Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Exercise :)

With load of works that we are having obviously we tends to be worried that we may not getting enough time to do some physical exercise? Worry not!

You always taking bus to go to work and go home, right? Well here are some points that will give you proof you have done your exercise :)

1. Running
In Jakarta, the bus stop located somewhere, the passenger waiting for the bus elsewhere and the bus stop in neverwhere or depends on the driver. Meaning, if we are standing far away from where the bus decided to stop then we have to run for it. If we are fast enough, then we will able to get into the bus and thankfully still get a seat. If not, then we will have to prepare for another run to another bus.

2. Hands exercise
You may exercise on make your grip stronger by gripping the seat or hold on to your dear life on the upper hand holders

3. Balancing
You will eventually learn how to balance your body whenever the bus going through the rocky road or the bus driver decided to hit the brake whenever he feels like it.

4. Jogging
Well, if you are busways user then sometimes you need to transit from one bus stop to another. That is the time you will need to walk probably a thousand miles.

See? There are a lot of exercises we can do while we are on the bus

Hmmm, probably I can invent a set of exercise to be done while on the bus... IF the passengers not over crowded.

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  1. You made me realize that taking a bus ride would make us exercise.

  2. absolutely :) So there is no excuse we do not have time to do a bit of exercise ^___^


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