Rabu, 30 November 2011

It's my problem

In one of mailing list that I follow, one of the member threw a bait by sharing a story about using supposedly sterile busway lane in order to be home as soon as possible. The reason because this person want to see the whole family . That person also include a long list about mismanagement of public transportation.

And just like I thought before, many people took the bait...

That person realized that taking sterile busway lane was wrong. But it was something that need to be done in order to see the entire family sooner.

I read it and start to understand and realize that all passengers are always in a hurry.

"I am try to get to the hospital as quick as I can because..."

"I am tried and wish to be at home sooner to get some rest"

"I miss my family and wants to be with them soon"

Suddenly I remmbered one of dialogues on old television serial Ally Mc Beal ; between Ally and Georgia. Ally has been complaining about her problem and finally Georgia responded to her... (hopefully I quoted them correctly)

Georgia : Ally, what makes you think that your problem is more important than other people?"

Ally : becaue IT'S MY PROBLEM


So, I honestly don't care about other people who surely dying to go home sooner for various reasons. Have something to do, tired, sick, whatever. Because what matter is ME! I am tired, fed up, wants to go home sooner to get some rest and enjoying my time with my family at home.

THAT'S MY PROBLEM and I have no time to think about other people.

That is what we are now, we realize about that when we broke the rules. I am not excluded.

Jumat, 18 November 2011

Question and answer

"Excuse me, is this mikrolet going to pass PT DAMRI?"

A guy who just went inside the mikrolet asked that question. Since I did not hear any response from other passengers I look up to see to whom this person ask the question. And it turn out, his eyes was looking at all of us passengers one by one including me. So, being polite I asked the guy about his destination. As I felt a bit sorry for this person who already being polite by asking the question but receive no answer. Too bad I have no idea about his destination. But luckily for him, the driver listened to the whole conversation and told him that this is the correct public transportation.

Jumat, 11 November 2011

Priority seat

Seeing this picture, I often smiled. This picture is informing to all passengers that the area near the picture should be given to pregnant women, elderly ,disable person or people with toddler.

In reality...yeah, right... Especially during rush hours and passengers flocked at the bus stop for busway. Once the busway arrive, whoosh.... all people running try to rush in to get into the bus. They wish to find an empty seat.

Senin, 07 November 2011

Seat Belt

Was there any of us would (voluntary) wear seat belt while driving?

Regardless with people who already aware with their own safety...I am pretty sure that ages ago people were not to keen on using seat belt. And with public transportation, if you are guessing that the seat belt has been removed then you guessed correctly.

I am well aware that using seat belt is not the most comfortable thing on earth. As for me, for being short...the seat belt often sort of choke me on the neck... but then we should try to wear it anyway.

As the seat belt will protect us if we hit something really hard. Can you imagine, if your car crashed with another car. And because of that the body of driver or passengers thrown away from the car. No wonder that nowadays seat belt is available also for passengers along with baby passengers.

So, let us try to keep ourselves safe along with people around us. Get used to the seat belt! (reminder to myself!)

Selasa, 01 November 2011


A few days ago when I was on the bus (where else could I be?); I saw a guy use space for three people sitting there to lie down and sleep. He was probably just tired coming from out of town and wanted to use empty space for a quick nap.

I think is okay as long as the bus is still empty. And that guy stop sleeping when other passengers started to rush in to find empty seat.