Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Ordinary people having a conversation

My parents are chatty people. If we are using a cab, there is no chance they are just going to stay silent from starting the journey until reaching the destination. Unless both of my parents are not feeling well therefore they do not feel the mood to have a chit chat. Or the driver looks totally annoying and make all of us wishes oh dear let us get to the destination as quicky as possible.

If the driver talked to my father then the topic would not go far from politic and REAL situation in our society that we are certain most of the supposedly representative people up there have no idea whatsoever. About prices of daily needs, gasoline...all going up excpet your own pride. LOL... If my mother usually loves asking about general stuffs. Like from where exactly the driver come from... How long has he been driving taxi like the below conversation :

Driver : Careful, Ma'am... Take it slowly... (to my mother who using a staff)

Mom : Thank you driver... Please take us to....

Driver : Which way you wish to take? How about this road? It is the shortcut... Avoiding traffic jam

Me : Sure thing... ( I agreed as I have already known the street. Please note that taxi's driver is not GOD who can tell exactly when and where the traffic jam will be... Plus, few of them can be devilish by not informing about the traffic jam... So, a knowledge is a must)

Mom : Where you coming from originally?

Driver : From Purwakarta Ma'am...

Mom : Have you been driving in this taxi's company for a long time?

Driver : As a matter of fact yes Ma'am... I have never moved to another companies again.

Mom : Wow, sounds you like it there

Driver : Yeah, this company is not so bad Ma'am...

Mom : How so?

Driver : We have to give to the company approximately 200,000 Rupiahs from all the fare that we have collected. Then after deducted for gasoline we could take home the rest of the money... That is why we are very motivated to find more

Me : Anything else?

Driver : They are family oriented... We could borrow money especially for our need related to our children's education. And we could buy this car for our own by installment...

Mom : Why there are so many drivers have no clue about where they suppose to go?

Driver : Well Ma'am... Same thing with newbie in the office... On the first day they surely have no clue about their work, right? Same thing with new drivers

Me : if you are accidentally hit or  being hit by another car then you should bear the cost of repairment?

Driver : Yes as we take out this car from our pool in good condition. Then we are oblige to return with the same condition.

Me : have you ever received fake money?

Driver : I have. The fare cost was 70,000 Rupiahs. The nervous passenger gave me 100,000 RUpiahs. I took no notice and just return the change amounting 30,000 Rupiahs. Since the pool found out it was a fake money, my total loss was 130,000 Rupiahs.

Mom : You will get another income from somewhere else

Driver : Yes Ma'am. Amien for that

And that was conversation of ordinary people about ordinary life that we all try to get by with our own decent effort.

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  1. Hi Ria,
    That's a nice story.
    Many taxi drivers are kind to passengers.

  2. H. Nizam... Some are bad but lots of them are nice to their passengers :)


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