Rabu, 28 November 2012

Rainy Season

And here the rain season comes again! There is always mixed feelings for me whenever the rainy season has arrived again. Jakarta, with or without heavy rain always have this terrible traffic jam. And it gets worst whenever rains pouring down hard on earth. Perhaps, after the rain all those cars run slowly for fear having an accident due to slippery road. So, there the traffic jam for hours and hours even after the rain has stop. I remembered there once this heavy rain hit Jakarta. And afterwards, many people sort of "staying overnight" on the road. Totally stuck, awful traffic jam. You just stay there, at the exact spot for hours. That is why sometimes I see no different in driving your own car with using public transportation. Once you get stuck in the middle of traffic jam, the stress will be the same. You can't go anywhere else, just stay there. Waiting for the miracle to happen.

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Seat Separation

A few months ago, there was new establishment on busway. Women and met sit separately. Women sit in the front area of busway while men sit in the back area. This separation applied due to so many reports on sexual harassment. At first many people complained about this new set up. But eventually, people start to just go with it. Rules are rules, the maker don't really care if the user like it or not. Just go with it and everything will be just fine.

There are officials in charge to warn passengers to follow the rule. Especially during rush hour where people just want to get in so they can go to their destination. Which is raise a question. Do the passengers just follow the rule? Well, not exactly.

Sometimes; like the one in this picture; there was a guy maybe two who ignore the rule and just take a seat in where ever empty seats they can find. Sometimes they are with family or lover or just being alone and find an empty seat regardless the area. Plus, the official in charge didn't notice that. But then, sometimes me and lots of other women also take a seat in area for men. Especially during rush hour.

Jumat, 16 November 2012

Weekend Blues

Up to now I still have no idea why oh why streets in Jakarta always hit by heavy traffic jam every Friday or when there are long weekend due to National Public Holiday.

Like this weekend, most people have 4 days off including Saturday and Sunday due to celebration of Islamic New Year. Already around 3 PM street full with cars that only God know come from where on this planet. Eventually, people who have to use public transportation like bus must wait patiently. Well, in a perfect world the passenger will wait patiently. Then again, in a perfect world...we probably won't have any problem with public transportation.