Selasa, 18 September 2012

Broke Down Buses

There is nothing that can drive me histerical whenever public transportation broke down while I was still in the middle of my journey.

Last Monday I was about to go somewhere using busway. As usual, there were so many people queuing, pushing each other to get to the foor. But, thanksfully we didn't have to wait too long for busway. Everything was going on smoothly until it ALMOST reached the bus stop. So the bus has not reached the bus stop when it suddenly just stop. I was like..., oh no... The bus broke The bus stop only a few meters away and the bus choose to break down now? The official in charge requested us to be patient while waiting for the next busway. So, they were starting to move passengers to other busway. Naturally, there was a passenger not patient enough and decided to crawl from the door. Well, we are not all athletics so if she decided to just jump from the window I am
pretty sure she would break her neck. I probably would do the same if I were late and don't want to waste any time. It is ironic sometimes that in trying desperately not to be late we always forget our own safety.

And then a few days later I have a different episode. After I get off on transit bus stop, I started to walk from one bus stop to another. Then I noticed a busway just stuck there near the entrance door to bus stop. I asked the official in charge what happened? It turn out, the busway broke down and therefore if I wish to continue my journey I have to take another busway going backwards first. I was like...what? It is like when you take a wrong turn then you have to double back before finally find the right way. It means I have to spend more time for the waiting moment and I don't think so. So, I just walked out from the bus stop and continue my journey with another public transportation. True, I have to spend more money but I don't think I can spend another half an hour (or probably more) for waiting another bus.

FOr me, a busway broke down on my way home is more preferable (though I would rather not) compare when I was about to go somewhere urgent. But that's life.

We can't expect things will just go smoothly in this life. So, we need to prepare to deal with annoying things like public transportation break down early in

the morning...

Cheer up!

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