situation would be worst if heavy rain pouring down on earth. Even when there is no rain, the sitting passengers would not want to open the window let alone if there is heavy rain outside. The closed window does not guarantee that the rain will not seeping through it. So, those who already sat has to let their clothes slowly but sure getting wet by the seeping rain.

Same thing happened when using Bajaj. Eventhough the driver already closed the window, but since it was not permanently built then once there is a windy rain, the water splashing inside the bajaj and let the passenger get wet. And when you using mikrolet and sitting by the door, well get ready to get sick as the back door will not be closed even though rain pouring hard on earth.

During the heavy rain, I would not want to use ojek. But, if I was already using it then what can I say? Once I was using ojek to go somewhere. In the middle of the journey suddenly from not so heavy rain then escalated to heavy rain. There was no question that I was totally wet. The ojek driver also worried that his motorcycle could broke down as flood starting to fill the street. Luckily I finally arrived at my destination…though with soaking wet.

Then what happened with passengers standing on the bus? Most of them just get on the bus and already soaking wet. Either their body or their umbrellas or their belongings are all wet. Those who bring umbrella just keep holding the umbrella and the dripping water falls on to clothes of other passengers. The wet clothes were not going to be dried. However, it would be getting even more wet by sweat due to the hot weather inside. The supply of CO2 are bigger than 02…

What about using Air Conditioned bus? Sure, they might be air conditioned bus but these buses mostly are 10 years old. Not so sure whether they replaced the AC. For certain, ACs in so many buses are mostly damaged. The craziest thing I have ever been was getting on the bus with only a bit wet from the rain and getting off 70% soaking wet. When I was about to sit inside the air conditioned bus I was fully aware that there was dripping water from above probably from the damaged air conditioner. So, I just sat there and fallen asleep immediately. (I love to sleep, what can I say?). When I finally woke up I suddenly realized my jumper feel heavier and I feel cold on the neck. So, when I was to get off I stare at my seat… OH DEAR…, already there was a towel on the back of the seat to contain the dripping water. And my jumper also became the container of the dripping water. I have to take a medicine once I arrived at home to prevent me from getting sick.

Getting on the busway you could feel the cold air since it is air conditioned. But after soaking wet from the rain do you honestly still want to feel the cold inside the bus? Not to mention other people will push you around here and there. Additionally, due to the heavy rain the bus stop for busway becoming slippery. And if you are just in luck queuing for busway after office hour during the heavy rain…then get yourself ready for the splashing windy rain on your face. Sure, there is a rooftop above the bus stop but along the way there is nothing that separate you from the nature.

After all of that I still try to think positive. As even though I was soaking wet both before and after using the bus at least that all these times I have never experienced bus stop due to something wrong with its engine during the heavy rain. I could already imagine how I am going to cry in blood if I have to get off the bus because of that. And while waiting for another bus, I have to stand all the way under the heavy rain. Not to mention that while we are waiting for the bus in the middle of the heavy rain, there was a bit flood near us. Get ready to get wet as the passing cars and bus will not going to hesitate to pass that flood and the splashing water from it will hit us straight away.

Rain oh rain...

Jumat, 19 November 2010

Motorcycle riders...again...

Yesterday on Wednesday 17 November 2010 I was about to meet with my friends at the mall. From the area around my home I could find public transportation easily. But once I got to the main was as if no sign of living thing on the street. I doubt the busway would get to the nearest bus stop earlier. Finally when I saw an empty cab, immediately I stop the cab and sat on the front.

That taxi in a glance is similar with EXPRESS (one of many taxi's companies here in Jakarta). I sort of hesitated. But when I got in I did not feel anything unsettling. So, I trust my instinct that there is nothing going to happen and get ot with it. Can't help with the temptation of having cheaper taxi's fare.

 The street was almost like deserted. In Jakarta, empty street could only happen if on the previous day there was a massive riot, flood, heavy traffic jam and certainly on national public holiday like yesterday where almost Jakarta people seems agree to relocated the traffic jam to highland, Bogor and Bandung. Kidding...

So, here are my conversation with the taxi driver :

Me : Empty street like this is so exciting

Driver : Well, not really... It was like everything is not comfortable... During weekdays the street was so packed with vehicles I am barely able to move around. During holiday, the street is empty but I am finding hard to get passenger

Me : So, you prefer empty street but with loads of passengers, right?

