Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Busway Ticket

What we usually do with busway ticket after we bought it? Throw it away for sure once the official in charge tear the ticket before we enter the waiting hall.

I usually do the same thing but after my cousin has an accident while she was using train I changed my habit.

Okay, every passengers on the train and busway are insuranced once they bought the ticket. We probably know that though not really keen about it.

Anyway, a few months ago my sister has an accident when she was about to get out from the train. It was a rainy day and sllippery so she fell and hurt her hands. Since the accident happened inside the train station she has the right to claim for medical expenses. HOWEVER, she has to show to the officials that she bought ticket. Imagine if she has thrown the ticket away... Wondering how she was going to argue that she bought the ticket and on board legally?

Since that on, I decided to keep the ticket until I finally arrive at my destination. It's not I wish myself to get an accident or something like that. But then again, I don't see any fuss of keeping the ticket for a while in my pocket and throw it later. Especially if it can help me out later in whatever  kind of situation.

Just a morning thought and have a nice day to all of you...

Rabu, 28 November 2012

Rainy Season

And here the rain season comes again! There is always mixed feelings for me whenever the rainy season has arrived again. Jakarta, with or without heavy rain always have this terrible traffic jam. And it gets worst whenever rains pouring down hard on earth. Perhaps, after the rain all those cars run slowly for fear having an accident due to slippery road. So, there the traffic jam for hours and hours even after the rain has stop. I remembered there once this heavy rain hit Jakarta. And afterwards, many people sort of "staying overnight" on the road. Totally stuck, awful traffic jam. You just stay there, at the exact spot for hours. That is why sometimes I see no different in driving your own car with using public transportation. Once you get stuck in the middle of traffic jam, the stress will be the same. You can't go anywhere else, just stay there. Waiting for the miracle to happen.

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Seat Separation

A few months ago, there was new establishment on busway. Women and met sit separately. Women sit in the front area of busway while men sit in the back area. This separation applied due to so many reports on sexual harassment. At first many people complained about this new set up. But eventually, people start to just go with it. Rules are rules, the maker don't really care if the user like it or not. Just go with it and everything will be just fine.

There are officials in charge to warn passengers to follow the rule. Especially during rush hour where people just want to get in so they can go to their destination. Which is raise a question. Do the passengers just follow the rule? Well, not exactly.

Sometimes; like the one in this picture; there was a guy maybe two who ignore the rule and just take a seat in where ever empty seats they can find. Sometimes they are with family or lover or just being alone and find an empty seat regardless the area. Plus, the official in charge didn't notice that. But then, sometimes me and lots of other women also take a seat in area for men. Especially during rush hour.

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Weekend Blues

Up to now I still have no idea why oh why streets in Jakarta always hit by heavy traffic jam every Friday or when there are long weekend due to National Public Holiday.

Like this weekend, most people have 4 days off including Saturday and Sunday due to celebration of Islamic New Year. Already around 3 PM street full with cars that only God know come from where on this planet. Eventually, people who have to use public transportation like bus must wait patiently. Well, in a perfect world the passenger will wait patiently. Then again, in a perfect world...we probably won't have any problem with public transportation.

Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Seat Reservation

Are you taking a bus or an airplane? Seriously? Seat Reservation? Is it travel car between cities? Nope, just local transportation. And yet, you need to have a seat reservation?

It isn't unsual for people here have a reserved seat for their friends. You can find them during lunch time at the food court or coffee shops. But rarely on public transportation. Then again, this is Jakarta where any absurd things can happen.

Once I went with a friend of mine to watch a live show from one major television station here in Indonesia. When we were about to take a seat. a mother with her daughter told us not to sit there. They said there are people going to sit there. Yup. There were several empty seats but we coudn't sit there. So, while grumbling we took another spot and sat there. That's when we saw many people just arrived and take the reserved seats. They probably have many seats reserved for the whole neighborhood. Goodness!

Why I suddenly talk about this? On dailynews Kompas dated 14 october 2012 there was a story about a guy try to have a seat reserved for his friend. From his conversation through handphone, his friend was waiting in another busway stop. So, when he got two empty seats he quickly put the backpack on the empty seat. He then take another near empty seat. Then another passanger entered the busway. The new passenger was about to take a seat when this guy stop him. He said the seat has been taken. The new passenger was upset and persistently asked where is that person? Not here? So, why can't he sit there? After another angry passengers terrorizing this guy, he finally gave up. And even decided to gave up both his seat and the reserved one. That guy left the busway when it reached the next busway stop.

Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012


I was walking on busway corridor when suddenly my eyes catch the headlines : Labor Groups to Hold Mass Protest today : 03 October 2012. Here in Jakarta. The online news can be read here.

Oh no. I am a bit panic. Sure, the demonstration will only take place start from 08.00 AM up to 12.00 PM. Yeah, sure. That was the plan. But we all here know too well that sometimes a nice plan can change drastically within seconds. Beside, even if the demonstration held peacefully there is always a side effect.

This is a big demonstration so it means there will be a lot of people walking, standing on the street. There is a big riot potential especially when they allow provocator to get them angry. Angry for not able to receive decent paid for the hard job. Angry for everything that is not fair in this life. You name it. And if there is a riot, means the street will be closed. No cars will be allowed to pass including public transportation. Naturally we will avoid the riot's area. Who would want their car get smash by big rock or angry mob? Who would want to be in the middle of riots when angry people loves to hit everything and everyone? There will be traffic jam and people finally force themselves to walk miles away before able to find public transportation.

That is why, people always worry whenever they heard the word "Demonstration". Can the rally be held peacefully? Will they finish the rally before rush hour so people can get home in peace? Or it will end like big riot in May 1998 in Jakarta? That will be scary.

Hopefully no such things will happen this day and everything will be going on smoothly.

Rabu, 26 September 2012

Get in Line!

Queuing is something that I always find something to talk about. Want to know why? Because there are still people who try to avoid of getting in line.

So, that afternoon there was this long queuing at the busway stop. A bit odd considering that was not rush hour and yet not uncommon. So, the official in charge start to arrange the queuing. In order to avoid too many people inside the busway stop, the incoming passenger were asked to line up on the corridor.

Behind me there were two high school girls. One of them was not patient enough to stand in line. She then just walk with an air of confident to the temporary forbidden area. She then called out her hesitantly friend to join her. At first her friend were reluctant but then she gave in and join her friend. It turn out, the official in charge has already watched them. He then told those two girls to step out from the area and back to the corridor. Her friends grumbling, told her friend if only they were stay in line. The one who asked her friend to join her, put a mask on her face not revealing any emotion. As if she was not care that because of her act, she and her friend becoming the center of attention from sniggering passengers. I suppose she remembered the quote: everything is fair in war and love. But on our term become: everything is fair as long as I get to my destination sooner.

Seeing this got me think, if she able to do that in such a young age...wondering if she reach my age? Probably worst? Or she just copying how we older people do in our daily life while standing in line.

Ask the passing busway...

Selasa, 18 September 2012

Broke Down Buses

There is nothing that can drive me histerical whenever public transportation broke down while I was still in the middle of my journey.

Last Monday I was about to go somewhere using busway. As usual, there were so many people queuing, pushing each other to get to the foor. But, thanksfully we didn't have to wait too long for busway. Everything was going on smoothly until it ALMOST reached the bus stop. So the bus has not reached the bus stop when it suddenly just stop. I was like..., oh no... The bus broke down...here? The bus stop only a few meters away and the bus choose to break down now? The official in charge requested us to be patient while waiting for the next busway. So, they were starting to move passengers to other busway. Naturally, there was a passenger not patient enough and decided to crawl from the door. Well, we are not all athletics so if she decided to just jump from the window I am
pretty sure she would break her neck. I probably would do the same if I were late and don't want to waste any time. It is ironic sometimes that in trying desperately not to be late we always forget our own safety.

And then a few days later I have a different episode. After I get off on transit bus stop, I started to walk from one bus stop to another. Then I noticed a busway just stuck there near the entrance door to bus stop. I asked the official in charge what happened? It turn out, the busway broke down and therefore if I wish to continue my journey I have to take another busway going backwards first. I was like...what? It is like when you take a wrong turn then you have to double back before finally find the right way. It means I have to spend more time for the waiting moment and I don't think so. So, I just walked out from the bus stop and continue my journey with another public transportation. True, I have to spend more money but I don't think I can spend another half an hour (or probably more) for waiting another bus.

