Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

For how long?

(picture taken from: http://www.matanews.com/wp-content/uploads/kopaja.jpg)

Ages ago, for the first time here in Jakarta we have air conditioned bus. The fare was a bit pricey but worth with the comfort that being provided. There was no driver's assistant who asked for the fare. Instead all we have to is to put money with the exact amount into the provided box located near the driver. At first the driver did not provide money for exchange for passenger who only have money in big amount. Later on, the started to provide small coins as they can't keep on refusing people to take the bus.

The driver received monthly salary and therefore they were not to anxious to look for more and more passengers. Furthermore, if the bus already full then no passenger can go in. Oh, and this air conditioned bus stop operating at exactly 7 PM. But that was then.

Now, I heard that there is this air conditioned Kopaja. Kopaja is sort of like bus but with smaller and can't take passengers as many as regular buses. They are mostly annoyance to the people and they drive like crazy. Eager to find more and more passengers even the kopaja has already been overloaded as they need the money. But now, we have air conditioned Kopaja. Both driver and his assistant also received monthly salary so there is no need for them to find passengers as many as they can.

That's good. The question is... FOR HOW LONG BEFORE THIS AC KOPAJA (picture below) TURN INTO LIKE ANY OTHER EXISTING KOPAJA (picture above)?

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  1. Kopaja with air-condition ? Ha ha ha ha .....

    I hope that this is not just part of campaign
    for the Pilkada (regional election).

  2. Well, everything that looks good here in Jakarta eventually will not last long...


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