Jumat, 21 Februari 2014

Why Rain Always Comes on Friday?

And I have no answer for that... Here are some photos that I have taken this rainy morning around the bus stop at Harmoni Jakarta. .

Rabu, 29 Januari 2014

Harmoni Bus Stop This Morning

Rain pouring down heavily since last night and this is the look of the river taken from Harmoni Bus stop on 29th January 2014.

Here are news about TransJakarta :

Bigger TransJakarta (hopefully soon)

New buses for TransJakarta (when? where? which? What? Really?)

NOWHERE SAFE (especially for female passengers)

Senin, 27 Januari 2014

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Around 1 November, there would be Rp. 500.000,- fine for those entering busway lane. But then, rule is just being rule. Without someone to watch, people tends to broken it. The following pictures tells it all...

Kamis, 23 Januari 2014

Photos on 22-23 Jan 2014

Photos were taken around 5 PM yesterday at bus stop Harmoni and around Passer Baroe area across from Gedung Kesenian Jakarta.

Rabu, 22 Januari 2014

The Flood Episode

Dark Sky

As usual, in the beginning of the year we have rainy season. The rain pouring down hard on earth and as the result we have another flood session around Jakarta. With the flood all over the city, people find it hard to go around. Schools closed down, either because they were surrounded by flood. Or becoming base camp for the refugees. Busways or any other transportation unable to cross the flooding area. And therefore, workers having difficulty to get to their offices on time. Sometimes, they have to turn back home because the road was no longer there due to the flood.

Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Happy Birthday to Busway aka TransJakarta

TransJakarta will celebrate their 10 years operation on 25 January 2014. To celebrate it, they give 50% discount to e-ticket users (e-ticket BRI, BNI, BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank DKI, and Bank Mega) . The special discount started today 15  January 2014 until 22 January 2014. However, if you buy the ticket using cash as usual then the regular price still apply.

Happy Birthday to TransJakarta and hopefully the service will be getting better every day.

Senin, 13 Januari 2014

Rain = Flood = NO BUSWAY

The year 2013 has passed and now we are in the middle of January 2014, back to our routines. Holiday is so over. And it means we are back to the usual head to head, body to body, cramped together on the bus or any other public transportation.

Selasa, 31 Desember 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Dear readers,
Thanks for keep coming here to read my blog. I'm sorry for not updating this blog regularly. Hope I will be able to write more next year. My sincere apology if my writing offends any of you.
Have a wonderful new year ahead ;)

Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Entry For 11.12.13

This is not a finished post

Busway, many people may curse, angry, condemn, grumbling, in the end (having not so many choices) people use busway for their transportation. I mean, why not? It's considered as the cheapest nowadays. You only need to pay Rp. 2.000,- in the morning until 7 AM. And the rest of the day you will only need to pay Rp. 3.500,-.

But for your information, busways nowaday in Jakarta is rare. Many of them are broken and there is a big chance they will just stop in the middle of the busway lane. And it will force you to wait to be transferred to another busway. And it will take times.

Anyway, here is a bit tips to use busway

1. Busway map
You should have it if you are going to use busway frequently. Often you can get the map for free at busway stations.

It is important to know which route you are going to take for your destination. Remember about the saying that there are many roads to Rome. Indeed. There are routes that shorter and can save a lot of times. But there are routes that can make your life shorter as it takes forever. So, learn it carefully before taking one.

And this post will be continued tomorrow