Jumat, 26 November 2010

Keep on trying :)

*Just want to say that all the pictures below does not describe the below story. Just to give an illustration about busway*

What’s the difference between using the bus, mikrolet, metromini and kopaja?

Theoretically, the public transportation should stop near the available bus stop.
In reality? Obviously is a no no…

Whose fault is that? In my humble opinion, both the driver and the passenger are equally having their part in it.

The passengers want nothing but have a bit of comfort. If the passengers see a bus coming from a far and they just wave at the bus and just want to get on the bus. Do not even bother where the heck actually the bus stop. Why should they bothered to find where the bus stop when the bus already near them? If they have to walk to the bus stop and loose the chance to get on the bus…then it would be disaster! If they have lost a chance to get on the bus, then they have to wait for another chance…wouldn’t that be tiring?

Same thing if we want to get off from the bus. Whenever and wherever we want to get off from the bus, we expect the driver to follow our request. Who would want to walk another mile from our real destination just because being dropped to the bus stop.

As for the driver, surely he would not want to reject the prospect of income from the waving passengers. If he ignored those passengers they could get on to another buses and it means he would lose the money. And if he ignored the request of passengers who want to get off the bus…he could hear swearing and scolds from the angry passengers.

So far only drivers of busways who manage to be discipline in taking in and dropping off those passengers. Well, that is so obvious as the bus stop located in the middle of the road. Not to mention that the doors on busway for passengers located a bit high from the ground. If you try to get off just like that, for certain you will hurt your knee. But with all of those reasons does it stop the passengers to not get off at random places? Absolutely not! Don’t you know that we need to try to get something before finally quit because we finally realize it will not happen?

Early this morning I went somewhere using the busway. I was standing near the driver. Right beside the driver there were passengers sitting on the floor and one near the left door. The driver excuse himself when the busway stop due to the red light. It seems he need to check on something. Instead using the door near him, he chose the other door located on his right. After a while, he went back in and immediately sit again. The next few second a young female passengers calling him and here was the conversation between them :

Passengers : Driver, driver…

Supir (seductively) : Yes, sweet heart?

Passenger : Hmmm, may I get off here ?

Sopir (less seductive) : Sorry sweet heart, no can do…

Penumpang (smiling so brightly) : I could use this door (she then pointing to the door that previously being used by the driver)

Sopir (definitely seductively no more) : Apology miss, the rule said we are not allowed to drop off the passengers at random places…

Penumpang (mumbling) : Darn, it is so much closer from here…

Ignoring her, the driver start the engine and keep on driving when the green light was on.

Huahahahaha, gotcha! Keep on trying 

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  1. Hi Ria,

    That's an interesting story.
    I'd like to add that the Police is also responsible for letting busses/angkot/mikrolet stop where ever and whenever the want, even in forbidden zones.
    This is one of the reasons for traffic jams.

  2. yeah, I guess you are right... :(


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