Driver : (laugh) that's what I want... Actually, heavy traffic jam in Jakarta merely caused by motorcycles

Me (silently) : And I just posted how I hate motorcycles riders... Fit perfectly...

Me : So all because motorcycle drivers? Well, I heard hundred thousand of motorcycles being released to the public on and on... And not to mention the easy procedur to buy motorcycle these days

Driver : True. Long ago, I worked as a driver in Saudi Arabia and never experience traffic jam though there were many cars on the street. No motorcycles though...

Me : No bus as well?

Driver : Oh, there are buses... Mostly the users are foreign workers

Me : Have you ever had any problem with motorcycle riders?

Driver : Goodness... No... Hopefully not ever... They always tries to outrun everybody... Then they bumped our car...and fell... Then went mad like crazy

Me : And suddenly all motorcycle drivers come from everywhere beating you up

Driver : True. I say, people with heart condition should not be driving in Jakarta at all

Me : So there is no comfort living in Jakarta, sir?

Driver : Yeah, sort of like that...

*LOL... Then where we should be living then?*

Rabu, 17 November 2010

Muffler stove...


Muffler Stove? When my friend asked me to write about this I kinda stunned…. Well, I have not been long in dealing with buses… And just get a bit bitchy by noticing almost about everything after dozen of years.
It turn out, it was sort of something my friend and her friends talk about related to bus with destination Jakarta – Merak that producing heavy black smoke from the muffler. The black heavy smoke sort of like old time stove and that’s why they used to say that bus is like a walking stove. Perhaps they should say a walking fire… Kidding

Well, from years we have been wondering why on earth those buses that produce heavy smoke were allowed to keep on operating. My friend even said that she could not breath properly when she was using motorcycle and were EXACTLY behind the bus along with the heavy smoke. Not only that she could not breath properly, the heavy smoke made her looks as if she just come out from the fireplace. No wonder my cousin saw no interest to stay permanently in Jakarta. He said he could die of trouble breathing if he has to keep on using motorcycle in Jakarta. Even though he has all the gears like jacket, helmet and do not know what else. Once we are having bad luck and be in the middle of cloud of smoke …oh dear. It was better if we standing on the street we could still close our mouth and perhaps nose (though is useless anyway as we have inhaled too much already). But if we are riding motorcycle then how in the heck we close our mouth? The only thing we could do is to let that smoke find its way through our helmet. Yuck…
This picture was taken from an article about EARTH DAY on a website and we could see what happen to the Jakartan during that day. Heavy pollution from that vehicle really show how bad it is already.

I experienced that too when I was standing on the street waiting for the bus to come. The bus that I have been waiting was not to be seen but other public transportation were passing us by along with the heavy smoke. I am still lucky I was not addictive to the heavy smoke… LOL… Usually the older the bus or other public transportation then they would surely produce more heavy smoke from the muffler. And it is not a surprise that we all became alert whenever we saw the rotten bus approaching from a far. We could say that we the passengers waiting for the bus on the street like a bunch of mosquitos and the buses are bug terminator (sorry I can’t just say any brand as they are not the sponsor of this blog… hehehehe)… As soon as they are approaching we all going to disperse.

But Jakartan are strong people, probably… There are many street vendors selling food on the sidewalk. Which means their location is near the street where those public transportation viciously producing the poisoning heavy smoke to the food and to the visitors. Nobody seems to be bothered though. They keep on enjoying the meal… Probably it taste better with mixing of heavy smoke from muffler stove…. LOL
Thanks to Mira Aqila for the idea J

Senin, 15 November 2010

I just hate motorcycles

Today I am not going to talk about public transportation but want to share something from the bottom of my heart... LOL! It is just a beginning of the week but already I want to share something from my heart...

The thing that I am afraid the most, upsetting the most and hate the most currently are rogue motorcycle drivers.

Oh dear... They are truly the KING OF THE ROAD at this moment and their behavior really inviting... Inviting anger and swearing... Naturally, not all motorcycle drivers are rascals on the street. But they are the reason that made me NOT want to learn how to drive. I would rather chasing the bus. Or if have spare money I take the taxi... The one with cheaper fare, of course.

Anyway, back to the motor cycle riders... I have complete stories of our anger towards them. From my own experiences up to stories from friends and family.