FOr me, a busway broke down on my way home is more preferable (though I would rather not) compare when I was about to go somewhere urgent. But that's life.

We can't expect things will just go smoothly in this life. So, we need to prepare to deal with annoying things like public transportation break down early in

the morning...

Cheer up!

Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012


 Helmet is something that need and a must for motorcycle riders because can be used to protect the head. So, obviously to protect ourselves when we were on motorcycle we need to use the helmet. Without being told or threatened to.

But, that's when we use our own motorcycle. We are well aware about the condition of our own helmet. I mean, we are probably going to be the only one who use helmet and well other member of our family. Helmet can be the source of problem (at least for me) when I have to go somewhere using motorcycle taxi. Yup. We have motorcycle taxi in Jakarta and probably other places in Indonesia. If you have never try to use ojek in Jakarta or around Indonesia then I have a few advices. First of all, consult with your local friends how much you should pay to go to your destination. And second, bring handkerchief or scarf (which I am going to discuss about it later)

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Another Reminder

Life, when we think about it is a repetition of same things all over again. It's called routine. Every morning we all race to reach our destination. an office or school. Wake up so early just to find someone else has beat us again. Street full with cars in the wee early of the morning. So, there we are getting stuck with other passengers on public transportation because we woke up late. Other reason, we do get up early but the public transportation didn't arrive on time. So the result is the same. We stuck together with others like baggage inside the warehouse.

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Fashionista on the Bus

I am not a fashionable person. Well, everybody knows that...I am sure my friends will scream that to me. I remember exactly every comments that people gave me whenever they saw my appearance during my working years.
"Oh, your office allows you to dress like this?"
"Wow! Your office sounds like fun with their employee looking so casual like this!"
"Hmmm, do you work in a office or actually in a factory?"

I am sure you begins to get curious about my appearance. Okay. I will share it with you.

Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


One day you got a call to have job's interview or have this important matters to attend. And for that you need to go to a place which you have no idea where.

Though nowadays we can ask almost about everything to Google but not everyone able to read map or understand directions stated on Google maps. So, what clue we need to know first while using public transportation or our own car?

What I usually do is naturally asking whether the place located near the busway stop? If yes, then what is the name of the busway stop? Which side of the road if I am here at the busway stop now? Right or left? Or sometimes the busway stop only first clue for you before continuing with other public transportation. It's a good thing if the person you asked able to give you that kind of information.

So, what happen if this place is far away from the busway stop? Usually I asked them whether the place is far from a certain bus terminal. And which bus to take if I decided to go from that certain bus terminal. If you are such a forgetful person then make sure to write it all the information. Don't loose it until you arrive at the exact place. Don't hesitate to ask around though try not to look so nervous. Yeah, you have no idea where you are but doesn't mean you are having amnesia and forgot your whereabouts. People loves taking advantages on people who looks daze and confuse.

P.S. For those of you in Jakarta and using busway regularly, I recommended you to download TransJakarta on Blackberry so you will have a list of corridors for busway in Jakarta. Or perhaps you should get a map on bookstores. Or just download from their website.

Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Free Ride

Yesterday, I was about to go out with my friend and planning on using busway. However, from outside the bus stop I saw there were so many people there waiting for busway. Based on my experience whenever I saw crowded bus stop it can only means one thing. The busway takes forever to pass and take all those waiting passenger. So, I decided to use another public transportation to avoid waiting for a long time and didn't make it to see my friend. A few hours later I found out that there was this FREE RIDE ALL DAY WITH BUSWAY. Oh dear! No wonder there were so many people there waiting for busway. It's a good thing I follow my busway survival instinct and choose to use other public transportation. Otherwise, I would be in one of those bad moods.

Why on earth I wouldn't want to use busway while they gave free ride? Well, I can imagine on regular days when people have to pay the fare...they are all vicious (I won't lie, me included). I will shove, push, protect myself from other mad passenger driven by their needs to go home. So, when they have a chance to use public transportation for free that we can be sure they would be nastier than ever. There were so many people want to use the chance it created long queue all the way. Especially those who wish to go to amusement parks or to the zoo. Not to mention, the last two days were last days for holiday before children went back to school.

