Senin, 15 November 2010

I just hate motorcycles

Today I am not going to talk about public transportation but want to share something from the bottom of my heart... LOL! It is just a beginning of the week but already I want to share something from my heart...

The thing that I am afraid the most, upsetting the most and hate the most currently are rogue motorcycle drivers.

Oh dear... They are truly the KING OF THE ROAD at this moment and their behavior really inviting... Inviting anger and swearing... Naturally, not all motorcycle drivers are rascals on the street. But they are the reason that made me NOT want to learn how to drive. I would rather chasing the bus. Or if have spare money I take the taxi... The one with cheaper fare, of course.

Anyway, back to the motor cycle riders... I have complete stories of our anger towards them. From my own experiences up to stories from friends and family.

Years ago, when my Dad still able to drive by himself we were having problem with the motorcycle driver who came up from nowhere and I was suspicious that he deliberately thrown himself in front of our car. It was red light at that time and when my dad just about to start the car suddenly this motorcycle came up out of nowhere and just fallen. As we expected, the driver then screaming asked my dad to get off from the car. There was a party nearby and the security guard sort of became mediator between us. When the driver still yelling and screaming, the security guard snapped at him and ask him to get to the point. How much did he want? We gave him 50,000 Rupiahs as per his request to settle the matter as quick as possible.

My friend has another story. She has giving sign that she was about to go left then this motorcycle driver come trying to move pass her car. And his motorcycle hit her car so eventually he was falling down. My friend read the situation quickly. If she just stay there she would have to face dozens of angry motorcycle drivers try to defending their comrade. So, she opened her car's window and told the guy to follow her to the other side of the road. The road was the opposite ways from other dozens of motorcycle drivers so she only has to deal with the driver alone. Without anyone to hassle her, she managed to squeeze the motorcycle driver by pint pointed his mistakes. First, she has giving sign but he obviously pretend not to see it. Second, he just keep on moving forward and finally hit her car's door. And in the end, without has to spend even a dime, she left that unlucky motorcycle driver alone. Dealing with his broken motorcycle. While my friend has to spend money to fix her door but that was better rather than giving money to the driver.

By taking the bus does not mean we have no problem with motorcycle drivers. They have known that big bus always speeding. And yet they still have the audacity to try move pass the bus. Once I saw one of them suddenly make a left turn while this motorcycle was originally on the right side of the bus. The crazy thing was the motorcycle driver and his buddy laughing out loud because they have successfully outrun the bus. While the bus driver, his assistant and all the passengers swearing that hopefully that driver will get his lesson someday... Just as long as not with them but with someone else!

The closing story from my cousin who almost have a heart attack on the spot thank you to the motorcycle driver. As usual, there was a motorcycle driver who want to try out run their car. It seems the driver was unable to control the balance of his motorcycle he suddenly fall along with his buddy. The motorcycle went under the car while her husband still trying to hit the brake. They both suddenly fall silent scare to imagine what has been happening. Then suddenly the driver staggering try to stand up along with his buddy. While people helping the driver, they scolded the driver for not being able to control the vehicle. Luckily for all of them, the car still able to stop right on time. All the people witnessing that the driver fell due to his own mistake and not because being hit by the car. Then my cousin and her hubby just move along continue their journey leaving the bruises driver and his buddy.

So, to all of you motorcycle drivers...if you are still unable or not capable to handle your motorcycle then perhaps you should just walk or ride another vehicle. Don't give other people trouble by falling in front of the running car... Or acting as if you are a brilliant racer by speeding and try to out run other vehicles.

I am beginning to many motorcycles being sold to the people within days? Why there are so many of them and really such a nuisance! Come to think of it, to use ojek with reckless driver are also frightening prospect :(

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  1. Hi, I am a motorcyclist in this city and I take more care around other riders than the buses as I know that the buses move un-predictably and after taking the same road for 18 months am used to their antics. For motorbikes I am still learning.
    There are lots of good and safe riders out there but there are those that are taking risks which endanger my life too.
    I just ride slow, respect what's bigger than me and keep in a straight line.
    Hopefully that way, everyday I get to the end of my journey

  2. Hi Ria,

    I never drive motorcycle simply because I can't.
    But there are times when I prefer riding, on the back seat of, motorcycle when ever the traffic is crazily jammed and I am in a hurry for important meeting.
    What bothers me is that some motorcyclists violate traffic regulations, like not turning on their lights in the evening, driving carelessly. If the police do their job properly I am sure that would not happen.

  3. mereka ada di semua sisi jalan... yang paling ngeri tentu yang nyalip dari kiri atau motong jalur.. sungguh raja jalanan :(

  4. @Luke Good for you Luke... But yeah, I really hate and also afraid with the motorcycle riders because most of them care nothing but themselves

    @H.Nizam yeah, I also like to use Ojek when I have to be in a place within short time. But to others riders...they are truly frightening me

    @Mpok B : EMBERRR!! paling bete kalau mereka ada di trotoar!


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