Years ago, when my Dad still able to drive by himself we were having problem with the motorcycle driver who came up from nowhere and I was suspicious that he deliberately thrown himself in front of our car. It was red light at that time and when my dad just about to start the car suddenly this motorcycle came up out of nowhere and just fallen. As we expected, the driver then screaming asked my dad to get off from the car. There was a party nearby and the security guard sort of became mediator between us. When the driver still yelling and screaming, the security guard snapped at him and ask him to get to the point. How much did he want? We gave him 50,000 Rupiahs as per his request to settle the matter as quick as possible.

My friend has another story. She has giving sign that she was about to go left then this motorcycle driver come trying to move pass her car. And his motorcycle hit her car so eventually he was falling down. My friend read the situation quickly. If she just stay there she would have to face dozens of angry motorcycle drivers try to defending their comrade. So, she opened her car's window and told the guy to follow her to the other side of the road. The road was the opposite ways from other dozens of motorcycle drivers so she only has to deal with the driver alone. Without anyone to hassle her, she managed to squeeze the motorcycle driver by pint pointed his mistakes. First, she has giving sign but he obviously pretend not to see it. Second, he just keep on moving forward and finally hit her car's door. And in the end, without has to spend even a dime, she left that unlucky motorcycle driver alone. Dealing with his broken motorcycle. While my friend has to spend money to fix her door but that was better rather than giving money to the driver.

By taking the bus does not mean we have no problem with motorcycle drivers. They have known that big bus always speeding. And yet they still have the audacity to try move pass the bus. Once I saw one of them suddenly make a left turn while this motorcycle was originally on the right side of the bus. The crazy thing was the motorcycle driver and his buddy laughing out loud because they have successfully outrun the bus. While the bus driver, his assistant and all the passengers swearing that hopefully that driver will get his lesson someday... Just as long as not with them but with someone else!

The closing story from my cousin who almost have a heart attack on the spot thank you to the motorcycle driver. As usual, there was a motorcycle driver who want to try out run their car. It seems the driver was unable to control the balance of his motorcycle he suddenly fall along with his buddy. The motorcycle went under the car while her husband still trying to hit the brake. They both suddenly fall silent scare to imagine what has been happening. Then suddenly the driver staggering try to stand up along with his buddy. While people helping the driver, they scolded the driver for not being able to control the vehicle. Luckily for all of them, the car still able to stop right on time. All the people witnessing that the driver fell due to his own mistake and not because being hit by the car. Then my cousin and her hubby just move along continue their journey leaving the bruises driver and his buddy.

So, to all of you motorcycle drivers...if you are still unable or not capable to handle your motorcycle then perhaps you should just walk or ride another vehicle. Don't give other people trouble by falling in front of the running car... Or acting as if you are a brilliant racer by speeding and try to out run other vehicles.

I am beginning to many motorcycles being sold to the people within days? Why there are so many of them and really such a nuisance! Come to think of it, to use ojek with reckless driver are also frightening prospect :(

Jumat, 12 November 2010

Ask for help

My mom said if we deal with a stingy person then we need to ask before that person finally give in (though not with sincere feeling). We have to at least said something since we are the one who need it. Don't hold back.

We need to do that when we use public transportation. We could not expect other people will understand though some cases does. Then again, this is a public place where we meet all kind of personalities.


1. Pregnancy
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know that women with this condition should not ask for help from other passengers. Other passengers should have compassion towards them. But it could be the passengers also feel tired or just don't want to know.
So for not hesitate to ask for a favor from somebody's else. We should consider ourselves along with the child inside. What if the driver hit the brake suddenly and then you fall? Who are you going to blame? The driver? The passenger who sat nicely near the spot where you have to stand?

2. Sick
Pfff, once I honestly begged a guy who sat near the area where I have to standing all the way through the pms tortures. Thank you GOd he was willing to stand up and give me his seat.

3. Heated
I never understand why Indonesian people manage to breath inside a space with no air circulation. I noticed that rarely people asked from the sitting passengers to open the windows next to their seat. While the air inside the bus is intolerable due to the heat
Once, I asked a girl who sat near the window to open it now. While pouting she opened the window. Giving only few opened space. SUddenly a guy standing beside me took initiatives to open the window wider. It turn out he was also could not stand it anymore. Then again, he need someone else to pop the question first.

4. Sick part 2
If we are in good condition that getting touched by the wind is something that we do not mind. But when we are not feeling very well...that would be the last thing we need. Obviously we want to close the window tight. Sometimes I do wonder probably those people close the window because they are avoiding cold air from outside and care nothing about other people?
When we are the one who is sick then we have no choice but to ask for the window to be closed or at least not being opened too wide.

