Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Photos Sharing

I haven't been blogging about buses for a while due to hectic situation. So, now I want to share candid photos that I have taken while I was on the bus.

1. Oh dear sweet lady, you sleep so peacefully. Hopefully your head not falling down to someone else sitting beside you. Or you sleep all the way far from your destination. 

Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Let's Go Jogging

It turn out there are many transit bus stop for busways in Jakarta that will make you sweat. They have long corridors and give us two possibilities. First, we can get healthy because we have to jog all the way through the long corridor. Or we are going to get tired and cramp for the long walk. Here are pictures taken from bus stop at Pramuka :)

Panjang yaaaah.... Lumayan kalau lagi kebelet atau lagi hujan atau malah lagi puanaasss buanget....

Anyway, I also want to send wishes and greeting to those who celebrate The Lunar Year :) May you have great celebration and the new year will bring us prosperity.