I was trying to remember whether any announcement for busway free ride on one day before? I didn't think so. I think people would at least be prepare for the worst if they have known. My sympathy for those who brought their little children to enjoy holiday. But I hardly think they would be able to enjoy the ride in the middle of so many people inside the bus. But then again, when you have good intention to have fun then everything will be considered okay.

I would say, if you saw many people queuing inside the bus stop then it is a sign for you to take another public transportation. But then again, it's all up to you as a passenger. Naturally, I would prefer to avoid the crowds and choose other transportation.

Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Bus Handle

Bus handle have their own story when we were on the busway.

First we are going to ask, what's the function? Well, it is a bus handle. Obviously it is for passenger to hold on to something in order for them to keep their balance. We all know bus drivers can hit the brake and speed up so sudden that we might fall if don't hang on to something.

However when there are overload passenger those bus handle can be a problem. There aren't enough bus handle for every passenger. And during that overload moment there is always one or two annoying passengers.

These passangers felt they will fall tumbling down if both of their hands don't grip two bus handle! They don't care if other people also will fall down if they have nothing to hang on to. Sometimes in my mind (when I was in a bad mood but then again I always having bad mood on the bus) I saw them exactly like monkey. Hanging around on the tree with both of their hands. Other passengers do almost the same to annoy others. At a glimpse, you think these passengers only grip on one bus handle with both of their hands. But after you look at it closely, that passengers grip on two bus handle! Don't ask me why on earth they did that. I suppose they tries to imagine that this is what happens when playing Flying Fox.

Holding bus handle too long will make your hands get cramp and at some point you just have to let it go. And other passengers will wildy grab it so they are not going to fall down.

Wish the bus handle covered with something soft :)

Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Faking it

Often we heard that people in Jakarta is the most selfish human being, cruel, rude and don't care about other people at all. Including me; the writer of this post... Sadly...

But to tell you the truth, people in Jakarta can be very helpful towards other especially those who need help. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough to find these kind of people they will help you find your destination, or simply give you a seat while on public transportation and so on. Of course, we too can be nice towards other when we want to or perhaps we can be cruel as well. Depending on our mood.

However, many still taking advantages on other people's kindness. Once I read about a person faking his sickness on a crowded bus. Obviously he wish to get a seat and his wish came true. Other passenger quickly get up and give the seat to him. The funny thing was other passenger finally know that he was only faking it. Because once he got a seat he immediately chatting with someone through his cellphone. If you are that sick so you need to sit...do you really think you have enough energy to chat on the phone loudly and happily? The only call you are going to make probably to your family or worst...your doctor. So, people starting to snigger at him and he got embarrassed. He left his seat and get off from the bus after many passengers got angry.

The lesson from the above story: if you wish to get whatever you want with every way you can think of then you should learn to STAY FOCUS ON WHATEVER YOU ARE FAKING IT... so other people don't get suspicious and blow up your cover.

Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Music can drive you crazy

Is there any of us who don't like to listen to the music? Though we are probably not someone who has the need to buy all the CD and such. But listening to a song can be a problem for the health of your ears and head. Especially if we dislike the genre of the song. And it happens a lot when we are on public transportation.

Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Sharing The Thoughts

I just want to share my thoughts or my rants to be exact . What I wanna talk about is habit of most Indonesian. They are: Impatient and don't care attitude. Why did I say that?

in so many things, this communication tool give many benefits and also able to disclose the real person in people. Many times that stewardess warning passengers to turn off their phones. Still, these kind of people keep on talking as if they are radio disc jockey or something. Stewardess has no effect, other passenger has no effect, and finally when several passengers get angry then this person finally turn off the cellphones. Probably he or she barking back before give in to other people's demand. Will there business worth million going to lapse because turning off the cellphone? Can't this be settled while still on the ground and not when you already inside the plane?

Senin, 07 Mei 2012

Crossing the street

Isn't it annoying to see people prefer to cross the street through busway lane rather than crossing bridge? It is a dangerous situation for them and other people. How many times we have read on newspapers about people got run over by busway?

But before we judging those people on why oh why they prefer to choose dangerous way rather than crossing the bridge which put danger on them and other people. Let's try to find out the reason behind why people prefer to use busway lane to cross the street.

