Senin, 22 November 2010

Rain oh rain

 What is the connection between rain and public vehicle? Obviously there are a few…

Though I am so happy if rains pouring down the earth as it were supposed to help creating cooler atmosphere but when I was still on the street or inside the bus…then the cool atmosphere is a no-no. Neither inside the regular bus, Air Conditioned bus up to bajaj and mikrolet… There is only a thin line of differences.

The obvious facts are the humid air, sultry condition and the decreasing stock of air. That situation would be worst if heavy rain pouring down on earth. Even when there is no rain, the sitting passengers would not want to open the window let alone if there is heavy rain outside. The closed window does not guarantee that the rain will not seeping through it. So, those who already sat has to let their clothes slowly but sure getting wet by the seeping rain.

Same thing happened when using Bajaj. Eventhough the driver already closed the window, but since it was not permanently built then once there is a windy rain, the water splashing inside the bajaj and let the passenger get wet. And when you using mikrolet and sitting by the door, well get ready to get sick as the back door will not be closed even though rain pouring hard on earth.

During the heavy rain, I would not want to use ojek. But, if I was already using it then what can I say? Once I was using ojek to go somewhere. In the middle of the journey suddenly from not so heavy rain then escalated to heavy rain. There was no question that I was totally wet. The ojek driver also worried that his motorcycle could broke down as flood starting to fill the street. Luckily I finally arrived at my destination…though with soaking wet.

Then what happened with passengers standing on the bus? Most of them just get on the bus and already soaking wet. Either their body or their umbrellas or their belongings are all wet. Those who bring umbrella just keep holding the umbrella and the dripping water falls on to clothes of other passengers. The wet clothes were not going to be dried. However, it would be getting even more wet by sweat due to the hot weather inside. The supply of CO2 are bigger than 02…

What about using Air Conditioned bus? Sure, they might be air conditioned bus but these buses mostly are 10 years old. Not so sure whether they replaced the AC. For certain, ACs in so many buses are mostly damaged. The craziest thing I have ever been was getting on the bus with only a bit wet from the rain and getting off 70% soaking wet. When I was about to sit inside the air conditioned bus I was fully aware that there was dripping water from above probably from the damaged air conditioner. So, I just sat there and fallen asleep immediately. (I love to sleep, what can I say?). When I finally woke up I suddenly realized my jumper feel heavier and I feel cold on the neck. So, when I was to get off I stare at my seat… OH DEAR…, already there was a towel on the back of the seat to contain the dripping water. And my jumper also became the container of the dripping water. I have to take a medicine once I arrived at home to prevent me from getting sick.

Getting on the busway you could feel the cold air since it is air conditioned. But after soaking wet from the rain do you honestly still want to feel the cold inside the bus? Not to mention other people will push you around here and there. Additionally, due to the heavy rain the bus stop for busway becoming slippery. And if you are just in luck queuing for busway after office hour during the heavy rain…then get yourself ready for the splashing windy rain on your face. Sure, there is a rooftop above the bus stop but along the way there is nothing that separate you from the nature.

After all of that I still try to think positive. As even though I was soaking wet both before and after using the bus at least that all these times I have never experienced bus stop due to something wrong with its engine during the heavy rain. I could already imagine how I am going to cry in blood if I have to get off the bus because of that. And while waiting for another bus, I have to stand all the way under the heavy rain. Not to mention that while we are waiting for the bus in the middle of the heavy rain, there was a bit flood near us. Get ready to get wet as the passing cars and bus will not going to hesitate to pass that flood and the splashing water from it will hit us straight away.

Rain oh rain...

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  1. Hi Ria,

    In the past, people used to say that rain falls heavily during months that ended with " er " i.e September, November, December.
    But now it falls throughout the year, due to Global warming.

  2. Your post is nice. I like rain so much, while traveling i hate rain because it made inconvenient to move from one place to other.

  3. @Nova
    not when I was waiting for the buses on the street :(

    @H. Nizam
    You r right... the weather becoming uncertain recently

    @Tour packages
    true, when we were in the middle of traveling or simply standing on the street...rain can be unbearable... :(


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