Jumat, 07 Agustus 2015

Rush Hour

A few days ago I saw a bunch of tourists from Thailand at busway stop Central Harmoni. I couldn't help but wonder, why their tour guide is crazy enough to bring all of them during rush hour. Yes. It was around 4 PM where many people already finish their job and all rushing try to get home as soon as possible. Traffic jam will hit the street around 5 PM until around 8 PM. Which is why the goverment urge our people to use public transportation. Unfortunately, this is what you get by using public transportation. Long queuing and you have to bear many impolite people (me including...well, sometimes).

I think is great when you travel to another country and want to try the experience first hand on how was it if I use this public transportation? Will it be difficult? Is there something that I need to buy, like in this case e-ticket. And how much further you will want in that experience. Would you like to try how crazy people can be when all they can think of is home. As Soon As Possible. One minute this person can be nice to you, showing direction. But when the bus come he or she (usually is ...she).will brutally push you aside so you won't be in the way.

I have been told to avoid rush hour whenever I had a chance to travel aboard. Of course naturally, sometimes what you wish is not what you get. Ages ago when I visited Korea with my friend, we realize that people is actually the same. There are people who stick to the rule, like stay queuing. Throw garbage to the trash can and so on. But there are a lot of other people who have this principle : better me first than others. The buses are crowded during the time people went home from work. And subway to certain destination is full with so many people all going to the same place.

My advice is more or less the same to you who visits Jakarta for a short time. Don't waste your time by using public transportation. Need to be reminded that traffic jam seems to be permanent here in Jakarta. So choose your timing wisely.

Have fun in Jakarta ^_^ Check this site if you wish to see small part of Jakarta . 

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