Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Bus Handle

Bus handle have their own story when we were on the busway.

First we are going to ask, what's the function? Well, it is a bus handle. Obviously it is for passenger to hold on to something in order for them to keep their balance. We all know bus drivers can hit the brake and speed up so sudden that we might fall if don't hang on to something.

However when there are overload passenger those bus handle can be a problem. There aren't enough bus handle for every passenger. And during that overload moment there is always one or two annoying passengers.

These passangers felt they will fall tumbling down if both of their hands don't grip two bus handle! They don't care if other people also will fall down if they have nothing to hang on to. Sometimes in my mind (when I was in a bad mood but then again I always having bad mood on the bus) I saw them exactly like monkey. Hanging around on the tree with both of their hands. Other passengers do almost the same to annoy others. At a glimpse, you think these passengers only grip on one bus handle with both of their hands. But after you look at it closely, that passengers grip on two bus handle! Don't ask me why on earth they did that. I suppose they tries to imagine that this is what happens when playing Flying Fox.

Holding bus handle too long will make your hands get cramp and at some point you just have to let it go. And other passengers will wildy grab it so they are not going to fall down.

Wish the bus handle covered with something soft :)

Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Faking it

Often we heard that people in Jakarta is the most selfish human being, cruel, rude and don't care about other people at all. Including me; the writer of this post... Sadly...

But to tell you the truth, people in Jakarta can be very helpful towards other especially those who need help. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough to find these kind of people they will help you find your destination, or simply give you a seat while on public transportation and so on. Of course, we too can be nice towards other when we want to or perhaps we can be cruel as well. Depending on our mood.

However, many still taking advantages on other people's kindness. Once I read about a person faking his sickness on a crowded bus. Obviously he wish to get a seat and his wish came true. Other passenger quickly get up and give the seat to him. The funny thing was other passenger finally know that he was only faking it. Because once he got a seat he immediately chatting with someone through his cellphone. If you are that sick so you need to sit...do you really think you have enough energy to chat on the phone loudly and happily? The only call you are going to make probably to your family or worst...your doctor. So, people starting to snigger at him and he got embarrassed. He left his seat and get off from the bus after many passengers got angry.

The lesson from the above story: if you wish to get whatever you want with every way you can think of then you should learn to STAY FOCUS ON WHATEVER YOU ARE FAKING IT... so other people don't get suspicious and blow up your cover.