Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

Everything is not right...

Friday on 29 July 2011 I was about to go home from Senayan City area and Plaza Senayan. Approximately on 8 PM. I was about to take a cab when I saw the traffic jam around the area. Oh, dear. This would mean I have to take regular buses or busway. Again.

So I went to bus stop for busway and bought the ticket. On that time, I just realized that there were so many people standing on the line. They are still waiting for the busway.

It is sort of dilema for me. I mean, I feel safe waiting for the bus with so many people inside the bus stop. However, judging by the long line it means that there was no busway for more than 15 minutes. This could be catastrophe. As most bus stop for busway will be closed around 11 PM. What is going to happen to us who still inside the bus stop waiting for the never coming busway?

Lucky for all of us, an empty busway comes along the way. And all of us could get into the busway.

If you are wondering why I should be worry about waiting alone inside the bus stop for is one of the reasons. Inside the transit bus stop for busway, there are few officials in charge there. So, not only they are watching the area but they also helping passengers so none of them mistakenly take the wrong route. But for most bus stops for busway, there are only those who sell and check the tickets. So, yeah it's kinda creepy to wait alone inside the bus stop late at night. Especially when suddenly the light just went off. Totally not okay :(

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  1. The afternoon traffic since last Monday was horrible, the reason is because so many people tried to get home all at the same time.

    Take care.

  2. Yes, it's true :) People can't wait to go home to have breakfasting


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