Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012


 Helmet is something that need and a must for motorcycle riders because can be used to protect the head. So, obviously to protect ourselves when we were on motorcycle we need to use the helmet. Without being told or threatened to.

But, that's when we use our own motorcycle. We are well aware about the condition of our own helmet. I mean, we are probably going to be the only one who use helmet and well other member of our family. Helmet can be the source of problem (at least for me) when I have to go somewhere using motorcycle taxi. Yup. We have motorcycle taxi in Jakarta and probably other places in Indonesia. If you have never try to use ojek in Jakarta or around Indonesia then I have a few advices. First of all, consult with your local friends how much you should pay to go to your destination. And second, bring handkerchief or scarf (which I am going to discuss about it later)

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

Another Reminder

Life, when we think about it is a repetition of same things all over again. It's called routine. Every morning we all race to reach our destination. an office or school. Wake up so early just to find someone else has beat us again. Street full with cars in the wee early of the morning. So, there we are getting stuck with other passengers on public transportation because we woke up late. Other reason, we do get up early but the public transportation didn't arrive on time. So the result is the same. We stuck together with others like baggage inside the warehouse.

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

Fashionista on the Bus

I am not a fashionable person. Well, everybody knows that...I am sure my friends will scream that to me. I remember exactly every comments that people gave me whenever they saw my appearance during my working years.
"Oh, your office allows you to dress like this?"
"Wow! Your office sounds like fun with their employee looking so casual like this!"
"Hmmm, do you work in a office or actually in a factory?"

I am sure you begins to get curious about my appearance. Okay. I will share it with you.