Senin, 01 November 2010

Unwritten laws

Before I start storytelling I just want to let you know that all the pictures that I have taken and uploading here are not representing areas that I describe here in this posting :) Just so we clear ^__^

Remembering the street singer talked about manner between singing on the bus it remind me few unwritten laws between drivers of motorcycle taxi and mikrolet who both waiting for passengers...

Everybody well aware that Mikrolet's fare are a lot cheaper than motorcycle taxi. Since mikrolet's route as not as unhampered as motorcycle taxi that could go anywhere on demands... Naturally within fare agreed by both of the driver and passenger.

For short routes people prefer to use Mikrolet rather than motorcycle taxi...especially if there is a mikrolet devotedly standing by forever to find passengers. Therefore to avoid any nasty social jealousy between drivers of mikrolet and motorcycle taxi...seems they have agreed on this unwriten law (well...of course it was unwritten... Should it be a national law or something to be written?) This if from an observation that I notice from area near my home. Where usually drivers both of motorcycle taxis and mikrolets standing by at the exact same area. Sort of like their home base.

 Starting from 09.00 PM any mikrolet must be vanished from the face of the earth and do not even think to pick up a passenger even if the passenger have already histerically calling out for the mikrolet. Overkill... But that was happening whenever I arrived at that particular area past 9.00 PM and all those mikrolet's drivers seems have gone deaf and refuse us the passengers. I have no other choice but to use motorcycle taxi. One of the drivers told me about their unwritten law. That starting from 09.00 PM they will get their turn to look for passengers. I nodded start to understand. Then obviously starting from that time I tried so hard avoiding to be there around 09.00 PM. Which is kinda hard whenever I have to do over time in the office.

While in another area near my home, mikrolet's driver who look for passengers CAN NOT park their vehicle near the home base of motorcycle taxi drivers. In the beginning I was confuse to see that all mikrolet's driver seems pretending not to hear me calling them. What's wrong? Does they have different unwritten law here? But it is not 09.00 Pm yet! Then when I was in the middle of my walk, an empty mikrolet stop and offer me to get in. After I get in I started to asked the driver about why no mikrolet stop when I called them in that area? Then the driver explained to me that once all motorcycle taxi's driver almost gang up on a mikrolet's driver only because that driver took a passenger near their area (place where motorcycle taxi's driver all use as their home base while waiting for passengers). So on this one I am not so sure whether there has been an agreement or anything like that. Obviously that accident enough to make mikrolet's driver avoiding that area while picking up passengers. Unless they wish to be beaten by an overwhelming numbers of angry motorcycle taxi's drivers.

Yeah, life is a definately hard so there has to be some kind of allocation in earning money...

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  1. Hmmmmm .......
    It seems that in many parts of Jakarta the Ojek (motor bike taxi) are more stronger than buses.
    Even the police seems to 'honor' that situation.

  2. Yeah ur rigth, life is a definately there has to be some kind of allocation in earning money.. keep on spirit!

  3. @multibrand... Really? You think so?
    @dee keep on the high spirit! Yeap!


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