Help request that would probably be rejected totally point blank:

Request to ask for a seat to put their baggages.
If that was me, I would totally reject the request as are you crazy? If you bring too many baggages then it would be your problem don't give that to anybody else.

Soo, if you need then do not hesitate to ask for help except the last above request. Jakartan probably looks cruel but that because they are tired already. Most of them would not have the heart to refuse help request from other people... But we always knows when someone try to take advantage from our kindness. As soon as those pretenders ask for seat they suddenly become so healthy after faking to be ill...

Just have faith.

Rabu, 10 November 2010

Don't mess with the driver

My friend said this after reading my posting about driver who waits for hours for passengers.
That's so true my friends. Never ever try to make a scene with the driver in the middle of his job to take passengers reaching their destination. otherwise then get ready for these :

1. Mikrolet's driver Waiting for passengers
Never ever tried to rush the driver to get it move on. If we hate waiting then it would be best for us to step out from the waiting vehicle and shut your ears if the driver screaming at you. He needs passengers but we need to beat the time. Although we still need the cheap fare as well.
If they are upset, some of them immediately barking at us. I prefer these kind of drivers as it would giving me a chance to walk out from his vehicle. If he did not retort back, then get ready to have a heart attack as the driver will speed his vehicle to the limit.

2. Bajaj's driver
The driver will be pissed if we bargain too cheap for the fare. It is a good thing if he just move away as a sign that he refused the offered fare. The disaster came when he angrily agree with the fare and once we get in he drove the vehicle like crazy
That's why I always wondering when hearing a friend bargain too cheap. Aren't they afraid that the driver will drive like crazy as he hates to accept the fare but need the money?

3. Paid below the fare
If we are on the bus, we would be dealing a lot with the driver's assistant when it comes to the fare.
But with mikrolet's driver, oh don't you even think to pay below the fare. They would not hesitate to stop, get out from their vehicle, chasing us then asked for the fare to be paid full.
How could I know? Well, I once experienced that being chased by the driver because my friend did not pay accordingly. It was a surprise to see him suddenly behind us asking for the money.
Lucky us he did not hit us on the spot.

4. Opposite tendencies
If we want the public transportation to move fast...then the driver make it very slowly as if to compete with a turtle. But when we want the public transportation to move slower ( I did not say slowly... I just want it to be a bit slower) then it was like a push for them to drive it as fast as they can be.

The point is, let them drive, let them do whatever they want as long as they bring us safe up to our destination.

Senin, 08 November 2010


I have no idea whether this kind of transportation is exist or otherwise outside Jakarta - Bekasi

Omprengan is illegal public transportation originally from private cars being multi functioned by the owner to bring other people who has the same destination.

So, if the owner domiciled in Bekasi but has to work in Jakarta. Rather than he deal with gasoline and highway fare alone, it would be better if he share with other people who are about to go to the same destination. Passengers prefer omprengan because even though is more expensive but at least they could avoid the tiredness for standing along the way inside the bus. Or the fare could be cheaper if the passengers need to take public transportations more than one before reaching the destination. This is only in smaller scale where the owner operated his vehicle to shares fare and in limited capacity also still prefer the comfortableness.

There are other omprengan operated almost like public transportation. They have their own base camp and not going to move before they have full passengers inside the car. Comfortableness be gone... But still people prefer to use omprengan as public transportation has becoming more disaster.

Although I worked inside the city, once for a few years I enjoyed using omprengan. Well, it was not really that comfort as the vehicle was an old minibus. But it has huge space so within force there could be 15 people inside.

The happy side? Obviously because the fare is cheaper compare to the bus. And I could sit and sleep all the way. My goodness, I really don't want to miss a chance to fall asleep...

The not so happy side because the driver always waiting for his loyal customers for a long time. Most of his customers start working at 08.30 AM so they were not in a hurry.

The funny or tragic story was the moment that I saw how people who were having too much comfort could ask for more. At that time, the gasoline price was increasing. So, the driver ask for our understanding that he would increase the fare as well. A lady asked me in vain,"Oh why he has to increase the fare?" So, she really not willing to pay more. I looked at her while thinking if she use the bus then she has to pay more than she paid right now. And there would be no chance to have a bit of comfort.

