Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

Zebra Cross

Well, Zebra Cross is obviously not a mass transportation vehicles. But considering that it located in the public street so let us assume this is an immobile public transportation. Odd? Well, who cares... It's my writing :)

Remembering the lesson I once have in school, supposedly when we crossed on the Zebra Cross then cars will stop and let us walk through. In theory. However, the most thing that happened those cars would keep on going anyway. Do not hope those cars will automatically stop. If we did not give any sign that we were about to cross the street or it happened that we were together with another people...those cars would never going to stop.

I will feel safe on my way crossing the street on zebra cross when there are officers in charge handling the traffic. As they will help people crossing the street safely by stopping cars. Or if there are any policemen on sight as usually people obey the law when they are around.

But I do think that does not mean by using zebra cross we should let ourself be reckless and careless when crossing the street. I do not think that we can blame blindly on those drivers when we just show up out of nowhere.

Recently there was a news that jaywalker will get fine amounted IDR 250,000

Can you imagine how we often get impatient when crossing the road? Too lazy, not having much time to walk up to zebra cross and prefer to cross the road in whatever street we feel like it.

And now, not only that we need to be careful when crossing the street so not get run down by wild speeding cars but we also have to make sure we are crossing on the right area.

Or just get ready to be fined amounting IDR 250,000 though not really sure when this rule going to be applied

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  1. Hi Ria,
    An interesting post.
    Although I admit that many drivers refused to
    pay attention to the zebra cross, in the sense that they would just ignore it, but many people respect it.
    In this case the most important is law enforcement on violators.

  2. yes Harry... But we can't depends on law enforcers alone :)


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