Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Eat and drink

 Why we are being prohibited to eat and drink inside a public transportation?

1. There will be something drop from our meals to the floor.
Either we eat bread, snacks, noodles... They will splash something, crumbs from bread will be scattered all over the floor.

The train or bus will keep on shaking while on the road while we either stands or sits is definitely not on position to eat something (am I making any sense?)

Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Zebra Cross

Well, Zebra Cross is obviously not a mass transportation vehicles. But considering that it located in the public street so let us assume this is an immobile public transportation. Odd? Well, who cares... It's my writing :)

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Exercise :)

With load of works that we are having obviously we tends to be worried that we may not getting enough time to do some physical exercise? Worry not!

You always taking bus to go to work and go home, right? Well here are some points that will give you proof you have done your exercise :)

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

Remembering when...

How many people do you think can snug in the taxi or bajaj?

I think there is a rule that there can be no more than 4 people inside taxi. As I remembered a taxi's driver once told me that if he have more than 4 people he could get heavy fine from the police. For Bajaj, well...I am sure there must be a maximum limit for Bajaj as well in terms of having passengers.

If you have seen Bajaj then you know that there is no way more than 3 people could be inside it. But since we need to save money and as long as the driver did not mind then let's have 6 people inside it :D

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Jumat, 01 Juli 2011