Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Things that makes me worry

These are the things that I am worried about when I have been inside the crowded public transportation:

1. Rain
Even the rain was only for a short while but if hit hard then yeah we are going to expect heavy traffic jam for hours and probably until the end of time

2. Rally
Many apologise for those who demonstrate for whatever the cause but to be honest if your prensece only bring traffic jam then I suppose it will be better for you all to stop the rally before people who work their asses in the office about to go home

3. Pickpocket or muggers
These two things which cause people get suspicious quickly towards others and not too excited to have conversaation on the bus with strangers

4. Speeding
Drivers need desperately for money and decided to go speeding and racing with other drivers on the street

5. Riots
When riots happens then the result not only we are going to have traffic jam. But we and the driver are worry to be a sitting duck for those people to throwing rocks or anything at us. Obviously those people do not care about other people's safety

2 komentar:

  1. They also makes me worry.
    I'd like to add : people smoking inside public transportation (crowded or not).

  2. hahahaha, yeah I can include that one :)


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