Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012


I was walking on busway corridor when suddenly my eyes catch the headlines : Labor Groups to Hold Mass Protest today : 03 October 2012. Here in Jakarta. The online news can be read here.

Oh no. I am a bit panic. Sure, the demonstration will only take place start from 08.00 AM up to 12.00 PM. Yeah, sure. That was the plan. But we all here know too well that sometimes a nice plan can change drastically within seconds. Beside, even if the demonstration held peacefully there is always a side effect.

This is a big demonstration so it means there will be a lot of people walking, standing on the street. There is a big riot potential especially when they allow provocator to get them angry. Angry for not able to receive decent paid for the hard job. Angry for everything that is not fair in this life. You name it. And if there is a riot, means the street will be closed. No cars will be allowed to pass including public transportation. Naturally we will avoid the riot's area. Who would want their car get smash by big rock or angry mob? Who would want to be in the middle of riots when angry people loves to hit everything and everyone? There will be traffic jam and people finally force themselves to walk miles away before able to find public transportation.

That is why, people always worry whenever they heard the word "Demonstration". Can the rally be held peacefully? Will they finish the rally before rush hour so people can get home in peace? Or it will end like big riot in May 1998 in Jakarta? That will be scary.

Hopefully no such things will happen this day and everything will be going on smoothly.

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