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 Helmet is something that need and a must for motorcycle riders because can be used to protect the head. So, obviously to protect ourselves when we were on motorcycle we need to use the helmet. Without being told or threatened to.

But, that's when we use our own motorcycle. We are well aware about the condition of our own helmet. I mean, we are probably going to be the only one who use helmet and well other member of our family. Helmet can be the source of problem (at least for me) when I have to go somewhere using motorcycle taxi. Yup. We have motorcycle taxi in Jakarta and probably other places in Indonesia. If you have never try to use ojek in Jakarta or around Indonesia then I have a few advices. First of all, consult with your local friends how much you should pay to go to your destination. And second, bring handkerchief or scarf (which I am going to discuss about it later)

We have rules here that motorcycle riders must wear a helmet and therefore one is provided by the driver of motorcycle taxi. It is not that they are being nice but the main reason is to avoid breaking the rules and catch by the police. Having a passenger that doesn't wear a helmet can be a problem for them. The problem for us, can you imagine how many people using that helmet just in one day? I have a clear picture in my mind about how many times that helmet covering one person to another before finally on me. But what can we do? We will find that other driver of motorcycle taxi will insist us using the helmet. Especially when we have to pass the main road where police on duty.

I used to have handkerchief or scarf to cover my head before finally give up and using the helmet. Naturally I didn't find it very appealing to wear something that has been used by so many people. How in the heck I am suppose to know whether the person using the helmet before me sweats all over it. Or perhaps having hair problem that I don't even want to mention here. And so on. Sometimes I have to use the helmet that doesn't cover all my head. So, it is only covering the upper part of the head and not protecting the back of my head.
And thanks God, so far I didn't find any problems when I have to use motorcycle taxi along with the helmet. Plus for the sake of my hair (which I have less and less day after day) I always use handkerchief and scarf before the helmet. Until few days ago when I have to use motorcycle taxi to go somewhere. At first I thought I didn't need to as I can use busway. Unfortunately it took me long enough to wait for the next bus so motorcycle taxi seems like a good option. I just realized that I have forgotten to bring something important when the driver gave me the helmet. The helmet that fully cover my head along with my face.

"Do I really have to use the helmet?" I asked try to escape the inevitable. Apparently for me, hair is far more important than my own safety *face palm*

"Yes Madam. Many cops on the street," then the driver gave me the helmet and I have no other choice but to wear it. If I said no and a policemen caught us in the act then it would be my responsibility.

Lucky me (or not, don't know...) as it seems I was his first passenger. I was assuming that since I didn't smell bad odor from the helmet but who knows. Even if I did smell it, what else can I do but to wear the helmet anyway?

Note to self: never ever again forgot to bring handkerchief or scarf or whatever that I can use to cover my head before using the helmet from motorcycle taxi's driver. And if not, get home asap and wash my hair and thank God that I am safe though can't say the same thing with my hair.

You may look up in here regarding Indonesian Law about the use of helmet.

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