Kamis, 31 Januari 2013


Taken from this site
Right now, if you take trip using busway on their first corridor (BLOK M to KOTA) , e-ticket already available for you.

A pity I only have a brochure in Indonesian as follow. Perhaps you can read the detail here and hopefully help to give you uselful information.

Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Flooding Jakarta 2013

On 17th January, under the heavy rain I went to the office. My neighbor help driving the car so I didn't have to use public transportation. That morning, busways still operating with load of passengers as usual. On the way to the office, I started to feel wary. The rain seems doesn't have any intention to stop at all. And the rain still pouring down hard when I arrived in the office. Naturally, me and the others started to find it hard to concentrate on whatever we are doing. We keep on listening to the dropping rain all the time. The sky looking gloomy as if have something in mind, no more bright hot day under the sun. And the worst part, water start to flood in front of the office. Not big flood yet, but enough to destroy shoes and making pants wet.