Rabu, 26 September 2012

Get in Line!

Queuing is something that I always find something to talk about. Want to know why? Because there are still people who try to avoid of getting in line.

So, that afternoon there was this long queuing at the busway stop. A bit odd considering that was not rush hour and yet not uncommon. So, the official in charge start to arrange the queuing. In order to avoid too many people inside the busway stop, the incoming passenger were asked to line up on the corridor.

Behind me there were two high school girls. One of them was not patient enough to stand in line. She then just walk with an air of confident to the temporary forbidden area. She then called out her hesitantly friend to join her. At first her friend were reluctant but then she gave in and join her friend. It turn out, the official in charge has already watched them. He then told those two girls to step out from the area and back to the corridor. Her friends grumbling, told her friend if only they were stay in line. The one who asked her friend to join her, put a mask on her face not revealing any emotion. As if she was not care that because of her act, she and her friend becoming the center of attention from sniggering passengers. I suppose she remembered the quote: everything is fair in war and love. But on our term become: everything is fair as long as I get to my destination sooner.

Seeing this got me think, if she able to do that in such a young age...wondering if she reach my age? Probably worst? Or she just copying how we older people do in our daily life while standing in line.

Ask the passing busway...

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