Rabu, 21 November 2012

Seat Separation

A few months ago, there was new establishment on busway. Women and met sit separately. Women sit in the front area of busway while men sit in the back area. This separation applied due to so many reports on sexual harassment. At first many people complained about this new set up. But eventually, people start to just go with it. Rules are rules, the maker don't really care if the user like it or not. Just go with it and everything will be just fine.

There are officials in charge to warn passengers to follow the rule. Especially during rush hour where people just want to get in so they can go to their destination. Which is raise a question. Do the passengers just follow the rule? Well, not exactly.

Sometimes; like the one in this picture; there was a guy maybe two who ignore the rule and just take a seat in where ever empty seats they can find. Sometimes they are with family or lover or just being alone and find an empty seat regardless the area. Plus, the official in charge didn't notice that. But then, sometimes me and lots of other women also take a seat in area for men. Especially during rush hour.

So, sometimes I feel sorry for the poor guy who were told to leave by female passenger when they accidentally sit on area for women. Several men who polite enough choose to take a hike and go to area for men. But not all men are like that.

A few days ago when Jakarta was about to have long weekend, buses were hard to find. Traffic jam almost about everywhere. And when people able to get into the bus, they have to squeeze in.  I saw several men rushing in to busway and entered the area for women. Perhaps, there was another passenger told him that he has entered area for women. And this guy went angry and keep on grumbling about this is rush hour, why on earth everybody has to give a damn about that rule and so on for approximately 7 minutes non-stop. He only stop talking for take a breath then back to his rants again. I can understand why he is so upset about it. But then, listening people grumbling nonstop on public place, really so annoying to the ears.

So, if you wish to inform other passenger that they have done something wrong, you better prepare yourself as they will sure barking back at you. The effect is on others who have to listen to the not so important rants.

So, the conclusion from the seat separation is there you have good and bad effects. Like everything else that going on in this world

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