The danger of using unknown omprengan is the owner could be a robber along with the fake passengers. Which is why don't take chances when we are about to use omprengan for the first time. It would be best if we have someone who familiar with it.

Sure we need cheap fare but we always need to be alert.

Jumat, 05 November 2010


Once I created this posting at kompasiana but what the heck, let me re-write it again here so I can give you a bit of picture (real pictures) to all of you who wondering what is bajaj?

Don't ask me about the history of the exact time bajaj operating here in Jakarta as I have no idea whatsoever (hahahaha, and I said I want to tell you all about it)
Bajaj is one of public transportation here in Jakarta with three wheels and the front seat is only for the driver. You have to bargain for the fare unless they simply rob you blind... Okay, not all of them like that...but mostly are. The noise from bajaj is very loud and you will find that all your bones will loose quicker if you use bajaj. It is a transportation with full of vibration. That is why I really not recommend to use bajaj for a journey with long routes. It is not about the fare going to be expensive or anything but you are going to damage your whole body.

So if it's really that shaky then why other people don't just use another transportation? Well, using bajaj we could stop at the very exact place where we want it. If we are taking other transportation such as bus or mikrolet then we could only stop at the nearest bus stop from our exact destination. And we could get more protected if we are using bajaj under the heavy rain. Well, obviously not as comfy as using taxi... Price does say it all...

Ages ago my parents and me could fit in one bajaj all together. But now...even just the two us already seems so tight inside... Heheheheh
It was even crazier when I was in high school. I remembered due to limited money given by our parents me and my friends decided to use bajaj together... There were six of us at that time! The driver though seems a bit upset but he then tried to be understanding. I have no clue how in the heck all six of us could fit inside that bajaj. Including me which considering overweight among my friends. Even though it was a shaky road we all were having a blast and enjoying the ride. We did not feel tired or anything like that even we have cramped to each other. The funny thing was the driver agreed to take us back again... I think he just grateful we did not destroy his vehicle.

Years passing by then finally the new version of bajaj is here. It was informed that they are using gas for fuel but later on those drivers told us the passengers they are using gasoline again. Probably because we the passengers could not care less about the source of fuel and only care that we paid the same fare.
So what is the difference between the old and new version? Well, there are few at least according to my parents.

They said, if right now they have to use bajaj to long distance route they could die while on the road. The shaky journey is totally the main reason for them to said that especially if it crossing the railroad... They would not loose the bones but also their organs... So obviously they refused totally point blank to use bajaj with old version. Not to mention the noise could make your ears going deaf.... It feels like standing near a person who drilling the road. So, if we want to have a chit chat, we could sound like we were on a heated argument because we have to yell to one another.

While with the new kind of bajaj, we could hardly hear the sound of the machine... So, we do not have to yell when we are talking
The other plus point that when we want to get on to the new bajaj, we do not need to lift our feet as high as we need to... So, it was sort of more civilized than the older version...

Well, anyway if you ever go to Jakarta...don’t forget to try to use bajaj. Try them both, so you can compare how to go on journey in the rockiest version ever or the quiet one

Rabu, 03 November 2010

Simply sick

I was not feeling very well for these couple of days…

And suddenly I remembered those days when I have to go to work with such conditions.

Having PMS was the worst moment of my life… I have to drag myself from the bed… And along the way while waiting for the bus I kept on praying that the bus would be empty… Please, please God… let it be empty… Which of course…recently…NOT…

Entering the bus, I could only pray that my stomach would not hurt…then I have already aware…the stomachache killing me… I looked around desperately…trying to find a place to seat otherwise I think I would collapse… Finally I decided I could not take it anymore I beg (yeah, literally…BEG) a guy sitting next to me if I could sit there for a while because I am not feeling very well. He probably feeling sorry for me after looked at my pale face he immediately stood up and gave me the seat. Bless that guy… Though he was probably swearing at me…

Years while still in college, I slipped in the bathroom and my toe nail almost ripped off (is that the correct word? Well, you know what I mean… it simply nearly took off from the skin…)
It hurts like hell and yet I have to go to the university as I was about to take exam. So, cautiously I went there using the bus… I have promised to myself that if ANYONE dare to step on my bleeding toe I would definitely KILL that person on the spot… But that was the year of 1993… People were not so crowded like nowadays… And more important I went to the university not during peak hour. So all I have to do is to walk with the pain expression and people just moved away from me… Especially after they saw bandage on my toe. Nowadays, I probably just took a taxi no matter how it cost…

