Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Photos out of nothing to do...

Last night Indonesia won against Philippines 1 : 0! Yayyyy.... Hahahahaha, I am soo out of topic... But anyway, I have been home ever since 5 PM to avoid traffic jam. Therefore I was unable to give you any report about the traffic... Obviously traffic jam for sure. But at the least no riots as our team has won...

So today I just posted pictures that I have taken when I was on busway

There are three colors that differentiate all busways in Jakarta (well, at least so far that I know of) :

Do you remember my previous post about article from DETIK that suggested passengers not to huddle around at one space? The below picture shown us that people prefer to stand near the door (which are on the right side and left side). This picture was taken during not so crowded moment.

This photo shown several people about to get off from busway. If the busway has two doors then passengers who about to get on the bus could take the front door. While those who about to get off the bus would take the back door. However, if the busway only has one door, they will let those who are about to get off first. After ensure the passenger get off from the bus then the busway officials let those who are about to get in. So there are no bumping accident where those who wants to get in just push everybody who are about to get out.

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  1. tetap harus ada petugas di pintu supaya nggak tabrakan ya Bri.. soalnya orang cenderung rebutan kalo nggak diatur..

  2. emberrr...Yah, soalnya semua berebut pengen buru2 sampai ke tempat tujuan... Susyaaah...

  3. Hi Ria,

    I enjoyed watching at the photos you have taken.
    Did you used camera or HP-camera?

    Btw, I have changed by blog's address to :

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Harry... SOmetimes I used pocket digicam... But most of the time I use camera on my Blackberry. People would soon notice if I took pictures on them using camera. But with Blackberry they would not notice much...

    I will visit your blog's new home :)


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