Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Traffic regulations

Yesterday morning I went to one of the malls here in Jakarta by taxi. I was in a hurry at that time…. Hahaha, look at me…in a rush to go to the mall. Anyway, after stated my destination I also asked the driver to use a certain road in order to get me to the mall sooner. Rather than circling around another street. While I was talking the driver start to look at the watch.

“It is 10.00 o’clock now, so we will be able to pass that road,” I tried to calm the driver.

“Yes Ma’am, but it was only few minutes past 10.00,” said the driver. “I just worried that my watch and yours and police are all have different time...”

I was like…oh dear…he is right. If the police’s watch shown few minutes to 10.00 o’clock and we keep on passing that road then we will be successfully become a sitting duck. Then what should we do?

“Okay then, let’s have this way,” finally I tried to give a suggestion to the driver. “We just go through that road while watching the surrounding. If there is another car on that road we will follow… If not, then let’s go through another street…”

The driver agreed. Beside we still need to stop before few red lights. Surely it would be few minutes past 10.00 o’clock when we get there.

So, with pounding heart we looked both on right and left looking for partner in crime to pass that street. And it turn out, a car and this taxi both passed with flying colors through that street. Hhhh….

Sometimes people often feel that well I am the passenger. So, I am the king and the driver must know traffic regulations, shorter road and not bumping into traffic jam. Well, can’t really blame yo to feel that way. After all, you are the one who pays. However, there is nothing wrong to have knowledge for ourselves. Sometimes, there a certain road that can not be passed in the morning. Only from this time until that time then people allowed to go through that road. Who knows one day we will be the one who is driving our own car. Certainly it would be better if we also familiar with the road and rules, right?

Well, anyway…just a thought…

Ehm, now I really do want to excuse myself as I won't be seeing you until next year :)

So, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holidays to those who doesn't (though Christmas is on Saturday...sighed)

Jumat, 24 Desember 2010

Busway corridor

Previously I read in Jakarta Globe about busway corridor that will link at least 9 malls, 6 universities and 8 hospitals. To be certain you may want to visit the website...

Hahahaha, what a coincidence as a few weeks ago I took photos of these loooong busway corridor located near Plaza Semanggi...and I was thinking what these corridor become in the future?

Wow, how exciting if there is a busway corridor go straight to the mall ;)

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010


These are photos taken while I was taking busway...

The words on this picture advising people to have dignity by giving the seats to those who need them more... RIGHT... Good advice though...

The other photo shown ID number on busway with phone number if necessary : 021 7228727
There are also requests to not smoke, to prioritize those disable people, elderly and pregnant women. Other rules also forbid people to eat and drink inside the bus. And last rule stated that maximum speed must not exceeded 50 Km per hour... (but who's looking?)

Psssst, today is MOTHER's Day... Don't forget to honor your mother by giving seats to elderly and pregnant women on the bus :)

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Street singer

Just like to post these pictures of street singers on the bus:

Singing on the bus while babysitting

 Me and my guitar

 Singing solo

 Blind singer with his tools

Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Photos out of nothing to do...

Last night Indonesia won against Philippines 1 : 0! Yayyyy.... Hahahahaha, I am soo out of topic... But anyway, I have been home ever since 5 PM to avoid traffic jam. Therefore I was unable to give you any report about the traffic... Obviously traffic jam for sure. But at the least no riots as our team has won...

So today I just posted pictures that I have taken when I was on busway

There are three colors that differentiate all busways in Jakarta (well, at least so far that I know of) :

Do you remember my previous post about article from DETIK that suggested passengers not to huddle around at one space? The below picture shown us that people prefer to stand near the door (which are on the right side and left side). This picture was taken during not so crowded moment.

This photo shown several people about to get off from busway. If the busway has two doors then passengers who about to get on the bus could take the front door. While those who about to get off the bus would take the back door. However, if the busway only has one door, they will let those who are about to get off first. After ensure the passenger get off from the bus then the busway officials let those who are about to get in. So there are no bumping accident where those who wants to get in just push everybody who are about to get out.

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Tips from

This picture was taken in one of the bus stop for busway. The title is 5 Comfy Tips using Trans Jakarta from Detik 

1. Queuing in orderly. Follow the official's instruction
Yeah, right. I am not so sure people will do this during peak hours. Can't say I promise to do so either... If people already panic because they are late or just simply loves being in the rush..., getting comfy is at the bottom of life's priorities. The most important is to get to the destination sooner and if necessary just push anything or anyone that stands in the way.

2. Careful when you get on and off the bus
You really need to pay attention on this matter as it is dangerous to just walk like that. The space from the busway to the bus stop could take about 20 cm... If you are not careful, you could fall in between.

