Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

E-ticketing Started 1 November 2014

Quoting from TEMPO, starting from 1st of November , get ready to have at least one prepaid card if you are planning to use busway as your daily transportation.

I am also quoting from Jakarta Globe, that  The bus operator will implement the payment system at nine corridors — corridor VIII (Harmoni-Lebak Bulus route) and corridor IX (Pinang Ranti-Pluit) on Nov. 1; corridor II (Harmoni-Pulo Gadung route) and corridor III (Harmoni-Kalideres) on Nov. 22; corridor V (Ancol-Kampung Melayu) and corridor VII (Kamung Rambutan-Kampung Melayu) on Nov. 29; and corridor X (Tanjung Priok-Cililitan), corridor XI (Kampung Melayu-East Jakarta mayor’s office) and corridor XII (Pluit-Tanjung Priok) on Dec. 13.

Hopefully this information will be useful. If you wish to know a bit about e-ticket  you can read it here

Rabu, 15 Oktober 2014

Get Ready For Traffic Jam on 20th Of October

You may refer to this site to find out more about our president's inauguration :)

President's inauguration will be held on 20th of October 2014. For all of you here in Jakarta, get ready for heavy traffic jam on that day. Especially those around National Monument. There will be celebration for the people by the people and from the people. Why oh why they have to do it on MONDAY? When many of us have to go to work. Though I am totally happy with this celebration, I have to prepare alternate route for me to go home.

So, let's pray for a NATIONAL HOLIDAY on 20th of October 2014 so, we can relax and enjoy the celebration....at home.

Unfortunately I only have the run down in Indonesian.

Selasa, 07 Oktober 2014

Cheaper with E-Money

With prepaid card from Bank Mandiri, you will only pay IDR 16,- for busway and commuter line. Since only last 3 days from 06 October up to 8 October, you better hurry up ^_^

Kamis, 25 September 2014

Prohibition on Commuter Line

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Once a while I used train aka commuter line during the weekend. To tell you the truth, getting on the train is another transportation torture. As both of them takes forever before finally arrived at the station or bus stop. Though of course, train takes shorter time compare with busway.

Selasa, 19 Agustus 2014

E-Ticket Announcement

For all busway user, this photo was taken at busway stop Harmoni. The announcement inform passengers that they have to use prepaid card now instead buying ticket manually. The pre-paid card will cost you IDR 40.000,- as IDR 20.000,- is for the card and the balance can be used for 5 - 6 trips. Minimum amount to top up your prepaid card is IDR 20.000,- Hope this information will be usefull.

You may top up your balance with ATM here or just pay with cash.

Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

E-Ticket for Busway and Commuter Line

As you probably aware, from my previous post here , there will be several busway stops that going to use E-ticket instead of selling ticket manually.

Though E-ticket using Flazz Card and others are now can be used for both busway and commuter line, there is something that you need to know.

If you are using a totally new card for busway, you can just use the card until there is no balance left. But for commuter line, you have to ensure there is more than enough balance to cover your trip. PLUS, if you are going to use a totally new car then you need to activate it. YES. Activate it first, ask around where you should activate your new car before you use it to pass the entrace gate. 

Kamis, 31 Juli 2014


Few days ago, I saw this announcement about e-ticket.

Start from 11th of August 2014, passengers will have to use E-Ticket for busway or Trans Jakarta at these several bus stop :

Jumat, 25 Juli 2014

Before Idul Fitri Holiday

I know I haven't been in this blog for ages and tell you the truth I was sort of out of ideas what to write. I mean, everyday I face the same thing over again and again. Crowded angry passengers, few buses only that it seems only the driver and God knows exactly about their schedule. I was afraid you might get bored with it because there is nothing new rather than my daily experiences. But anyway, let me try to write a summary what happened to me from January until recently, near Idul Fitri holiday.

Senin, 16 Juni 2014

Need To Know ABout E-Ticket

If you are here in Jakarta and wish to try our public transportation, maybe you should try E-ticket. Okay, this is my third posting in a row about e-ticket. Now you are all going to think I am their sales person. I can assure you that I am not :)

Anyway, I think from various cards only FLAZZ Card that can be used to buy ticket for both TransJakarta (known as Busway) and Commuter Line.

The things that you need to know about using Flazz Card is:

1. You can buy Flazz Card at certain bus stop for Trans Jakarta. The balance of this newly purchased card usually at IDR 20.000,- or IDR 50.000,- depends which one is available.

2. If you are using busway before 07.00 AM then the bus fare is only at IDR 2.000,-  After 07.00 AM, the bus fare is IDR 3.500,-
Once you swipe the Flazz Card, the fare will be deducted from the balance.

3. If you are traveling around Jakarta with Commuter Line, the fare will be calculated from how far your route is.

4. You can use Flazz Card (and other cards from various Banks; you may refer from here) , to purchase ticket for more than 1 person. As long as you have enough balance to cover for them all.

5. You can only use Flazz Card (and e-ticket from Commuter Line) for yourself. Because the fare will be deducted after you arrived at the destination not before.

6. You can use Flazz Card until there is only zero balance if you travel by busway. Like for example, there is available balance about IDR 4.000,- Then you can use it to buy 2 tickets for morning fare. And only 1 ticket for one person after 07.00 AM

7. You can't use Flazz Card if there is only available balance : IDR 10.000,- to travel by Commuter Line. So you need to make sure you have sufficient balance.

8. If you have registered account with BCA, then you may have ATM that will enable you to top up the balance of your FLAZZ CARD. You may top the balance starting from IDR 20.000,-

If not..., then you probably just get a new one at the nearest bus stop for busway or at train station and tossed the old one. Or, keep it as a souvenir :)