If another person was sick on the bus or other public transportation we would soon find out because they starting to use this balsam and the smell… Let me just say that there is this one brand that could drag me to feel not feeling very well too after smell it… I totally hate it but what can I say…? Lucky me they only use that in attempt to drive away the sickness… Imagine if that person spew beside you… Within minutes, you would start to feel that the sickness has moved to your body though perhaps it was only in our imagination…

Another thing I remembered when I chose to take a taxi to go to the office. Along the way, I saw someone I know from Omprengan (private cars used illegally as public transportation)… So, I stop the taxi and called her out to join with me in this taxi… I remembered her office is just a few blocks away from mine… I did not intend to ask her to share the fare but just being a good Samaritan. I saw her hesitation but I keep asking her anyway so finally she got it.

Inside the taxi she asked me why on earth I took a taxi to go to the office? I said I was not feeling very well …
She then looked me for a few seconds too long before finally said,” Then why are you going to the office if you are not feeling well?”

I looked at her again… Tried to think something smart to say…short, witty but straight to the heart… Could not find any… So, I just smile and keep on silent up to the moment she reached her destination…

Oh dear… Of course I would rather STAY at HOME while I was sick… BUT…I have responsibility and consideration to fellow colleagues… If I was not going to the office it means she would be working alone with lots of works to do… And since I could not stand the fact I have to stand all the way to the office on the bus…then taking taxi seems a better choice…
Like I said, being in the same city…facing with the same hectic traffic jam, using the same bus…does not mean people start to understand each other…

In short… If you are sick… DO NOT GO TO THE OFFICE!

Senin, 01 November 2010

Unwritten laws

Before I start storytelling I just want to let you know that all the pictures that I have taken and uploading here are not representing areas that I describe here in this posting :) Just so we clear ^__^

Remembering the street singer talked about manner between singing on the bus it remind me few unwritten laws between drivers of motorcycle taxi and mikrolet who both waiting for passengers...

Everybody well aware that Mikrolet's fare are a lot cheaper than motorcycle taxi. Since mikrolet's route as not as unhampered as motorcycle taxi that could go anywhere on demands... Naturally within fare agreed by both of the driver and passenger.

For short routes people prefer to use Mikrolet rather than motorcycle taxi...especially if there is a mikrolet devotedly standing by forever to find passengers. Therefore to avoid any nasty social jealousy between drivers of mikrolet and motorcycle taxi...seems they have agreed on this unwriten law (well...of course it was unwritten... Should it be a national law or something to be written?) This if from an observation that I notice from area near my home. Where usually drivers both of motorcycle taxis and mikrolets standing by at the exact same area. Sort of like their home base.

 Starting from 09.00 PM any mikrolet must be vanished from the face of the earth and do not even think to pick up a passenger even if the passenger have already histerically calling out for the mikrolet. Overkill... But that was happening whenever I arrived at that particular area past 9.00 PM and all those mikrolet's drivers seems have gone deaf and refuse us the passengers. I have no other choice but to use motorcycle taxi. One of the drivers told me about their unwritten law. That starting from 09.00 PM they will get their turn to look for passengers. I nodded start to understand. Then obviously starting from that time I tried so hard avoiding to be there around 09.00 PM. Which is kinda hard whenever I have to do over time in the office.

While in another area near my home, mikrolet's driver who look for passengers CAN NOT park their vehicle near the home base of motorcycle taxi drivers. In the beginning I was confuse to see that all mikrolet's driver seems pretending not to hear me calling them. What's wrong? Does they have different unwritten law here? But it is not 09.00 Pm yet! Then when I was in the middle of my walk, an empty mikrolet stop and offer me to get in. After I get in I started to asked the driver about why no mikrolet stop when I called them in that area? Then the driver explained to me that once all motorcycle taxi's driver almost gang up on a mikrolet's driver only because that driver took a passenger near their area (place where motorcycle taxi's driver all use as their home base while waiting for passengers). So on this one I am not so sure whether there has been an agreement or anything like that. Obviously that accident enough to make mikrolet's driver avoiding that area while picking up passengers. Unless they wish to be beaten by an overwhelming numbers of angry motorcycle taxi's drivers.

Yeah, life is a definately hard so there has to be some kind of allocation in earning money...