3. Don't huddle together, disperse to the empty are of the bus
The problem is, all of the passengers were thinking about the same thing. They want to be near the door as most of them will be getting off the bus shortly. Why would they be far away in the back when they are about to reach the destination within 2 bus stops?

4. Get use to remember time, destination and bus number that you are about to get on.
It is very important to remember your destination as you need that to decide which bus you will take. You can't take bus to the north while you are actually heading to south, right?
To remember the time...I think that is a bit tricky... I do not think I ever remember regular buses and busways able to arrive at the same time daily. If they manage to arrive within five minutes difference is a bonus already!
TO remember the bus number... I kinda confuse, is this mean for regular buses? I don't think busway has number to indentify their destination. They do have Identity number and I don't think this will be useful to inform us about the destination...

5. Report immediately to the officials if you have any security disturbance
I once in the busway where a passenger report to the official that he has been mugged. Immediately the officials told the driver to just go straight to the last bus stop. Naturally, innocent passengers were annoyed by this as they need to get off at another bus stop. TO make the matter worst, their bags were searched when they get off from the busway. Obviously these are useless when the pickpocket already escape and the passenger realizing this too late.

Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Annoying drivers

A friend of mine told me about her ridiculous encounter with taxi driver. So, the taxi that she took stop at the very near railway. If a train with full speed passing that railway the taxi will surely get drag successfully. Seeing that the train is not able to be seen yet though the siren has been wailing she then told the driver to step on it. It is a lot better than just be a sitting duck waiting for the train. And to that, the driver simply gave response,”Oh, so we should just step on it? Well, I do not want to put my passenger in any danger…”
Dear driver, it is a good thing that you do not wish to endangered your passenger. However if you decided to stop your vehicle in a dangerous position then that will be the same you invite that danger to you and your passenger as well.

I told I had it worst. My worst experience was when I have to keep on polite conversation to a very harassing mikrolet’s driver. I was sitting near him and at first the driver just start with a simple conversation probably just to pass the time. But soon enough, his manner changed and he became rude and it really drove me crazy. But, since I was being super stingy instead getting off from the mikrolet I decided to keep on stay there. Then we have to pass this railway and he keep on with his engine even if the siren has been wailing to alert all of us. I asked him to just wait until the train passed us by. You know what he said to me?
“Why? Afraid of dying are you? You are a sinner? Well, I am not… That’s why I am not afraid of dying…”

Please… If you are so into dying on the spot, then you go right ahead and don’t take us with you… What an annoying driver!

Jumat, 10 Desember 2010

Hang on to your dear life...

One of the most basic things when you are on the bus... Hang on to anything near you for your dear life... Otherwise, prepare yourself to get thrown away or fall if the driver hit the brake or start the engine...

Rabu, 08 Desember 2010

Not a match...

Busway and public holiday? Definitely not a match made in heaven…

Previously I heard a promotion that we can traveling around Jakarta using busway and you only need to pay once. The promotion is not a hoax. THAT if you are the only person in Jakarta who wants to ride around the town using busway.

Two years ago my cousin from out of town visited me and my parents here in Jakarta. Since my parents both just have been released from the hospital due to their illness we hardly take him to go anywhere… So, thinking to make it fun for his staying here in Jakarta, it crossed my mind to take him ride around the town using busway. During that time my niece and my nephew were also staying with us during their school's holiday. I thought, well this would be a good chance to bring them traveling around Jakarta. And surely we would not bumping to office workers. It would be fun to take them all using busway. That was my consideration.

On the first day of Lebaran’s holiday I asked my cousin and niece and nephew to go to the nearest bus stop for busway. They were obviously excited as they have never used a busway before. However when we arrived at the bus stop I stunned to see that there were so many people there. And when we finally got on the busway, it was totally crowded with people. Not only that we have to stand all the way our journey but also we have to sneak up here and there just to find a spot to stand. Oh nooo, I was worried. Perhaps because we were late?

And when we arrived at the bus stop for transit between busways there were more passengers there… Most of them were heading to places like beaches, fun park and zoo. Yeah, it is holiday now and children were enjoying their free days. This would meant that my plan to take them to those places surely going to be ruined. Finally I decided to change the destination spot and continue our journey. We stop at the next transit bus stop. And there, crowded passengers scattered around the place. My plan totally blown away. First of all, I was a bit scare that I would get separated with my niece and nephew. Second, what's the fun of waiting the busway for ages, not to mention the heat, and risk to get stomped by other people when trying to get on the busway? Probably if there were only me and my cousin I would get on with the plan. So, at the least he would learn how is the situation when people trying to get on the bus beating the crowd.

