Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Taxi's Passengers Robbed, Again.

Well, and here we go again. There was another robbery on taxi few days ago. You can read the news here on Jakarta Globe.

My post today copied from daily newspaper Warta Kota about how this taxi's drivers and their accomplice rob the passengers:

1. Taxi's driver just stop the car for various reasons. Then after the taxi stop, few men came out of nowhere and enter inside the taxi.

2. Often the accomplice hiding inside the taxi .

3. The driver himself robbed his passenger,

Safety tips on using taxi :

1. Use only taxi from a trusted company
2. Better to book a taxi by phone
3. Don't wait for taxi in a remote area
4. Pay attention to taxi's logo and color because there are many similar taxis here in Jakarta.
5. Write down any details on the taxi like their ID, the driver's name and so on.
6. Inform the above details to your family and friends.
My tip is to broadcast this via twitter and Facebook
7. Don't fall asleep
8. Ask the driver if he suddenly stop the car. If he said to fix the flat tire then ask him not to park in a remote area
9. Get out from the taxi if the driver insist to stop the car
10. If the driver keep on watching you from rearview mirror then perhaps it is time for you to get suspicious
11. If you are in Jakarta and (GOD FORBID) have this unfortunate event, please call 112 and report this to Police or send sms to 1717
12. Don't use taxi with darker window glass

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