Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

It turn out...

A few days ago (on Indonesian holiday: 29th June 2011), I was inside a crowded busway.

I heard the driver warned the officer in charge near the door not let anymore passengers as the bus already exceeded its capacity.

picture taken from: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/regional/jabodetabek/11/06/23/ln8xd5-ibanez-busway-pilihan-tepat-untuk-transportasi-massal-di-jakarta

Curious, I asked the driver about busway having maximum capacity to take passengers.

The driver then replied that yes, busway does have maximum capacity. The busway should only take 80 passengers while often they take about 100 passengers.

I asked him how in the heck he knew about the overloaded passengers. He then said, he saw 4 people going out from the bus. But then about 10 entered. Also, the bus has a bell that will ring loudly if they have more than 80 passengers.

However, most of the bells have been taken off from busways. Driver sometimes do not have the heart to not taking passengers. Especially when they have seen that there are a lot of them waiting on the bus stop. So, surely there are only few busways to  take them all...

Common people will automatically feel the suffering of their comrades...

One thing that I did not ask, whatever is going to happen if they keep on taking passengers more than it should...

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  1. Another reason why the bus still take more passenger is they want to get more money.

  2. true, when it comes to regular buses


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