Later I learned that yeah many Jakartan escape the city to another city or even countries during the public holiday. But that does not mean make Jakarta automatically abandon and quiet. As many people who live in another city but still near Jakarta are starting to come during the holiday. Obviously most of them have the same intention as mine to travel around Jakarta with only pay the fare once. Though for that they have to be ready to queuing for the longest time ever. Sweating all over the place. Having risk to get mug by pickpockets. Or get stomped when trying to get on the busway in the middle of crowded passengers. My intention was definitely not as strong as them.

So for you all my friends who wants to try have a go to travel around Jakarta using busway during national public holiday…good luck. All I can say, get ready for everything. As Jakarta is not going to be as empty as we think it will be. Regular buses may not being occupied by many passengers. Unfortunately not with busways.

Suck it up...

Minggu, 05 Desember 2010

Excusing myself...

Dear all...,
During this December I will write only once a week... Will write again three times a week starting January 2011...

But I do hope you keep on reading :)

Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

You want to drive or you want to chat?

My friend sent me news about the police started to apply fine amounting IDR 750,000 to all drivers who busy with their handphone and therefore distracted while driving.

picture taken from

Yeah, it is annoying to see how people really into their handphone at anywhere without realizing the situation around them. Let us think about it, how in the heck the driver able to concentrate while driving if one of his or her hands busy with the handphone? I humbly think that using handsfree will give the same result... As the driver would surely more concentrate on the conversation rather than pay attention to the road.

I often saw many drivers of public transportations busy chatting, seducing, get angry with whoever through their handphone. While we the passengers starting to get itchy as we were worried that the vehicle will end up in the ditch... I understand if there is any emergency calls or once in a while pick up a call and talk for a while. But after more than a few minutes..., I would think does the driver want to find an earnest living or just want to have a chit chat?

By the way, the link about the regulation on traffic is here but unfortunately is in Indonesia... (the exact rule located on page 130 section 283)

Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Ordinary people having a conversation

My parents are chatty people. If we are using a cab, there is no chance they are just going to stay silent from starting the journey until reaching the destination. Unless both of my parents are not feeling well therefore they do not feel the mood to have a chit chat. Or the driver looks totally annoying and make all of us wishes oh dear let us get to the destination as quicky as possible.

If the driver talked to my father then the topic would not go far from politic and REAL situation in our society that we are certain most of the supposedly representative people up there have no idea whatsoever. About prices of daily needs, gasoline...all going up excpet your own pride. LOL... If my mother usually loves asking about general stuffs. Like from where exactly the driver come from... How long has he been driving taxi like the below conversation :

Driver : Careful, Ma'am... Take it slowly... (to my mother who using a staff)

Mom : Thank you driver... Please take us to....

Driver : Which way you wish to take? How about this road? It is the shortcut... Avoiding traffic jam

Me : Sure thing... ( I agreed as I have already known the street. Please note that taxi's driver is not GOD who can tell exactly when and where the traffic jam will be... Plus, few of them can be devilish by not informing about the traffic jam... So, a knowledge is a must)

Mom : Where you coming from originally?

Driver : From Purwakarta Ma'am...

Mom : Have you been driving in this taxi's company for a long time?

Driver : As a matter of fact yes Ma'am... I have never moved to another companies again.

Mom : Wow, sounds you like it there

Driver : Yeah, this company is not so bad Ma'am...

Mom : How so?

Driver : We have to give to the company approximately 200,000 Rupiahs from all the fare that we have collected. Then after deducted for gasoline we could take home the rest of the money... That is why we are very motivated to find more

Me : Anything else?

Driver : They are family oriented... We could borrow money especially for our need related to our children's education. And we could buy this car for our own by installment...

Mom : Why there are so many drivers have no clue about where they suppose to go?

Driver : Well Ma'am... Same thing with newbie in the office... On the first day they surely have no clue about their work, right? Same thing with new drivers

Me : if you are accidentally hit or  being hit by another car then you should bear the cost of repairment?

Driver : Yes as we take out this car from our pool in good condition. Then we are oblige to return with the same condition.

Me : have you ever received fake money?

Driver : I have. The fare cost was 70,000 Rupiahs. The nervous passenger gave me 100,000 RUpiahs. I took no notice and just return the change amounting 30,000 Rupiahs. Since the pool found out it was a fake money, my total loss was 130,000 Rupiahs.

Mom : You will get another income from somewhere else

Driver : Yes Ma'am. Amien for that

And that was conversation of ordinary people about ordinary life that we all try to get by with our own decent effort.