Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

You want to drive or you want to chat?

My friend sent me news about the police started to apply fine amounting IDR 750,000 to all drivers who busy with their handphone and therefore distracted while driving.

picture taken from http://news.okezone.com/read/2010/12/02/338/399216/sanksi-tilang-pengemudi-pakai-hp-digenjot

Yeah, it is annoying to see how people really into their handphone at anywhere without realizing the situation around them. Let us think about it, how in the heck the driver able to concentrate while driving if one of his or her hands busy with the handphone? I humbly think that using handsfree will give the same result... As the driver would surely more concentrate on the conversation rather than pay attention to the road.

I often saw many drivers of public transportations busy chatting, seducing, get angry with whoever through their handphone. While we the passengers starting to get itchy as we were worried that the vehicle will end up in the ditch... I understand if there is any emergency calls or once in a while pick up a call and talk for a while. But after more than a few minutes..., I would think does the driver want to find an earnest living or just want to have a chit chat?

By the way, the link about the regulation on traffic is here but unfortunately is in Indonesia... (the exact rule located on page 130 section 283)

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  1. Hi Ria,

    Anyone driving any kinds of vehicles should not be allowed to do anything that might distract his/her attention for the road. In case of emergency they should stop on the side of the road.
    In case of public transportation drivers, they should totally be prohibited to do those things when they are doing their job.
    Violation to that rule would not only endanger the driver and passenger, but also other people.
    The very sad thing is that enforcement of the law is often inconsistent.

  2. better No texting while driving or we will get charge 750.000 hehe..Nice post! Thanks for share us

  3. indeed... But why we need to be warned of fined ? It is for our own safety...

  4. @H. Nizam, totally agree with you... I think our addiction to handphone is too much


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