Jumat, 19 November 2010

Motorcycle riders...again...

Yesterday on Wednesday 17 November 2010 I was about to meet with my friends at the mall. From the area around my home I could find public transportation easily. But once I got to the main road...it was as if no sign of living thing on the street. I doubt the busway would get to the nearest bus stop earlier. Finally when I saw an empty cab, immediately I stop the cab and sat on the front.

That taxi in a glance is similar with EXPRESS (one of many taxi's companies here in Jakarta). I sort of hesitated. But when I got in I did not feel anything unsettling. So, I trust my instinct that there is nothing going to happen and get ot with it. Can't help with the temptation of having cheaper taxi's fare.

 The street was almost like deserted. In Jakarta, empty street could only happen if on the previous day there was a massive riot, flood, heavy traffic jam and certainly on national public holiday like yesterday where almost Jakarta people seems agree to relocated the traffic jam to highland, Bogor and Bandung. Kidding...

So, here are my conversation with the taxi driver :

Me : Empty street like this is so exciting

Driver : Well, not really... It was like everything is not comfortable... During weekdays the street was so packed with vehicles I am barely able to move around. During holiday, the street is empty but I am finding hard to get passenger

Me : So, you prefer empty street but with loads of passengers, right?

Driver : (laugh) that's what I want... Actually, heavy traffic jam in Jakarta merely caused by motorcycles

Me (silently) : And I just posted how I hate motorcycles riders... Fit perfectly...

Me : So all because motorcycle drivers? Well, I heard hundred thousand of motorcycles being released to the public on and on... And not to mention the easy procedur to buy motorcycle these days

Driver : True. Long ago, I worked as a driver in Saudi Arabia and never experience traffic jam though there were many cars on the street. No motorcycles though...

Me : No bus as well?

Driver : Oh, there are buses... Mostly the users are foreign workers

Me : Have you ever had any problem with motorcycle riders?

Driver : Goodness... No... Hopefully not ever... They always tries to outrun everybody... Then they bumped our car...and fell... Then went mad like crazy

Me : And suddenly all motorcycle drivers come from everywhere beating you up

Driver : True. I say, people with heart condition should not be driving in Jakarta at all

Me : So there is no comfort living in Jakarta, sir?

Driver : Yeah, sort of like that...

*LOL... Then where we should be living then?*

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  1. yeah.. people with heart condition not should be driving in Jakarta hehe:D LOL Nice post

  2. I suppose they better not ...sighed

  3. Hi Ria,

    The cab driver is very right, motorbikes are causing the traffic jam.

    However, those on motorbikes are trying to get best way to travel in Jakarta. They would be happy to leave their bikes at home and take public transportation if they are available.


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