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Once I created this posting at kompasiana but what the heck, let me re-write it again here so I can give you a bit of picture (real pictures) to all of you who wondering what is bajaj?

Don't ask me about the history of the exact time bajaj operating here in Jakarta as I have no idea whatsoever (hahahaha, and I said I want to tell you all about it)
Bajaj is one of public transportation here in Jakarta with three wheels and the front seat is only for the driver. You have to bargain for the fare unless they simply rob you blind... Okay, not all of them like that...but mostly are. The noise from bajaj is very loud and you will find that all your bones will loose quicker if you use bajaj. It is a transportation with full of vibration. That is why I really not recommend to use bajaj for a journey with long routes. It is not about the fare going to be expensive or anything but you are going to damage your whole body.

So if it's really that shaky then why other people don't just use another transportation? Well, using bajaj we could stop at the very exact place where we want it. If we are taking other transportation such as bus or mikrolet then we could only stop at the nearest bus stop from our exact destination. And we could get more protected if we are using bajaj under the heavy rain. Well, obviously not as comfy as using taxi... Price does say it all...

Ages ago my parents and me could fit in one bajaj all together. But now...even just the two us already seems so tight inside... Heheheheh
It was even crazier when I was in high school. I remembered due to limited money given by our parents me and my friends decided to use bajaj together... There were six of us at that time! The driver though seems a bit upset but he then tried to be understanding. I have no clue how in the heck all six of us could fit inside that bajaj. Including me which considering overweight among my friends. Even though it was a shaky road we all were having a blast and enjoying the ride. We did not feel tired or anything like that even we have cramped to each other. The funny thing was the driver agreed to take us back again... I think he just grateful we did not destroy his vehicle.

Years passing by then finally the new version of bajaj is here. It was informed that they are using gas for fuel but later on those drivers told us the passengers they are using gasoline again. Probably because we the passengers could not care less about the source of fuel and only care that we paid the same fare.
So what is the difference between the old and new version? Well, there are few at least according to my parents.

They said, if right now they have to use bajaj to long distance route they could die while on the road. The shaky journey is totally the main reason for them to said that especially if it crossing the railroad... They would not loose the bones but also their organs... So obviously they refused totally point blank to use bajaj with old version. Not to mention the noise could make your ears going deaf.... It feels like standing near a person who drilling the road. So, if we want to have a chit chat, we could sound like we were on a heated argument because we have to yell to one another.

While with the new kind of bajaj, we could hardly hear the sound of the machine... So, we do not have to yell when we are talking
The other plus point that when we want to get on to the new bajaj, we do not need to lift our feet as high as we need to... So, it was sort of more civilized than the older version...

Well, anyway if you ever go to Jakarta...don’t forget to try to use bajaj. Try them both, so you can compare how to go on journey in the rockiest version ever or the quiet one

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  1. I hate them both, they are too loud, produce too much smoke and get in the way. During the day they are a menace and at night an accident waiting to happen.
    They are the cheapest form of transport and I have taken them at time normally after haggling the prices (which normally starts at 20,000 idr as I am western) down to something more realistic.
    However I would like one for myself as it would be fun to own!!!

  2. yupz.. they're too loud,, if the driver drive so fast..it's just like merapi erruption haha.. shake all our body. Bajaj,, yeah.. one of vehicle in Jakarta which is need to try:D

  3. @Luke I think I hate motorcycle more rather than Bajaj... I can't blame bajaj's driver for being a menace because they are doing that for survive. But motorcycle riders? They are the king of the road now and the real menace... IMHO.
    Hahaha, are you seriously thinking of collecting one?

    @Dee So true! Like mountain eruption

  4. Although it's much better than riding a motorcycle, riding a bajaj can be scary because it has only 3 wheels, very loud, it's size is much smaller than minibus, buses, and its routes are limited.

  5. Ria

    It looks very similiar to the "tuk-tuk",
    a three wheeler vehicle you see in Thailand.

    Between Bajaj and the bus, I'll take the
    Bajaj anytime..At least there are no "gatal"
    ol' men rubbing against me.....

  6. @Multibrand I like using new version of Bajaj... But most of the time I used ojek... Faster than bajaj obviously...

    @BBW : Hahaha, i know exactly what you meant there


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