Kamis, 26 Juli 2012


One day you got a call to have job's interview or have this important matters to attend. And for that you need to go to a place which you have no idea where.

Though nowadays we can ask almost about everything to Google but not everyone able to read map or understand directions stated on Google maps. So, what clue we need to know first while using public transportation or our own car?

What I usually do is naturally asking whether the place located near the busway stop? If yes, then what is the name of the busway stop? Which side of the road if I am here at the busway stop now? Right or left? Or sometimes the busway stop only first clue for you before continuing with other public transportation. It's a good thing if the person you asked able to give you that kind of information.

So, what happen if this place is far away from the busway stop? Usually I asked them whether the place is far from a certain bus terminal. And which bus to take if I decided to go from that certain bus terminal. If you are such a forgetful person then make sure to write it all the information. Don't loose it until you arrive at the exact place. Don't hesitate to ask around though try not to look so nervous. Yeah, you have no idea where you are but doesn't mean you are having amnesia and forgot your whereabouts. People loves taking advantages on people who looks daze and confuse.

P.S. For those of you in Jakarta and using busway regularly, I recommended you to download TransJakarta on Blackberry so you will have a list of corridors for busway in Jakarta. Or perhaps you should get a map on bookstores. Or just download from their website.

Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Free Ride

Yesterday, I was about to go out with my friend and planning on using busway. However, from outside the bus stop I saw there were so many people there waiting for busway. Based on my experience whenever I saw crowded bus stop it can only means one thing. The busway takes forever to pass and take all those waiting passenger. So, I decided to use another public transportation to avoid waiting for a long time and didn't make it to see my friend. A few hours later I found out that there was this FREE RIDE ALL DAY WITH BUSWAY. Oh dear! No wonder there were so many people there waiting for busway. It's a good thing I follow my busway survival instinct and choose to use other public transportation. Otherwise, I would be in one of those bad moods.

Why on earth I wouldn't want to use busway while they gave free ride? Well, I can imagine on regular days when people have to pay the fare...they are all vicious (I won't lie, me included). I will shove, push, protect myself from other mad passenger driven by their needs to go home. So, when they have a chance to use public transportation for free that we can be sure they would be nastier than ever. There were so many people want to use the chance it created long queue all the way. Especially those who wish to go to amusement parks or to the zoo. Not to mention, the last two days were last days for holiday before children went back to school.

I was trying to remember whether any announcement for busway free ride on one day before? I didn't think so. I think people would at least be prepare for the worst if they have known. My sympathy for those who brought their little children to enjoy holiday. But I hardly think they would be able to enjoy the ride in the middle of so many people inside the bus. But then again, when you have good intention to have fun then everything will be considered okay.

I would say, if you saw many people queuing inside the bus stop then it is a sign for you to take another public transportation. But then again, it's all up to you as a passenger. Naturally, I would prefer to avoid the crowds and choose other transportation.