Senin, 25 Juli 2011

Eat and drink

 Why we are being prohibited to eat and drink inside a public transportation?

1. There will be something drop from our meals to the floor.
Either we eat bread, snacks, noodles... They will splash something, crumbs from bread will be scattered all over the floor.

The train or bus will keep on shaking while on the road while we either stands or sits is definitely not on position to eat something (am I making any sense?)

2. Drinking
Obviously that drink will spill on the floor or at least dripping from your mouth when the train or bus suddenly jerk to start or to stop

3. Especially for parents who bring their children
After having their meals, usually those kids were let to run around inside the train (but rarely on the bus)
If you run or move a lot after having meals then sooner or later you will throw up. LEt alone a kid inside a moving train or bus. Bad luck for other passengers who have to be inside that train. Can you imagine the smell? Yuck... Poison scattered in the air...

Why people keep on eats and drinks on public transportations?

1. Do not have time to have decent meal at home
This is so true. I remembered to have breakfast in the office in order for me to catch the bus on time. And of course I did not want to get stomachace. This won't be a problem if the office is not too far away from home. It will be a problem when the office is located at the edge of the world and therefore have no time to have breakfast in the office.

2. Don't want to know, don't care
I don't care whether there is a rule prohibit me to eat on public transportation. I want to eat now so I eat. I don't give a damn whether this action will make the floor dirtya and smelly. And nobody able to take that seat. I just know I want to eat.

3. Somebody will clean up the mess
Don't really bother me much whether the cleaning process will be done right here right now or later late at night.

There is always two side of a story to be noticed :)

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  1. As long as snack and drink vendors are allowed to enter public transportation, difficult to forbid its passengers from eating and drinking.

  2. maybe I am the one who eat and drink in public transportation..specially train! but trust me, i never drop or leave something in the floor. I put the rubbish on my additional bag (bag like doraemon..hehe)

  3. @Harry : true. But on busway and express train no food seller allowed to get on board

    @Jasmine: I trust youuuu ^___^


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