Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Tips from Detik.com

This picture was taken in one of the bus stop for busway. The title is 5 Comfy Tips using Trans Jakarta from Detik 

1. Queuing in orderly. Follow the official's instruction
Yeah, right. I am not so sure people will do this during peak hours. Can't say I promise to do so either... If people already panic because they are late or just simply loves being in the rush..., getting comfy is at the bottom of life's priorities. The most important is to get to the destination sooner and if necessary just push anything or anyone that stands in the way.

2. Careful when you get on and off the bus
You really need to pay attention on this matter as it is dangerous to just walk like that. The space from the busway to the bus stop could take about 20 cm... If you are not careful, you could fall in between.

3. Don't huddle together, disperse to the empty are of the bus
The problem is, all of the passengers were thinking about the same thing. They want to be near the door as most of them will be getting off the bus shortly. Why would they be far away in the back when they are about to reach the destination within 2 bus stops?

4. Get use to remember time, destination and bus number that you are about to get on.
It is very important to remember your destination as you need that to decide which bus you will take. You can't take bus to the north while you are actually heading to south, right?
To remember the time...I think that is a bit tricky... I do not think I ever remember regular buses and busways able to arrive at the same time daily. If they manage to arrive within five minutes difference is a bonus already!
TO remember the bus number... I kinda confuse, is this mean for regular buses? I don't think busway has number to indentify their destination. They do have Identity number and I don't think this will be useful to inform us about the destination...

5. Report immediately to the officials if you have any security disturbance
I once in the busway where a passenger report to the official that he has been mugged. Immediately the officials told the driver to just go straight to the last bus stop. Naturally, innocent passengers were annoyed by this as they need to get off at another bus stop. TO make the matter worst, their bags were searched when they get off from the busway. Obviously these are useless when the pickpocket already escape and the passenger realizing this too late.

4 komentar:

  1. Hi Ria,

    These are valuable tips for everyone.
    Thank you for sharing it.

    By the way, I noticed that everytime you take a taxi, you always write on Facbook the name and car registration number of the taxi.
    That's very good!

  2. Hi Harry, you are welcome
    Yeah, I just think is important to share the information about every details on the taxi that we are using... Just to be safe :)

  3. Nice tips Dream Catcher! we have to remember the number of the bus or taxi if sometime in the bad situation that threat ourself secureness..

  4. We can manage to remember ID number on taxi. To remember ID number on bus is another thing... Is a bit tricky...


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