Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011


 Like I always says for dozens of time, public transportation is a place where any kind of people get together inside. Some of them have pure intention to go somewhere with public transportation. Others using it as a place to earn money.

The problem is not all of them try to earn money in decent way. Lots of them selling something on public transportation. But others begs for the money (and sometimes a little bit persistent) or pickpocket on passengers or using so many other ways.

We have heard so many times about robbery on passengers who about to go home on holiday. Though warning has been told so many times and yet still many people just lured to accept food and drinks from strangers. Of course understandable as these robbers were being so persuasive. They are like wolf pretend to be helpless sheep but actually waiting for their doomed victim to fall into their trap. Isn't it exciting when a friendly stranger say hi and he or she makes us feel like we are in the same boat? Far away from home and through the conversation the stranger live near our home town. So, you and the stranger talk almost about anything and accept gratefully when given a delicious meal or cold drink. It turn out the stranger have spiked the meal and bang... The passenger wake up either in the hospital or in the middle of nowhere and lost everything. On several cases, the passenger passed away because the drug was too strong and poisoning them.

Others pretend to ask you for small coins in exchange with their money (in big denomination). And driven the good intention to help you start to open your bag looking for a purse and whamp! The passenger seat beside you is taking the purse and run leaving you penniless.

Well, I am not an expert in advising people how to be safe all the time. I also have experienced lose my wallet taken by pickpocket. But anyway, let all of us starting to remind each other what and what should not be done while on public transportation. They are:

Let's do this first rather doing it later after something bad happenned. And please stop chant a pray wishing those who take your money to be run by bus.

It's okay if you talk with your own friend. As long as the two of you do not talk about how much money that you have today from your monthly salary. You are inviting people to smack your head and rob you blind.
Another problem if a stranger start to chit chat with you. As long the conversation only about things in general like the weather, traffic, then by all means...have the chit chat. It's a bit tricky to evade question on the private subjects like your phone, your address, your office... Please... Why on earth that person need to know everything about you?

Food and drinks
It is hard to resist an offering of meal when your body crave for it. Especially when the conversation already developed to the private subjects (home address, phone number, etc) Unfortunately nowadays taking precaution is necessary. You would rather people think of you paranoid. Better that than sorry later.

Body language
Don't look so agitate while on the bus plus holding your luggage tightly. People will soon expect that you are carrying 10 kg of solid gold.

Don't keep your money or valuable things in just one place. Just disperse them all so you are not going to give a bonus wrapped on one small bag or wallet to the pickpocket.

Well, not all people on the street is bad but then again...not all of them have good intention towards others. Just take necessary precaution and take care yourself always!

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  1. Very good advice.
    Hopefully your post will be read by people who will be going "mudik" using public transportation.

  2. I am not so sure they are going to read this blog :D


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