Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Annoying drivers

A friend of mine told me about her ridiculous encounter with taxi driver. So, the taxi that she took stop at the very near railway. If a train with full speed passing that railway the taxi will surely get drag successfully. Seeing that the train is not able to be seen yet though the siren has been wailing she then told the driver to step on it. It is a lot better than just be a sitting duck waiting for the train. And to that, the driver simply gave response,”Oh, so we should just step on it? Well, I do not want to put my passenger in any danger…”
Dear driver, it is a good thing that you do not wish to endangered your passenger. However if you decided to stop your vehicle in a dangerous position then that will be the same you invite that danger to you and your passenger as well.

I told I had it worst. My worst experience was when I have to keep on polite conversation to a very harassing mikrolet’s driver. I was sitting near him and at first the driver just start with a simple conversation probably just to pass the time. But soon enough, his manner changed and he became rude and it really drove me crazy. But, since I was being super stingy instead getting off from the mikrolet I decided to keep on stay there. Then we have to pass this railway and he keep on with his engine even if the siren has been wailing to alert all of us. I asked him to just wait until the train passed us by. You know what he said to me?
“Why? Afraid of dying are you? You are a sinner? Well, I am not… That’s why I am not afraid of dying…”

Please… If you are so into dying on the spot, then you go right ahead and don’t take us with you… What an annoying driver!

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  1. Hi Ria,

    It seems that you have terrible experiences with taxi and mikrolet drivers.
    I used to think that many of them bought their driving licences.

  2. Hi Harry... Well drivers are simply human and eventually we are going to bump with the jerks :)

  3. Hi Ria,

    Hmmmm ...
    I think you are right.

  4. I can be an annoying passenger sometimes... I will not hesitate to get angry if the driver took a wrong turn and cost me money and a waste of time :(


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