Jumat, 16 November 2012

Weekend Blues

Up to now I still have no idea why oh why streets in Jakarta always hit by heavy traffic jam every Friday or when there are long weekend due to National Public Holiday.

Like this weekend, most people have 4 days off including Saturday and Sunday due to celebration of Islamic New Year. Already around 3 PM street full with cars that only God know come from where on this planet. Eventually, people who have to use public transportation like bus must wait patiently. Well, in a perfect world the passenger will wait patiently. Then again, in a perfect world...we probably won't have any problem with public transportation.

So, it wasn't a real surprise that within minutes I have listened dozens of people complained about how long they have to wait for the bus. From my deliberately eavesdropping, it seems few of them already have plan to spend the holiday out from the city. And they worried because waiting too long for the bus, they will be late to catch a train or even fail to arrive in time in an airport. Can't really say I feel sorry for them because they ought to know about this kind of condition. Though we never understand why, but every time we were about to have long weekend then it seems traffic jam will kill us first. Beside, did they really think by getting angry and talking nonsense would make the bus come any sooner? Are they really that NAIVE?

Inside the bus, the situation is not getting any better. People cramped to one another and it will escalate the blood pressure. People already in this "touch me and I will kill you" mode so really, the best we can do is to take a deep breath and just let it go whatever that drive us crazy. Ain't worth it. Especially when you were side by side with your loves one. He or she will know the real you by watching the way you handle this kind of situation. Are you patient enough? Are you calm enough? Are you kind enough?

It would be wise to spend the rest of the day at the mall but then it's not a guarantee that the street will be emptier by the time you get out from the mall. I decided to escape traffic jam by hanging around at the mall up to 9 PM only found out that there was still traffic jam!

Anyway, embrace yourself whenever weekend or long weekend is near. In other words, thou must suffer before collapsing at home or on your vacation.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

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  1. Hi Ria
    Clearly all these angry people never managed to get away as the traffic this morning was terrible for a Saturday at 8am.
    Still have a great weekend and enjoy all it offers


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