Selasa, 01 Mei 2012

Pay the fare, please

Usually, I wrote about my daily rants about myself while taking public transportation. Well, this time is the other way around though I might have written about this previously. Now, I am going to write the story that I heard from mikrolet's driver

Mikrolet is not the same with bus related to the fare. For buses, the fare is the same for short and long destination. Some people doesn't like to pay full when they feel they only have been in the bus for short time. Or we can say that they actually can walk to their destination but perhaps too lazy. Mikrolet has different fares, depends on how long the passengers destination. The shorter your destination then the cheaper is the fare. And even so, passenger still trying not to pay in full for the fare. And guess what... Yes, female passengers are the most naughty passenger who always try to avoid paying in full. Can't really blame them as they are the financial adviser at home. Things that need to be cut, they will do so without hesitation.

But one day, I saw a male passenger with two kids paid the fare for himself only. That made other passenger asked the driver why on earth that guy only paid for one person while he also taking 2 kids? The driver, calmly said that the guy wasn't the only one. There were others just like him, but he was not really keen to pressure them in order to paid full.

Wow, this kind of driver is very rare. When the driver pissed off over one lousy passenger, he can be moody all day long. Several of them probably ranting about that passenger, saying nasty things. The driver probably think that his income will be lesser than usual. He was angry to that passenger and know nothing else to lash out his anger but to speed up his car. So, the passenger who paid less fare have nothing to fear about his or her life. They have moved on thinking ah, I am able to cut my expenses. But his or her action leaves other passengers scare to death. Why? Because the driver speeding up his car and God knows what will happen next. The driver probably just told all other passengers to get out and move to another public transportation. Or he could grumbling all day long and being nasty to other passengers.

Come to think of if, when the driver is nice then there is always at least one lousy passenger who probably paid less or doing something to annoy others.

So, do we really need to meet bad drivers to make up our mind and paid the fare as it should be?

Selasa, 24 April 2012

Public Transportation Day

Today is National Public Transportation Day. Really?

Nothing special happened today as everything just went on as usual. No special treat on bus fare or getting comfort more than usual.

I am sure that many people feel dissappointed and annoyed when using public transportation in Jakarta. For example?

When you were told get off and move to another public transportation that headed to the same direction.

Usually it happens when there is lack of passengers on board so the driver decided he wants to make a turn back. And therefore asked another driver of public transportation to take his passengers. Like for example, you are the one and only passenger on this Metromini 604. When the driver bumping into another metromini 604 he asked you to move there. You need not to pay double for the fare obviously. So why many people so angry when they told to move to another public transportation?

Selasa, 17 April 2012

Life is like taking a bus

A few days ago, I tweeted about how our life is a reflection from the way we are taking a bus...

Don't believe me? Just think about it...

How much time you willing to spend to wait for your transportation? Either a crowded bus or luxurious taxi to get to your destination? Let us say that you are on the street waiting for a cab since 08.30 in the morning. Usually there are so many certain cab that you wish to take but darn! There seems to be none on that day... How much time you willing to spend? 15 minutes? 30 Minutes? Or perhaps an hour? Are you going to be so late because of that? Or perhaps you finally change your mind and just take whatever cab you can get...

In life we often just did that. First we wait for the best and after the waiting time seems like forever you started to change your mind. And start to wait for something less and lesser and in the end you are like...fine, anything will do! Naturally, sometimes we don't have much time to wait. So, we have to prepare for various alternatives. In case something doesn't work out just like our plan. At least we will be able to arrive on time and get the thing that we need :)

Life is really like taking a bus or any other public transportation ^_^

Senin, 09 April 2012

Behavior Test

  Would you like to know the most promising behavior test of the decade? No need to go to some kind of institution. It is very easy if you like to try ...

You are curious now? well, just look at yourself and others when you are already on the road. Don't believe me?

Senin, 02 April 2012

Grow up!

 Do you ever wonder why on earth people still insisting to ride on a crowded bus? Or you are probably amaze to see so many people sitting on the rooftop of a crowded train...

Yeah, yeah... It's not because those people have no clue about the danger. But simply, there is no other choice but to hop into the public transportation. Why? Because it will take forever to wait for the next bus or train. And that will mean those people going to be late to reach their destination. And most of them are trying to be in the office right on time, to avoid bad appraisal. So, yeah...sure what they have broken the rule. But situation give them no other alternatives, I know because well... I have been there. Not sitting on the rooftop of train but hanging on my dear life while taking a bus.

Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

Sophisticated driver

Never ever judge a person from his or her appearance.

A few days ago, I was sitting beside this mikrolet's driver. As usual, I was itching to use my blackberry so I let it out from my bag and started my (NOT) important activities. And then the conversation start to begin:

Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

Finding it so simple...

Chaos regarding separation between female and male passenger on busway still continue...though IMHO there is no need to do so.

We are all aware that when the regulation created, sounding to public and received rejection...honestly were all rejections being noticed? Seriously? We all as a daily user of public transportation who KNOW THE REAL SITUATION on the street clearly realize there are rules can be applied and most of them can't. Unfortunately the makers hardly (or should I say NEVER) use public transportation so they create unrealistic regulation.

Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Not so User Friendly

A week ago I saw on tv about people with disability have a go with bus stop for busway... Naturally, they tried the corridor on weekend where lesser people use the public transportation...

Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Cool Mikrolet's Drivers

Remember this cool look from a public transportation (mikrolet) above?

I found that several other mikrolet's drivers also stunned me with their gadgets :)

This one use a flash disc to listen to the music... Cool man!

This one used a very sophisticated (though out of date) handphone... *sweating*

But a very different condition with this one ... *sighing*

Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Not Important

Actually, this is only another rambling of mine. Not important stuff. But then again, I just need to share beside it has been a while since I updated this blog.

With the danger situation nowadays, can't really blame when people become paranoid to each other. I get it, I totally understand about it.

But, when I feel I become a suspect when I did no crime to other people well...obviously I got pissed. And totally not want to understand about it.

This is the story...

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012


Someone asked me in bewilderment about drivers of public transportation. Is it true that they have to wear official identification? Well, they should place it in a place or spot where anyone can see it easily. I even heard that they also need to wear uniform though not many of them applying to this regulation.

Naturally when you saw a driver of public transportation with no identification, you should be alarmed. Though an identification on the spot doesn't automatically mean that the identification truly belong to the driver. This regulation meant to avoid illegal drivers taking passengers and in the end committed crime.

Jumat, 03 Februari 2012

Everybody needs an entertainment

A few days ago, I was a bit worried when using this public transportation. It is like a minivan like most public transportation serving residence areas. That minivan has the fullest criteria for female passengers to avoid.

First, the driver and passenger sat beside him looks so young and knew each other

Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Close to the nature

At bus stop for busway located at Dukuh Atas, it getting us close to the nature. Give us realization that the sun shining on to us softly or viciously. And how cloudy sky help us to cool down plus able to make us totally wet when cloudy sky changing into rainy day. Prepare yourself, your heart, your boots, raincoat and umbrella to enjoy sightseeing at bus stop Dukuh Atas.

Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Living in Jakarta is tough

Few days to go before Lunar Year celebration, suddenly there was shocking news. Someone drove her car and hit 12 pedestrians. Took the life of 9 and if you count the unborn child then all total : 10 victims. Die for nothing. Horrible!

People said that living here in Jakarta was hard. Being pedestrian you could get hit by speeding cars, while you are crossing the street or just standing near the bus stop. If you use public transportation (take your pick starting from the cheapest to the expensive) then you might be mugged or worst. Sexual harassment escalate to rape. Or if you are out under the heavy rain, a falling (big heavy) tree could also kill you.

Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Empty hopes

Usually people hope for the best along with another year to come.

Apparently that kind of hope is not going to happen this year; related to public transportation. I am so fed up with everything that I saw it made me not really in the mood to update my blog last week.

Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012

And everything stay the same...

One day full of rain already made chaos on Jakarta's traffic. Now it has been three days...

Too many vehicles around Jakarta, perhaps? Or lack maintenance of utilities and facilities to support traffic? It is not like we are having rainy season for the first time.

Ages ago, the only problem that we have during the heavy rain was traffic jam. Since the stoplight were mostly dead during heavy rain, you can imagine how catastrophe that was. But then again, cars and motorcycle not as many as nowadays. And now all those cars and motorcycle have to deal with problems like flood and yes that is also happening on main street. Where there are a lot of offices located there and obviously people who will be affected by the flood. And as if that is not enough, branches from trees falling down hitting parked vehicles and of course hurt people. I heard that bus stop for busway was closed due to the damages by the fallen tree. Yikes.