Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Another story to tell

 This time I would like to share a bit about this kind of public transportation that is airplane. Well, airplane is also public transportation though not all people able to use it being a bit pricey. I got this story from one of my acquaintances.

She was apprenticed to one of airways companies and told me about her experience in dealing with passengers.

First of all, she learn how to yell in announcing airplane departure to passengers who still unaware that they were almost miss the plane. According to her, announcement from microphone wouldn't work to those passenger. And therefore she has to remind them all with loud voice to awaken them from their daydream and get to the airplane. In short, sort of like being in the bus terminal hearing people shouting about the destination to attract passengers.
Even after all the screaming, she told there was always at least one passenger still miss the plane! Naturally the passenger complained about why nobody told her that the plane is about to departure.

Well, I once was that crazy last passenger on board and honestly I sometimes a bit confuse about this. I mean, I am the one who need to get to the airplane to where ever destination I want to go. And yet, I still need to be reminded repeatedly that I could miss the airplane if I was not hurry. I would be the one who bear the losses of paying the airplane ticket but unable to use it as I miss the announcement and miss the plane as well.

Second, she and her colleagues were driven to insanity by passengers who bring all their belongings to the cabin. While suitcases should be placed inside baggage. They often wondering how in the heck those suitcases manage to escape to the cabin? Shouldn't the suitcase placed into the baggage when the passenger check in?
Well, I know perfectly well that most passengers are worried that they will loose their belongings and therefore want to keep them in sight. There was the time I watched a passenger keep on taking her belongings and the stewardess has to take it back and put it somewhere else.

Third, passengers who always insisting on using their handphones while it has been advised not to do so during on flight.
It is true that sometimes other passengers also need to participate in warning those who still keep their handphone turn on while the plane is about to take off.

Fourth, facing with angry passengers due to delayed schedule.
She has to be patient and have no idea how many times she keep on saying sorry to the angry passengers.
What can we say? Do we really care about technical problem that the airplane need to deal with? We only want to know that we paid to leave at this hour and therefore we want to be on time. And being delayed without any explanation will drive anyone angry. And obviously we as the passengers lashing it out on the staff.

Well, the above is a bit of story from my acquaintance and see things from their perspective.

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