Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Knowing when...

After being trapped inside a bus stop for busway on Friday 29 July 2011, I have another episode on Saturday 30 July 2011.

Nope, this time not on the busway. But when I was taking a cab with my friends after having dinner at the mall. The traffic was even brutal if not to say worst than the day before. It was hard for us to find available taxi so we decided to use just one to drive the three of us to our destination. It was easier rather than walking down the street to find one for each of us. So, we happily get into the first available taxi that we saw. We did not mind that the taxi was not the usual taxi's companies. I mean, there were three of us anyway. The driver would not be able to stop suddenly on an empty street to pick up bad guys to rob us. We were okay.

However, within seconds we entered the cab and told the driver about our destination, the driver started rambling. Oh you want to go here and there? Gosh, traffic is brutal there. Why is the street so full with cars? What we have to go through there? But there is a traffic there... and so on...

So, I sent message to my friend to watch out with this driver through my handphone. She replied back asking me to pretend that we all have to stop at my friend's house. Her house is the nearest with the mall. So, once we arrived there without a fuss we paid the cab and wait for another taxi.

Seriously to that driver, if you don't want to be stuck inside the traffic then stay at home! Hey, we feel you about the traffic but seriously do you really think we want to hear about your grumbling? More over, we do not want to hear your protest on every directions that we pointed at...

If you think the driver is impolite or keep on grumbling about the street or anything that makes you uneasy then don't hesitate to stop the cab. Paid the fare and find another one no matter how hard it is. There is no point to keep on taking that kind of cab with lousy driver and makes your uncomfortable the whole way.

p.s that picture above definitely not the photo of that lousy driver :D

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  1. Hey you and your friends have made a very good decision. Let's hope that it will teach the taxi driver lesson never to complain to customers.

  2. Yeah, I really dislike that driver but then again he is not the first lousy driver that I met

  3. let me tell you a story about my friend that refused to pay a taxy driver because the taxy driver wont obey her, wahahaha...let me write it down for you and send you the link....

  4. please do and thanks for reading this blog :D


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