Senin, 21 Januari 2013

Flooding Jakarta 2013

On 17th January, under the heavy rain I went to the office. My neighbor help driving the car so I didn't have to use public transportation. That morning, busways still operating with load of passengers as usual. On the way to the office, I started to feel wary. The rain seems doesn't have any intention to stop at all. And the rain still pouring down hard when I arrived in the office. Naturally, me and the others started to find it hard to concentrate on whatever we are doing. We keep on listening to the dropping rain all the time. The sky looking gloomy as if have something in mind, no more bright hot day under the sun. And the worst part, water start to flood in front of the office. Not big flood yet, but enough to destroy shoes and making pants wet.

I continued my work and finally, the rain stop. I was starting to cool down a bit and pray the rain would not pouring down again. But, near 10 A.M, the sky started looked dark again so I decided to ask permission to go home. I didn't care how in the heck I could find a way to go home, but I know I need to be at home. NOW.

So, I was crossing the bridge and saw that busways no longer operating that day. Many people looked dissappointed and confused knowing the fact they have to think something else to go home. Me included.

Finally I decided to use motorcycletaxi to PasarBaru. Usually there is this public transportation that passing my home area. The surprise waiting for me there as it turn out, PasarBaru surrounded with water everywhere. Flooding in PasarBaru, it's my first time to see water from the near river reaching the dry land. Making many cars stop and try to turn around find another way. That's the time I saw a bus heading to PasarSenen. I was happily jumping into the bus, not care it was crowded already. And gave too much money for the bus fare. All I care, just get me the heck out of this area. The bus passing flooding streets for a couple of times then finally I arrived at PasarSenen. I find another public transportation and stuck for about an hour due to traffic jam. It seems, everybody was rushing to go home at the same time. Fearing that the rain will be pouring down again and then there would be no chance in hell to go home.

How long this condition will hold; I have no idea. I decided not to go to the office on the next day since the rain again pouring down heavily early in the morning. I didn't want to have the same experience again like yesterday though compare to others, mine was nothing. I have arrived at home safely and that's good enough.

My condolence to the passing victims due to the flood. To those who have to fled from their home and stay at somewhere else, not knowing when they will be able to go home again. Hopefully situation will turn for the better soon.

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